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Note: I'm reviving my series "A Photo a Week" and renamed it Friday Photo. I'm hoping I'd be able to maintain posting one photo every Friday until the end of the year as preparation for next year because I'm planning to do this daily.

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I think I'm not the only mother who loves eating her child's snacks. My son loves his Cerelac Nutripuffs, and so does mama. 😀 I love that this snack is available in most grocery stores in the city, unlike the Gerber Cereal Puffs which is only available in S&R (which I'm not a member and is not easily accessible to public transport). In the photo is banana and strawberry flavor. We have tried banana and orange before and he liked it just as much.

Review: Madid's Inn Boracay

Boracay is home to the world-renowned white sand beach. Given its popularity, it also became the home of hundreds of hotels, resorts, inns and guesthouses to accommodate thousands of tourists. From budget-friendly accommodations to five-star hotels, they got it there in Boracay. So if you're a first-timer, choosing where to stay in the island can be quite challenging especially if its peak season.

During our trip there to celebrate our son's first birthday, we stayed at Madid's Inn, a budget-friendly accommodation in the heart of station two. We stayed there for three nights and four days and here is my review...


As what I've mentioned above, Madid's Inn is located in the busy station two. The white-sand beach is like five minutes away from the beach though it is not visible in the main thoroughfare since it is situated inside an alley where three or four other budget-friendly accommodations (Tan's Guesthouse, Eriko's House, Shenna's Resort, Villa Simprosa) are located. Restaurants, coffee shops and souvenirs shops are just a few minutes away. 

To find this hidden gem, look for E.S. Pascual Store and 928 Cafe and Grill (beside Island Souvenir). In between, these two shops, there's a small alley leading to these budget-friendly accommodations.

How I Got Php 500 Discount From Althea Korea

How would you feel if you are given Php 500 voucher from your favorite shopping site? In my case, I felt excited and happy! It's not everyday that you get free Php 500, be it in cash or in kind. 😄

Just recently, I made a purchase from Althea Korea and when I logged into my account, I was surprised to see that I have 500 reward points that I can use when I make a purchase. And with Althea, 500 points is equivalent to Php 500. Amazing, isn't it?

So, how did I earn these points?

Initially, I thought it was from my previous purchase, like a loyalty reward. But when I dig further, I learned that these points are from referrals. I have published two blog posts about Althea Korea in the past and I included a discount code for my readers to enjoy. I think that is how I got these points. Actually, I didn't gave much attention, nor promote these particular posts since I'm a busy mama who can barely eat her meals properly. I'm glad that people found a way to these coupon codes without me doing much.

With this, I feel motivated to post more (but not overly promotional, of course!) not just about Althea but other stuff that matters. But like usual, I just hope I can find time do it. 

Want Php 200 discount on your first order? Follow this link...

Budget-friendly Swimwear Sellers in Instagram

Summer is coming to an end soon but it's never too late to blog something about summer since our country's tropical climate allows us to experience summer almost all year long.

When Mr. Sun is out and about, one of the best ways to combat the heat is through swimming, be it in the beach, pool, spring or other bodies of water. And while we can always wear whatever we please especially when swimming in the beach, we can always amp up our look by wearing cute swimwear and summer outfit. However, less common apparel always comes with a price. Swimwear that is not similar to your co-worker, her neighbor and your co-worker's neighbor's high school classmate can cost as much as Php 2000 per piece. The cost may be nothing to some but to frugal women like me, it's just hard to part with our hard-earned money (I traded sleep for those moola!). Of course, I can always find cheaper alternatives but the chances of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as mine is great so I try my best to find unique, or at least less common items for my OOTD.

The other day, I scoured instagram for sellers who can provide me with what I want for a swimwear and I am sharing them here. Check out these sellers whose swimsuit costs less than Php 1000.



Surviving a Six-hour Bus Ride With a Toddler

My little boy turned one year last month and to celebrate this milestone, we headed to Boracay for a 4 day/3 night vacation. We originally wanted to go to Davao or Cebu but I wasn't able to get a promo flight (I'm frugal like that!) so we ended up in Boracay. This world-renowned island was the last on our list because of the travel time it entails. Travelling from Iloilo City to Caticlan takes six-hour by bus and not longer than five hours by van (passenger) or private car. We could have opted for a van just so we can arrive sooner but comfort is more important to us so we took the bus since it has bigger leg room.

