Review: Daylong SPF 50+

It’s summer in the Philippines once again! Those who are in the tourism industry especially beach resorts are definitely seeing a surge in the number of guests coming over. But before you frolic in the beach in your colorful bikinis, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, remember to always protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreens are a hit during this time of the year but in a tropical country like ours, it should be a hit the whole year. Yes, the use of sunscreen is not for summer or outdoors only. Everyday use is recommended even if you will be out in the sun for just a few minutes.

In this post, I will be reviewing the sunscreen I am using daily - the Daylong SPF50+. I have been using this for four months already so I think it’s about time that I review this product.

Product Description

Suitable even for sun-sensitive skin or oily skin that is prone to breakouts. This formulation is oil-free,  easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and nurtures skin with vitamin E. Photostable UV filters offer very high and effective UVA, UVB and IR protection. Without additional preservatives, emulsifiers, or perfumes.

March Finds

The first quarter of 2015 is already over and it’s now time for my monthly finds post. This month has been particularly hectic for me, with my mother being sick, our plans to move back home to be with her and our trip to Dumaguete - Siquijor, my life, or at least my schedule is in chaos. Everything seems to pass by me quickly it’s overwhelming. In fact, I thought I won’t be able to post my finds for March since I rarely have time to check out and try new stuff but during the last few days of the month, I managed to snatch some items while shopping for the things I use regularly.

Nichido Eyebrow Pencil. If there is one part of my face I paid little to no attention to, it’s my brows. I can go out of the house without grooming them and I won’t care. But for some reason, I recently found myself obsessing about neat and precisely-shaped brows. So, I plucked the “out-of-place” brows gradually and eventually shaped them for the first time. They’re nowhere perfect but at least close to what I want them to look like. So I bought this“tool” I bought for my practice.

Nichido Brow Gel.  Despite shaping them, my brows tend to have a mind of their own and taming them can be rather difficult. I knew I needed something to keep them in place and I found this for practice purposes also.

Human Heart Nature Acne Defense. Pimple has always been my enemy. Everyday, there is always one or two somewhere in my face and I panicked when they are increasing or not getting better because of the depressing pimple-situation I went through last year. Since I ran out of my trusted anti-pimple gel (Epiduo), I decided to try this from Human Heart Nature. They are way less expensive, natural and many users claim it to be effective. I am hoping that this somehow works so that I’d be able to save money (1 Epiduo = 6 HHN Acne Defense).

Review: Check Inn Pension Arcade-Dumaguete

Any Siquijor trip is not complete without dropping by Dumaguete City since this is the doorway to that awesome island of fire. During our trip, we planned to spend a night in this small city to enable us to rest since traveling from Iloilo takes not less than six hours by ferry and bus. With this, an overnight stay in the city is very much needed to enable us to rejuvenate for the next days’ island escapade.

Given the volume of tourists (especially foreigners) flocking the city, finding a place to stay is less likely a problem since affordable hotels are almost everywhere. One of the those hotels is Check Inn Dumaguete. During a trip to Bacolod City, we have stayed in their Bacolod Branch (near SM Bacolod) and so far, we are satisfied with the hotel that the husband to book this. He initially booked a family suite room which is good for five persons but unfortunately, one of our companions backed out at the last minute thus we negotiated with the front desk if we can switch to a smaller room to save. Thankfully, they agreed without drama… or additional fee, cancellation fee or whatsoever.

Photo credit: Check Inn Pension


The room we got is special deluxe good for three persons. It has one single bed and one double size, toilet and bath as well as cable TV. Wide enough for three persons, the room is on the 3rd (or was it 4th?) floor located near the elevator and reception area, where the router is probably located, hence we have internet access even inside the room. Oh yeah real time updates!

The toilet and bath is clean although the control of shower can be a bit challenging at first (to open/close the shower, you have to use the knob of the heater, not the knob of shower itself).

Overnight stay costs Php 1000 which became Php 333 when divided to three. Not bad, right?