February Finds

The shortest month of the year is hanging by the thread. LOL! February is about to end in a few hours thus the need for this post. I have been doing great on my aim to spend on necessary things only and the proofs are my monthly finds. Here are the three items I got:
  1. Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Cream. This is a gift from my cousin in law who went home for a vacation from Abu Dhabi. I am not sure if this is sold here in Iloilo but roll and stick deodorants of the same variant are widely available.
  2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. This is my second shade from this product line. The first shade I got is Romantic and this one is Rendezvous. Also my second coral shade lipstick.
  3. Chapstick Classic. The weather has been crazy lately and my lips have been chapping worst than ever. I have used Chapstick before but this variant is a first.

First Try at Sen Lek Thai

A lot of new things are popping up in Iloilo nowadays - new hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and other commercial establishments. One recent addition to the pool is Sen Lek Thai at Valeria Street (across SM Delgado). As the name implies, Sen Lek Thai is a Thai restaurant offering noodle and rice meals for every Ilonggos who want to experience Thai cuisine.
Pad Kra Pao (Php 120)
The restaurant has only a few menus and can accommodate around 15 to 20 customers at a time but don’t be fooled by its simple ambiance. The food they serve is really satisfying in terms of taste and quantity.

A Whole New Kusina Tsina

When a foodie meets a foodie, one favorite restaurant is never enough. As a couple, my man and I have lots of favorite restaurants - one is Kusina Tsina in Quezon Street.

Kusina Tsina has every reason to be considered our favorite. First and foremost is the quality of the food. For all the times that we’ve been there (probably more than ten times) and all the dishes that we have tried, I must say that I am 98% satisfied with the taste of the food. The only time we are not satisfied was when we ordered a noodle dish that didn’t seem to please our palates. Another reason why we love this resto is the price. They are not on the cheap side but they are not that expensive either. With Kusina Tsina, you get the most satisfying meal at the right price. Another factor is the location. They are just a mere five-minute walk away from our office. How convenient!
Newly-renovated Kusina Tsina during opening day. (Photo Credit)
Recently, the restaurant went through a major renovation. What used to be a narrow resto that commuters rarely notice is now spacious and well-lighted making it an attractive sight to everyone passing by. Everything is changed from the interior, staff’s uniform, utensils and menu. Of course our old favorites are still there but they added new dishes for everyone to enjoy. They have more desserts and drinks as well. Additionally, they have comfort room for customers now. They have second level as well.

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Rustic Vibe at Cakestop General Luna

Monday is the only day I get to go out of the office together with my man so when we passed by an empty Cakestop branch, we decided to drop by and find out if there is something good inside. Since it’s near their closing time, there are only a small options of cakes available so we opted for that mini chocolate cake which I forgot to take a picture of. However, I don’t feel bad about it because I’m quite smitten with their rustic setting and I managed to get a few shots to show it for.
Framed images of cakes on the wall

Framed vintage chalkboard for menu

I feel like the owner spends lots of time on pinterest too.:D

Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex You & Face Blusher

This is another long-overdue post. This is supposed to be posted December last year or at least January this year but with the holiday rush in addition to other posts lined up for December, who has time to make a review? Not me! :D

This is the first ever product I bought from The Face Shop and I have not read any review prior to making the purchase. But for some reason, I had the strong urge to head to the cashier to pay for it, and pay is what I did.

Find out what made me buy this blusher and why I never regret doing so…


Packaging and Appeal. I love the packaging of this blusher. It’s so cute that if you are not a makeup enthusiast, you might mistake it for something other than a blusher. It comes in a rectangular transparent case wherein the outer area is printed to give you the illusion of a cassette tape.

The purchase doesn’t come with an applicator nor a mirror so even if it is small, taking this with you on your purse for touch ups may not be a very good idea since you will have to bring a brush and mirror. However if you don’t mind the bulk, then you can go for this one.

Super Bowl Ad Favorites

Super Bowl happened a few days ago and those who watched it (or the advertisements) probably have a thing or two to say about the event. As for me, I may be oceans apart from where Super Bowl happened but thanks to technology, I was able to see some snapshots of the event.

While I really don’t care about what teams play for championship more so who won, one thing I always look forward to during Super Bowl is the advertisement. This year, I have two favorites. The first one is the Budweiser ad. The puppy melt my heart the first time I saw the ad and I think I will never get tire of watching it again and again. Each scenes are heartwarming and the part where the horses are running to meet the car reminds me of the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I loved the movie as a kid.

My second favorite is the Cheerios ad. I have a soft spot to anything related to father-daughter considering that I didn’t grew up with one (mine died early). This scene is something I would have loved to experience.

There are more Super Bowl ads in addition to these two but they didn’t make it to my list. LOL! Till next Super Bowl… ;)

Valentine’s Day Gift to Bloggers

The month of love is here once more and for sure, many are already looking for gifts for their significant other. Finding a gift for your loved one shouldn’t be a difficult task to do as there are so many things you can find be it online or in stores near you. You just have to consider the recipients interests or hobbies as well as age. When giving gift to a blogger, here are some ideas you may want to consider:
  • Tech Gear. Not all bloggers are tech-savvy enough to upgrade his/her gadget each time a new model is released but then, who wouldn’t love a more powerful camera when taking pictures of products for review? Gadgets such as tablet, iPad, laptop and camera are some of the useful gifts a blogger can receive.
  • Tech Accessories. Gadgets can be expensive and if you are low on funds and still want to give a gift that has something to do with technology, then your best bet are tech accessories such as laptop bag, tab stand, roll up keyboard, camera lens, external storage device and many others.
  • Hosting Plan. One year (or more!) hosting for free will no doubt delight every blogger. When planning to give this gift, make sure that you discuss first with the recipient to prevent technical issues such as wrong provider or inappropriate hosting plan.
  • Internet Subscription. The internet is an important part of a blogger’s everyday life. Blogging is absolutely impossible without internet connection. And like hosting plan, remember to discuss your plan with the recipient to prevent issues brought by choosing wrong internet subscription plan.