Long distance travel is not easy, more so with an active toddler in tow. Parents need to have a variety of tricks (or pakulo!) to keep the little one entertained thus a drama-free commute. I am sharing here what we did...

Love and Carry Air: The Budget-friendly Ergonomic Soft Structured Carrier

Before becoming a mother, I have never given babywearing much thought. Actually, I didn't even know that using any type of baby carrier is called babywearing. Well, everything changed when I got pregnant. I discovered a lot of things including this beautiful thing called babywearing.

My first carrier, the one I bought a couple of months after giving birth, was a SaYa SSK. I loved that carrier! Given that it is made of cotton, it is soft which I think is ideal for the baby's fragile body. However, when my son was around seven to eight months, I started to feel uncomfortable when using it. My shoulders would hurt just a few minutes of wearing it. When my son turned nine months and weighed eight to nine kilograms, I knew I needed something that is more comfortable to use, will not break my shoulders and the one that is easy to put on even when I'm alone with my boy since he has become a ball of energy at this age. The solution - a soft structured carrier (SSC)!

However, I find buying a soft structured carrier challenging since they come in various brands and designs. SSC is also the most expensive type of carrier. Safety-tested and ergonomic ones can cost as much as Php 20,000 while the cheapest can cost Php not less than Php 3,500. There are also lots of fake carriers circulating online thus it is important for buyers to be cautious. As much as possible, buy from reputable stores (SM Baby Company, CEO Emporium for Philippines-based mommies) or when purchasing online, buy from the company's website or official distributor to be sure that you won't be fooled into getting a fake one which can be dangerous for your little one.

Princess Dream

A lot of girls dream of becoming a princess at some point in their lives. Some have outgrown that dream while others hold on to that dream until they are older. But we all know that a commoner becoming a royalty is close to impossible unless you are as lucky as Kate Middleton or Grace Kelly. It's not everyday we see princes strolling around the city looking for their ever after so for now, let's be content with dressing up like a princess.

For a complete princess ensemble, there's no need to look further. carries everything a girl needs for her princess dream. From fabulous dresses to shoes and even accessories, this site got it all for you. Simple browse their products to find which one will best suit you.

Fall Zipper-up Summer Natural Sweet 16 Homecoming Beading Cap Sleeves Dress


The urban life can be tricky to traverse at times. The crowd, pollution, traffic and everyday hustle in general can get too much for someone especially for mothers with young children, more so those without house helpers or nannies. They cannot leave the kids in the house just like that and when they really need to go for something important, they've got no choice but to take their offspring with them.

If you are a parent, you know someone who is a parent or if you came across a parent out and about with her kid, you might have witnessed how inconvenient it can get especially when commuting and with all the stuff that needs to be brought - feeding bottles, milk dispenser, extra diapers and clothes, baby wipes and even toys to keep them entertained.

Fortunately, there are some ways to at least lighten a mother's "heavy load". UrbanizePh carries various stuff that are beneficial to mothers like me though these products are usually marketed for career women, business women or those who are into sports and adventures. Here are my five picks which I think can help me with my motherhood journey:

1. Elecom BM-BPO3 Series

This bag is described as a high performance business backpack and since motherhood is a serious business, this bag is also suitable for on-the-go mamas. Well, at least for me! The side opening is for feeding bottles, the rear compartment is for diapers, wipes and clothes and the flip-top compartment is for mama's valuable items such as mobile phones and wallet. With this bag, I never need to pile everything into one big pocket and dig for the items later when I need it since everything is neatly packed and segregated. I can easily reach out for my son's bottles or baby wipes when "nature calls" and the situation is "dire".

Shopee-ing Using a Mobile Phone

A few days ago, I blogged about how to create an account with using a mobile phone. This time, I will be sharing about my shopping experience using the same device.

Shopee-ing using a mobile device may look like a long process for a first time shopper but it's actually easy when you get the hang of it.

Here's my somehow detailed instruction to help you enjoy a hassle-free shopee-ing experience.

Once you have decided what item to purchase, simply click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page. If the item comes in variations, the window containing the options will be displayed. Click the variation preferred then specify the quantity you want. Click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page. When you are done shopping and ready to check out, simply click the shopping cart icon at the upper right corner of the page. Doing so will take you to the page like the below image.

These two images show the screenshot of the summary of your order. If you have a promo code, type it in the appropriate box. For this order, I used the promo code "WELCOMESHOPEE". The said code is valid for new members only and will expire one week after registration. Click the "Check out" button at the bottom of the page.

