Gardening Story

For years, we've been trying our hands at organic gardening but we only got very little success because of the elevation of our lot. It used to be a rice field and would usually get submerged in water when it rains. However, our situation has greatly improved since we had it filled with soil almost a year ago. It took 20 dump trucks of earth to have it filled to the elevation we desire. It's not cheap but it's a necessary expense for us to secure our yard as well as our house. I feel truly guilty too as the method of acquiring the filling is not earth-friendly. We're just making up to the environment by planting more trees on our properties. On our home lot alone, we have planted more than 10 trees, several of them are native.

Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe

Waxing is my most favorite method to remove unwanted hair. Not only it is effective in removing those hair but I believe it also pulls out dead skin and helps smoothen it. I only use other methods, like epilating or plucking, when I ran out of my cold wax and has no way to get my hands on a reliable wax sooner. For years, I've been relying on store-bought cold wax because I didn't have the courage to make one for myself but since I promised to try to live sustainably and lessen my negative impact to the environment so making my beauty products at home is definitely a good idea.

This homemade sugar wax isn't the first one I tried making but this is the most successful and effective so I'm confident to share the recipe with others who are interested in making their own as well. It is actually very easy and doesn't take much effort.

So without further ado, here's the recipe...