November Finds

It’s the time of the month again! I can’t believe November came by so quickly and we are now approaching the busiest time of the year. Aaaahhh! I am stressed with all the activities, personal errands and workload this month and I do not even want to think about what is in store for me this December. Can I buy a clone? :D

Anyway, for my monthly finds, I have gotten but only one product this month:

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder. I got this because I wanted to look a little bit polished without loading on foundation. This one has sheer to medium coverage that is perfect for everyday use. It’s a bit expensive for a powder but I think it is worth it. Review of this product will be posted soon.

So there goes my one and only purchase. I’m afraid it will be the same next month as I don’t intend to get any new beauty products since I am planning to buy a new pair of kicks. :D

Review: Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick

I am not the type of person who changes my deodorant as often as I change my lipstick or even powder. I just find it difficult to build a trust on a new product when underarm smell is concerned. I am very particularly when it comes to protection my deo gives me. I just couldn’t afford to smell like I have a bad underarm odor even on just one occasion. For me, I’d rather have ugly underarms than a smelly one. But if I can have both pretty and odor-free, then why not?

I have been using Dove Ultimate White Deodorant for years but using the same product for such a long time can get boring at times. Besides, I am slowly switching to using natural products so while I was at the Human Heart Nature store one evening, I picked up their Premium Deodorant out of the blue. I have been reading not-so-good reviews about it but then, I believe that what did not work for others may work for me so I went ahead with the purchase. However, after a few days of use, I have proven that the product is not really for me so I went to look for other alternatives. Then I came upon this Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick. Actually, this is not the first time I use a product from the brand because I loved their Natural Mineral Deodorant Roll-on before so I am somewhat hopeful that this will not fail me.

Keep reading for my review...

Product Description

Deonat Mineral Deodorant Stick is safe and effective deodorant made from ammonium alum and contains no colouring, preservative or any other additive that could irritate the skin.

It reduces perspiration, leaving the skin it touches dry and comfortable.
It prevents the bacteria that cause body odor.
It provides protection all day long.
It does not stain clothes.
It does not leave any filmy residue.
It does not block pores, and whitens the underarm area naturally.

Review: Human Heart Nature Premium Deodorant

Ever since I switched to Dove deodorant, I stuck to it for years because it has been giving me great results. The results I am getting may not be perfect but they are good enough to make me use the product for years. But sometimes, no matter how great the product is, there’s a possibility that they are ditched because the user either wants something more effective or is simply bored of using and buying the same product again and again.

One evening while shopping to replenish my Human Heart Nature favorites, I decided to add their Premium Deodorant to my cart. I have read lots of reviews about this product and some says it is good while majority do not find this product effective at all. My decision to buy a new product greatly depends on reviews from bloggers but sometimes I am feeling adventurous thus made me decide to get this.

So is it worth the risk?

Product Description

100% Natural

Why take a risk when it comes to your deo protection? Switch to natural goodness with our Premium Deodorant! It gives better odor-masking and longer deo protection that can last all day so now you can stay active without worry.

Get 10 deo benefits in 1 deo brand:

  • 100% natural
  • No body odor
  • No dark underarms caused by chemical alcohol
  • Helps lighten underarms
  • Smoothens underarms
  • No aluminum
  • No phthalates (synthetic fragrance)
  • No parabens
  • No triclosan

Review: GT Bleaching Soap

I am not obsessed with whitening products. In fact, I feel a bit sad for those who are not contented with their skin color and chose to spend loads just to have that fair skin just like their celebrity idols. I may sound hypocrite for saying this as the topic of my review is a bleaching soap but I got this soap in the hopes of evening out my skin tone, not whitening my skin in a major way. When I bought this soap, I was actually looking for exfoliating soap but somehow I wind up to this. LOL! This is my first time to use a bleaching soap so I’m writing this review in a first timer’s point of view. :D

Product Description.
Nature's way to beautiful skin.


October Finds


It’s already nth day of November and I’m posting my October finds just now. With my husband being sick a couple of weeks ago, never-decreasing workload and the Halloween activities in the office (which for us is a month-long effort), I rarely have time to fart. LOL! Anyway, last month’s finds were mostly organic/natural including:
  1. Deonat Natural Mineral Deodorant. It is not my first time to use a Deonat product but first time of this type. Yes, I am serious about switching to natural products so I made a gamble with this. Gamble because for me, deodorant is one of the most risky hygiene products to replace. You cannot be sure whether or not it will give you the protection you need and I will definitely die of embarrassment if someone thinks that I have body odor.
  2. Dickinson Witch Hazel Toner. I have been wanting to get this for the longest time ever but I can’t find one in stores near me. However, I learned that an eBay seller from which I get my husband’s organic shampoo also sells this product so I added this to my haul.
  3. Ilog Maria Royal Jelly Facial Oil. I decided to include this to my haul after reading that it can be used as night cream and rejuvenate and restore aging, dry and sensitive skin. Not that I need something for aging but more like I want to prevent its effects. And I failed to realize that this one is good for dry skin, which is of course not recommended for me since I have oily skin. I am now using this on my neck and sometimes underarms hoping that it can help with my chicken skin.
  4. Milea Tea Tree Shampoo. I got this from the same eBay seller I mentioned above. This is not the first time I use the shampoo from this brand but first time with this variant. I read that this is good for dandruff and though I no longer suffer from it, I want to prevent the problem from ever coming back so I added this to my haul as well.
  5. Milea Calamansi Clarifying & Deodorizing Soap. This soap claims to have deodorizing effect, something I find ideal when you are trying to switch to natural products. With this soap, I am hoping that I can skip the use of deodorant on less active days.
I am using all these products regularly except for the Ilog Maria Royal Jelly (once a week only… or whenever I remember) and I will be posting my reviews in the coming days.