Review: Panglao Regents Park Resort

It’s been a month since our trip to Bohol and I have not finished working on my posts yet. I might be able to publish all of them next year. :D Anyway, for this post, I will be talking about our home while we were in Bohol - Panglao Regents Park Resort. We were there for three nights and we didn’t have any trouble all through the duration of our stay there (except for me getting sick, I guess).

Panglao Regents Park Resort, frequented by foreign tourists, is in Ester A Lim Drive though can be easily accessed from the highway as it is only just few meters away. Given the location, the resort is obviously not beachfront but the famous Alona beach is just walking distance.

We arrived at the resort past six in the evening through commuting. When we checked in at the front desk, we were accommodated by friendly and competent staff. Since I booked online through, I was asked for the credit card I used. After confirmation of my credit card, we were then reminded of the hotel’s rules, which for me I think is necessary to avoid conflicts later on.

Main building

The standard room I reserved is in their annex just across the street (that’s the cheapest deal when I made the reservation). The annex building has only three floors and we are on the third. They do not have elevator or escalator but that wasn’t a problem to us. We are kind of used to it already as our office is also on the third floor and we do not have elevator or escalator either. A little exercise won’t hurt! Besides, they also offered to carry our bags but my husband refused since the staff taking us to our room is a girl and we only have one trolley bag. It’s nothing to a man who tries to lifts weights everyday. :D

Our room has one double-sized bed, cable TV, closet and bathroom with hot and cold shower. The resort also offers complimentary coffee and bottled water replenished everyday. Toilet paper, soap, shower gel and shampoo with conditioner are replenished on a daily basis too. WiFi connection is also free but in public areas only. However, since our room is near where the router is located, there are times when we can use the internet without going outside. Outside our room (and every other room in the building) is a small table with two chairs. During our downtime, we would usually stay there to hang, people watch and just appreciate the moment.

Guests are also entitled to free use of swimming pool located in the main building but we weren’t able to avail the benefit since we were busy doing other activities.

Swimming pool is located in the main building.

When it comes to cleanliness, I have nothing but praises for this resort. They clean the rooms everyday and towels are replaced everyday too. We always arrive to a made bed and clean bathroom with fresh towels for us to use.

Before booking, I did a thorough research about the resort and I have read reviews of others complaining about the noise, vehicles particularly. But I don’t think it is the kind of noise that will prevent you from sleeping or will wake you up from a deep slumber. They are not even that audible especially when you close the door and the TV is on. Oh well, maybe some people’s sense of hearing can be too sensitive or perhaps I am just used to it.

With regards to food, I cannot say much about it because we only ate there once (just fruits and desserts) during our last night. We chose to eat outside, be it in the seaside or other restaurants near the beach area because it seems like the right thing to do at the moment. LOL! Seriously, because there are many restaurants near the beach area so we can do restaurant-hopping for our main meal, then move to another resto for our dessert, etc.

The restaurant/mini bar is adjacent to the front desk.

Check out was a breeze! After the staff checked our room, we were given signal that we are good to go.

Overall, the resort is a great choice for me and my husband who want peaceful surrounding, friendly and accommodating staff and great facilities at an affordable price. Booking is not a problem either because you have the option to book directly with them or through booking sites such as, and the likes. There are also various ways to contact the resort so don’t be afraid that things will not go smoothly.

So if you are looking for a place to stay in Panglao, check out Panglao Regents Park Resort. I highly recommend it!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All photos are from since we weren't able to take decent pictures of our room.

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