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photo credit: Rachel Garrett

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A Photo A Week - Personalized Shirt

This week is quite stressful for me due to paranoia but I think it has helped me become a bit mature in handling myself and the situation I'm in. I would love to make a post about the time I deep into the flooded water in front of my office building but I don't have any picture to accompany the post so I'm posting something different. Something about this shirt...
This personalized shirt belongs to my guy. He got this at Boracay during our trip (with his friends) last December. Though he loves this shirt because he is the one who chose the design, he rarely wears it because it is already too small for him.

Last Friday, he wore it to work though. It was when we’re having dinner when he starts complaining about it... that he is no longer comfortable wearing that shirt. While grinning, I asked him to give me that shirt. I thought he is going to say no since it has his name on it. Good thing he agreed to give it to me... not during that very instant of course. :D

This would be his last picture with this shirt on so it is just right to post it on my "a photo a week" series. :D

A Photo A Week - New Printer

Every month since middle of last year, my internet service provider (Smart Telecommunications) has been trying to contact me about their offers and freebies. But I didn't mind the calls and text messages because the offers are not really free because you will still be paying for it, sometimes more expensive than it's suggested market price since it is on installment basis.

But last Monday, I received a text message from the company asking me to visit their branch near my office (where I applied for subscription almost three years ago). According to the message, the company is giving away loyalty offer to their subscribers. Out of curiosity, I went there to find out what's the fuss about. After what seems like forever of waiting for my turn, I was asked to choose what I want to avail; HP 3-in-1 printer, external hard drive, Samsung Champ (mobile phone), Nokia 2730 (mobile phone) or monthly rebate of more than Php 100. But in business world, every offer has a price. So what's the price? Renewal of my contract for another two years. After pondering for 30 seconds, I agreed to renew my contract since I have no plan of disconnecting my internet service anytime soon. I will still be paying the same amount every month so why not grab the offer?

I really had difficulties deciding what stuff to get since I'd want to get everything. LOL! Though I want the Samsung Champ and external hard drive, I decided to choose the 3-in-1 printer. Why? Because a lot of people in my family can benefit from it; my mother, my cousin who is a high school student and my nephews and niece who will definitely need this in the days to come. This is I think one of the most unselfish acts I have done in my whole life. :D

Seeing the smile on my mother's face the moment I arrived home and find out what I brought is really priceless. Apart from that, I am also happy because I can now print the recipes I have collected and compile them in a clear book. I am also motivated to learn how to create/manage digital images, scrap books and the likes - the return of my artistic side. :D

For now, my new printer is sitting on my computer table, waiting for its next task.

Kudos to freebies!

A Photo A Week - Reward

There is no subject as fitting as this -     my agent of the month award for the months of January and February. Although this award is not as great as awards such as being the best employee of all time, I have all the reasons to brag about it. In our company, if you are recognized as agent of the month, it simply means that you do not have lates, absents or under times in your daily time record. Considering my daily time record during the previous months and years, one can say that it is impossible for me to be given such award.

It's difficult to fight the urge to go back to bed each morning. It is equally difficult to take a bath, get dressed and eat breakfast hastily. But then, success comes to those who are determined to get what they wanted. So here I am, munching on the prize given to me - four bars of snickers.
Though I have monster belly, certificate signed by the award-giving body a.k.a the admin would be appreciated. I can buy snickers and make others believe that it was given to me as a reward however with certificate complete with signatures and seal or logo stuff, you can only get it from them - our admin.