How to Create an Account with Shopee Using a Mobile Phone

What's a "helperless" mama got to do without online shopping and online banking? Eversince I became a mom, I've been relying on online shopping for my apparel and some baby stuff because I just find it difficult to go around malls and shop (especially clothes and shoes) with a baby in tow. I usually buy from Facebook sellers and I learned about through them. I recently gave it a try and so far I have nothing against this social marketplace. Actually, I have five reasons why I think Shopee is a great shopping site.

  • Your money is guaranteed safe since you will be paying through Shopee, not directly to the seller. Shopee will only release the payment to the seller when you mark your order received once you receive it.
  • Many sellers offer free shipping for orders Php 500 and above and 50% off shipping cost for orders Php 250 above.
  • There are various modes of payment available - cash on delivery (COD), remittance/payment centers (Palawan Pawnshop, etc), over-the-counter on Shopee supported banks and online transfer.
  • The seller/shop is rated/reviewed by the buyers thus giving you an idea what kind of seller you will be dealing with.
  • So many items to choose from. Creating an account with Shopee was easy but choosing which items to buy can be challenging because I want to buy a lot of stuff (though I don't think I need them). 😃

While I love Shopee, there are a couple of things that I think may deter other buyers from using the marketplace.

Review: Dermablend Zinc Oxide 10% Cream with Aloe

For every mother with a child who uses diapers on a daily basis, a diaper rash cream is very important. In our case, I've been applying it to my son's bum and thighs before putting on his diaper, particularly the disposable one. That's what the pediatrician ordered before discharging us when I gave birth to him.

One of the products she recommended is zinc oxide. There are various brands of zinc oxide in the market but I got this Dermablend Zinc Oxide 10% Cream with Aloe since It is also the same product my nephew (a year older than my son) uses and they've nothing but good words for it.

Product Description

Dermablend Zinc Oxide 10% Cream with aloe helps prevent diaper rash. Protects chafed skin due to diaper rash and helps seal out wetness.


Packaging and Appeal. The product comes in a white plastic tube with screw cap. The cream itself is white with just the right consistency. It is a bit thicker than the Nivea Body Lotion thus easy to apply. It doesn't leave an oily feeling either.

Review: SaYa SSK Carrier

I've been meaning to write this review a long time ago but it's just impossible for me to come up with a well-organized article because my thoughts are everywhere. Gawd, being a hands-on-mama without a helper is indeed hard.

Anyway, I'll be writing about the only baby carrier we got (as of this writing) - the SaYa SSK (Semi Stretch Knit) Carrier.

I learned about various types of carriers particularly ring sling and wraps through my co-workers and discovered about the nbc (narrow-based carriers) and ergonomic carriers when I became a member of Baby Wearing Philippines Facebook page. Also, through the page, I learned about pouch and was introduced to SaYa. Not keen on using wraps because I find them complicated nor ring sling because I don't know why 😁, I went for SaYa.

SaYa carriers come in two types, the Verbatek (VTB) and Semi-Stretch Knit (SSK).

While browsing, I was torn between the Verbatek Blend (Php 1400) and Semi-Stretch Knit (Php 950) but I purchased the latter because I think its cloth is cooler than the former. VTB is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex while SSK is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

I started wearing my son around two months old although others claim to have started as early as two weeks. Maybe I could have started early too but I simply wasn't confident with my babywearing skills back then. Besides, I felt that a baby's body was so fragile and I was afraid of breaking his bones while I was learning to babywear him. 😃

Himalayan Salt Lamp: What Is It and Why We Got One?

Hello everyone? It's been ages since my last post and you probably know why. I'm hoping that I can find a baby-sitter soon so I can get back to using my full earning potential and get back to blogging as well. Good and reliable helpers are indeed hard to find nowadays.

Anyways, going back to the subject of this post, the himalayan salt lamp, we learned about this thing through our friend. She and my husband were talking about the kids and he mentioned about our son's asthma and chronic cough. She then suggested that we get a himalayan salt lamp since reducing allergies, cough and asthma attack are some of the benefits. As parents who would do or get whatever they can to prevent their child from getting sick in the most natural way possible, we got one from a group buying page on Facebook.

Of course before placing our order, we researched about it first and I am sharing what I learned about this lamp that is not only beneficial to our well-being but is also pleasing to the eye.