Review: Pampers Baby-dry Pants

Previously, I blogged about EQ Pants and Happy Baby Pants. This time, I will be blogging about the latest diaper pants we have tried, the Pampers Baby-dry Pants.

  • Magic gel for dry and peaceful sleep
  • Air circulation for dry skin
  • Baby lotion helps protect baby's skin
  • Flexible waistband for soft and comfortable fit
  • Wraps your baby's skin with comfort



  • The diaper is thin which is more comfortable for my son. It is less bulky too.
  • The waistband is relaxed and really soft thus prevents garter marks.
  • It is easy to put on as well because of the soft waistband.
  • The diaper stays in place despite my son's activities.
  • Lasts up to 12 hours without leaks.
  • Cute color and print.
  • Available in most grocery and drug stores nationwide.


  • It seems to sag after three to four hours hence, we only use this at night since he has less activities during that time. With this, sagging is prevented.
  • Caused rashes occasionally.
  • The most expensive among the three diaper pants we have tried.

When it comes to performance, this diaper is satisfactory for me. No leaks within 12 hours of use and no garter marks around my son's waist. The only things preventing me from swearing my loyalty to this brand are its price and the tendency to sag.

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  1. Hi sis, very helpful gid ang reviews mo. As a mom of 2 boys with ages of 2 yrs and 7 months, still ga trial and error parin ako sa mga diapers especially nga pricey na sila. Kudos sa page mo, keep blogging and i follow ta na ka.