Yellow Hibiscus This Time

How can I resist making a post about this lad who is fond of giving me flowers? Last Valentine's Day he gave me orange bougainvilleas. Yesterday he gave me yellow hibiscus he picked from his grandmother's garden. It is just so heart-warming knowing that there is someone out there, showing you simple acts of kindness and love. No matter how simple or ordinary the gift maybe, it will always be appreciated because I know it is wholeheartedly given.

Top 5 Best Dog Breeds

Having been writing articles about dogs for more than a year now, I have come to discover the characteristics and personality traits of various dog breeds. Some dog breeds are frighteningly huge but actually possess gentle personality. Some can be so small yet absolutely fearless and ready to face the world on a moment's notice.

I do not consider myself a dog lover, but that was before I discover the splendor possessed by these furry four-legged creatures. Now, I have my own favorite breeds and considering having one when the right time comes.

Who can resist the smallest breed of dog in the world? This breed tops my list, especially the short-haired or smooth coat variety. Do not be deceived by this breed because beneath their tiny frame and luminous eyes, chihuahuas are alert dogs with terrier-like personality. They are highly intelligent, graceful, confident and self-reliant. Also known as purse dogs, chihuahuas are good household pets even in families with children. I'll be delighted to spend a decade or more with this breed.

Who doesn't know the world's famous beagle? As a kid, I'm a huge fan of snoopy without me knowing anything about beagles or dog breeds. Now, I'm considering Snoopy's kin as potential pet. This breed has excellent hunting skills and gentle and merry disposition. They are great in scenting, eager to please and make good watchdogs.

I'm amazed with this breed because of their good work ethic. Apart from their common role as disabled assistants especially as guide dogs for the blind, Labradors are also used in hunting, tracking and detection, carting and therapy work. Growing old with this breed will make life relaxing yet full of excitement and fun.

I really like this breed primarily because of their appearance. Weimaraners, also called gray ghost have short, sleek coat in distinctive color. I feel like there is some mystery behind this breed's eyes and that is something I want to unravel. Not only they possess aristocratic features but are also trainable, friendly and obedient member of the family.

Can you ignore this beautiful and elegant looking ball of fur? Some says that this breed is a perfect example of beauty without brains but Poodles are actually exceptionally smart and active. They are extremely people-oriented and excellent watchdogs. Think about having an elegant, confident and proud dog as a pet! Isn't it amazing? I tell you, you'll feel beautiful too. lol!

For others, my choices may not be the best but it doesn’t matter. This is my blog anyway. You can post your own favorite in your own blog.

Speed Bump

Would you want to be left behind in this fast-paced world? I bet nobody wouldn't want to stay in the dark when everyone else is seeing light, right?

The world is changing so fast and I think there is less room for slow-minded and/or slow-moving creatures. No offense meant here but I think that's reality. But that is not exactly the main issue here.

Due to my long legs and the desire to accomplish things at once, I consider my self a fast-moving person and always looking straight to the direction where I am headed. I am always in a hurry and can't bear to walk like a normal person does. I tend to multitask most of the time like loading a page in my browser while organizing my closet or reading a book, watching tv and reading a book during commercial breaks or cleaning the bathroom while taking a bath. The routine works well for me until the moment I heard my mother complain about it.

She is not against my fast-paced world but she wants me to slow down a bit. Why? Apart from the reason that I am forcing myself to accomplish a lot of things at such a short span of time, she doesn't want to see me hurt or bruised when I bumped or stumbled into something because of my pace. She was so terrified when my nose hit the clothesline behind our house. I was running so fast and I forgot that the clothesline have been there for quite a period of time. Purple line settled on my nose seconds after I hit the clothesline. Good thing I didn't faint! I can't also count using my fingers the times I bumped my shin or knee or head.

The other day, she talked about it again. The banging of my door and the sound of my door knob when I go out my room at the middle of the night, the sound of the dish cabinet when I open or close it and even the sound made by the spoon and glass when I am stirring my milk. Those noises are waking her good night's sleep and she is asking me to slow down a bit for the sake of her sanity and mine as well. She said there is really no need to hurry unless of course it's a matter of life and death.

Perhaps she is right. Hurrying doesn't always make me a winner. In fact, doing so can even endanger my life. I do need to slow down at times and notice other things along the way. I need to look back to those who are behind me and if possible, move a few steps backward to be with them and experience what it is to thrive in their pace. What with the bruises and other injuries? They are painful yet effective reminders to take things slooowly.

I am working on it right now. Slowing down will not only make me appreciate the less significant yet beautiful things in life but will also prevent bruises and heel pain (I have been applying pain reliever on my heels for weeks because they're so painful). Perhaps by walking slow, the pain will!

From Him

I chose to spend Valentine's Day with my family. In fact, nothing special or extraordinary happened yesterday. It was just like any other Saturday... I woke up at around 1pm and immerse myself in front of the computer after eating brunch.

But when I went out of my room, I saw my three-year old nephew running towards me carrying a bunch of flowers. The flowers are not expensive of some sort.

The moment he came close to me, he halted, knelt immediately and handed me the flowers - the orange bougainvilleas he picked in our public plaza. I was shocked by what a three-year old kid can do. Maybe that's what he gets for watching too much tv.

Nevertheless, I am happy with what the little boy did. As always, he never fails to make me feel happy and loved.

Frosted Gray Nail Polish

I certainly am not a colored-nail freak but I always find myself wanting to have my nails, especially toenails done every two or three weeks. I really can't stand the sight of my unmanicured nails. I feel like the self confidence I have is going down the drain every time I see my undone toenails. I just can't let the world see it.
I wore closed shoes (sneakers in fact since I have no other shoes that won't show my toenails) to work the whole week last week. I blame my favorite manicurist for not coming in our house as expected, and besides I am too chicken to try other manicurist in town and too lazy to go to beauty parlors around the city.

This weekend however, I made sure that I won't need to wear my sneakers the whole week again. Just got my nails done yesterday. My sandals and of course, my nails are ready to shine tomorrow.