Computer Desk Inspiration

It's been weeks since my resignation and so far I'm loving my new life working from home, doing wife duties and rest in betweens. Before my resignation, I already thought of getting a more comfortable desk and chair for my workstation but since I am about to give birth, I postponed the purchase to reserve all the extra money we have for any unexpected expenses during childbirth.

I plan to buy once the baby is out and settled at home. His needs are our top priority and for now, I just satisfy myself by looking around for inspirations.
This one from Amazon is just perfect, exactly what I want for myself.

Pre-delivery Wish List

Time flies so fast especially when you are having fun, however, when you are waiting for something, or someone, it isn't unusual for you to want to fast forward for that moment to arrive.

Our most awaited month has finally come and any day from now, our little boy will be completing our little family. Waiting brings about a mix of emotion and I already imagine myself holding my precious boy. To divert my mind from all the waiting woes, I just keep it busy by blogging, blog-hopping, bonding with my family and... shopping! While the basic needs are already complete and packed, there are some stuff I want need to get to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable and convenient.

Ring sling carrier
As a family who loves to go out from time to time, we would surely need this to carry our boy around. Aside from that, I think I can also benefit from this on a daily basis since we do not plan on getting someone to help me care for our baby. I will be the one to care for him in addition to working in front of the computer and doing some household chores so this carrier will hopefully enable me to do those without leaving him all by himself in the crib.
Nursing cover
I may be determined to breastfeed my child but I am still not comfortable to breastfeed in public without any cover. Of course, I can use a swaddle to cover us but if I can get a nursing cover, then why not?

Breast pump
Another breastfeeding weapon! I prefer a manual pump over an electric one since I will be with my child most of the time and the purchase of an expensive electric breast pump may not be necessary. I may only use this pump when leaving the house without him.
Breastfeeding accessories
This includes nipple shield, nursing pads, milk storage bags and other stuff to make breastfeeding possible and convenient for me.

Exploring Harbour City Dimsum House

Aside from Korean restaurants, another Asian gastronomic spot common in Iloilo City is that of the Chinese. Well, it isn't unusual since there are a lot of Chinoys who are permanently residing in the city since many many years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I "explored" Harbour City Dimsum House in SM City Iloilo. We've been meaning to try the said resto since its opening however, it is always crowded and this pregnant woman didn't have the patience to wait for a few minutes. However, two weeks ago, we went to the resto around 30 minutes before lunch time hence we were accommodated immediately since there are a few unoccupied tables.

Initially, we ordered dimsum experience, beef sate regular and beef steak rice.

The beef steak rice (Php 69) was served immediately as it was readily available from their food cart. I love that the beef is tender amd the taste is just right - not bland and not too salty. Even the husband who is not a big fan of beef and pork loved it so it is definitely good.

Quote of the Month: April

The waiting game is coming to an end. Oh well, less than a month to go actually since I just turned 36 weeks last Thursday. Less than a month! He will be with us in a matter of weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. I’d like to believe that I’m ready for everything but as a first timer, nothing can really prepare me for everything.

Our bags are packed, documents ready and I have started exercising every morning which I hope is enough to strengthen my body for that one big push. I really hope everything will turn out as I hope for.

Please say a little prayer for me and my baby as we await the big day. Thank you!