Banana Cream Pie Recipe

This is the latest recipe we tried to get our hands on and since it was a bit of a failure the first time around (filling is a bit runny than desired), we decided to keep baking it until we achieve the desired consistency of the filling. During the second attempt, the filling was ok since we altered the recipe a bit but we had trouble with our dough because it keeps on tearing. We blamed it on the flour we used since we have been using the same pie crust recipe and never had problems until then.

This is our third attempt when I documented how the recipe is done.

For the crust, we used the same recipe when we made our Peach Mango Pie.

For the filling, we copied the recipe here.

Underarm Waxing Experience at Belle la Peau

Underarm waxing is one of the rituals I need to do regularly, once a month at the very least but preferably every two weeks, because I think my body thinks that I’m one of the boys. LOL! For years, I’ve been doing it at home using sugar wax from Nanny Rose’s Sticks and Pulls however, this method can get tedious at times especially since it involves a great deal of effort particularly cleaning after and washing the cloth strips after the procedure is done. I find this inconvenient at times especially when I am short of time, hence I decided to buy an epilator from Amazon.

I had high hopes with the use of epilator but over time, I don’t find the result ideal either. My hair grows back in a matter of days and it hasn’t improve the appearance of chicken skin which the product is claiming to do.

One time, I decided to try having the procedure done at a professional waxing salon. I’ve been eyeing Belle la Peau for some time already, not only because of the girly interior of the salon but also because they look legit.


As what I have said, the salon has girly interior which makes it more appealing to ladies who love everything beautiful. One thing I like about this salon is the area where the procedure is actually done. Waxing is done in small rooms, not like other salons wherein underarm waxing is done in areas separated by curtains only. To me this is very important! I also love that the room is clean however, I doubt if they replace the towels after every customer. It’s not a big deal to me since underarm waxing does not really require the use of these towels but it’s another story when it comes to brazilian waxing and others.

Every room is also equipped with its own waxing paraphernalia so the aesthetician don’t have to go in and out of the room to get the stuff she needs.