Dust...all over!

I love my hometown, my dearest San Miguel. This is one of the places in the universe in which I consider safe to wander even at night. Only few things give me the creeps here - person with psychological problem and some street dogs that tend to bark at passersby and night walkers. But knowing the place, I know where these creepy creatures are more likely to appear - thus won't go in there so as to avoid them.

What made me love this place deeply are the people and the memories I shared with these people. Almost everybody is a friend to everybody and somebody is a relative to somebody. My moments here are unforgettable. The laughters and smiles are everywhere and the sadness and tears can be shared to a friend. If opportunity permits, I would rather stay in this place than somewhere else. Though it is not as progressive and luxurious compared to other places in the universe, I'll still choose to build a home in this place.

There is so much I want to say about the place but it seems that I cannot put everything into words for everybody to grasp what I feel. But if there is one thing I complain about the place, that is the bumpy and dusty road. I hate to think that there is one thing I hate about the place but I cannot help it. The dusty road with various holes in all sizes is not the best thing to start your day. But I have no other choice but to endure the bumpy road and dust that tends to stick to my hair (Passenger jeepney with open windows is the most common mode of transportation of people here. Good for those who are fortunate enough to afford private and luxurious cars.).

But now, my dust problem is not in San Miguel alone. It's been days since the great flood hit Iloilo. And guess what? The once dust-free areas are now covered in thick dust that turned into a pool of mud when wet. How unfortunate! It pisses me off every time I think about it. But lately, as I pass by the disaster areas, I realized that my problem is not as great compared to those people whose homes, properties and hopes are washed away by the great flood. I realized that there is more to life than just shiny and dust-free hair. Other people are worrying about water and food shortage not to mention their damaged homes and properties. But me... what am I worried about? Petty things such as the grime in my hair or the planned movie-thon with friends but was canceled because of the great flood. Nonsense!

Starting now, I will set aside my dust and bumpy road worry. When my patience starts to wear off every time I pass the dusty and bumpy road, I will just think of those pitiful children who are not as fortunate as I am. They are the ones who needed much attention.