Budget-friendly Swimwear Sellers in Instagram

Summer is coming to an end soon but it's never too late to blog something about summer since our country's tropical climate allows us to experience summer almost all year long.

When Mr. Sun is out and about, one of the best ways to combat the heat is through swimming, be it in the beach, pool, spring or other bodies of water. And while we can always wear whatever we please especially when swimming in the beach, we can always amp up our look by wearing cute swimwear and summer outfit. However, less common apparel always comes with a price. Swimwear that is not similar to your co-worker, her neighbor and your co-worker's neighbor's high school classmate can cost as much as Php 2000 per piece. The cost may be nothing to some but to frugal women like me, it's just hard to part with our hard-earned money (I traded sleep for those moola!). Of course, I can always find cheaper alternatives but the chances of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as mine is great so I try my best to find unique, or at least less common items for my OOTD.

The other day, I scoured instagram for sellers who can provide me with what I want for a swimwear and I am sharing them here. Check out these sellers whose swimsuit costs less than Php 1000.



Surviving a Six-hour Bus Ride With a Toddler

My little boy turned one year last month and to celebrate this milestone, we headed to Boracay for a 4 day/3 night vacation. We originally wanted to go to Davao or Cebu but I wasn't able to get a promo flight (I'm frugal like that!) so we ended up in Boracay. This world-renowned island was the last on our list because of the travel time it entails. Travelling from Iloilo City to Caticlan takes six-hour by bus and not longer than five hours by van (passenger) or private car. We could have opted for a van just so we can arrive sooner but comfort is more important to us so we took the bus since it has bigger leg room.

Long distance travel is not easy, more so with an active toddler in tow. Parents need to have a variety of tricks (or pakulo!) to keep the little one entertained thus a drama-free commute. I am sharing here what we did...

Love and Carry Air: The Budget-friendly Ergonomic Soft Structured Carrier

Before becoming a mother, I have never given babywearing much thought. Actually, I didn't even know that using any type of baby carrier is called babywearing. Well, everything changed when I got pregnant. I discovered a lot of things including this beautiful thing called babywearing.

My first carrier, the one I bought a couple of months after giving birth, was a SaYa SSK. I loved that carrier! Given that it is made of cotton, it is soft which I think is ideal for the baby's fragile body. However, when my son was around seven to eight months, I started to feel uncomfortable when using it. My shoulders would hurt just a few minutes of wearing it. When my son turned nine months and weighed eight to nine kilograms, I knew I needed something that is more comfortable to use, will not break my shoulders and the one that is easy to put on even when I'm alone with my boy since he has become a ball of energy at this age. The solution - a soft structured carrier (SSC)!

However, I find buying a soft structured carrier challenging since they come in various brands and designs. SSC is also the most expensive type of carrier. Safety-tested and ergonomic ones can cost as much as Php 20,000 while the cheapest can cost Php not less than Php 3,500. There are also lots of fake carriers circulating online thus it is important for buyers to be cautious. As much as possible, buy from reputable stores (SM Baby Company, CEO Emporium for Philippines-based mommies) or when purchasing online, buy from the company's website or official distributor to be sure that you won't be fooled into getting a fake one which can be dangerous for your little one.