Mushroom Growing Experience

It’s been a while since my last garden update as I’ve been busy with everything.  I’ve even become busier now that we have a first grader who is attending whole day face-to-face classes.

That doesn’t mean though that we stopped gardening. We still have a vegetable garden but it is not as productive as last year because we also have chickens who keep on feasting on our plants when they are set free to roam the backyard.

Anyway, my husband got interested in growing mushrooms and recently we tried our hands at it. I’m sharing our experience in this post.

We used our old shoe rack where we layered moist dried banana leaves, madre de cacao leaves (Gliricidia sepium), and mushroom spawn. We ordered the spawn of straw mushroom (locally called kabuteng saging)  here. We highly recommend this seller as they are prompt in shipping our order.