I grew up in a family that consists mostly of boys who love music like the ones from Nirvana, Third Eye Blind, Silverchair, Matchbox Twenty, Green Day, Semisonic, Oasis, Blink 182, Sum 41 and other bands and singers of the same genre. Growing up listening to them made my ears accustomed to their voices, their rhythmn... everything about their music that even until now, I still find myself not getting enough of them.

And now I'm kinda crazy about Rob Thomas' latest album titled Cradlesong. The lead singer of the Matchbox Twenty is also performing as solo artist and Cradlesong is actually his 2nd solo album. The album, released last June 30 has 14 tracks and has six bonus tracks. The album's first single, "Her Diamonds" (my favorite among the 20 tracks in the album) is about his wife and her struggle with the autoimmune disorder similar to lupus erythematosus.

The album with a pop rock feel debuted on the Billboard 200 selling 122,000 copies.

Her Diamonds
Give Me the Meltdown
Real World '09
Fire on the Mountain
Hard On You
Still Ain't Over You
Getting Late

Bonus tracks
Little Wonders - OST of Disney's animated feature Meet the Robinsons
Sleep Till the War Is Over
Years From Now
Remembered Well

As usual, Rob Thomas did a great job on this album and like his first album and other Matchbox Twenty albums, I'll keep on enjoying every beat, every word they instill on their songs.
(Listening to the album while posting this.)