A Photo A Week - Napulak as the Background

Two of my friends (my boyfriend's friends actually) who are April-borns celebrated their birthday last weekend at a private inland resort more than 30 kilometers away from the city. The resort itself is not accessible by vehicles hence we needed to walk for around half an hour in order to find out what this hidden haven has to offer. Walking under the summer heat is made bearable due to the sceneries greeting our eyes - rice field in one side, corn field in the other, fields planted with eggplant, peanut, camote and tomato in some other parts.

But the view of the fields is not even one half as beautiful as this:
The pool with the splendid Mt. Napulak behind it.
Seeing this view first thing in the morning upon waking up will surely help you start your day right. But to those who cannot live without mobile phones/texting and internet, this is not the place to be for only those who want to relax and have peace of mind will truly enjoy this beauty of nature.

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Photo A Week - Icy Business

I am back after my two-week hiatus on publishing my "A Photo A Week" series. I blame the malware that attacked my computer, not my seasonal laziness. Though the malware sort of pissed me off, I gained something from it and that is to focus more on the small business my close friend and I have just put up.

With just a few thousand pesos of investment from the two of us, we managed to put up a refreshment "stall" exclusively selling ice scramble with various toppings. We are supposed to have a food cart but decided not to have one right now because we are still observing the situation.

So far, so good but it would be better if classes are back now so that we'll have more customers. :>
Icy Delight Ice Scramble :D