Rants of a Sleep-Deprived

I realized that, for more than a month now, everyday is always a long day for me. From one work to another work... whew! Before I get myself into this mess, I used to be a sleepyhead, the reason why my friends sometimes call me sleeping beauty. And besides, I often get sick due to lack of sleep so I always make sure to get as much sleep as I can. But now, instead of the usual eight to ten hours of sleep, I only get six hours maximum because of my extra work (six hours of sleep is almost impossible now).

At first, it's alright. Four to five hours of sleep won't kill me. Later, I'm starting to realize that this is not good anymore. It is not just the lack of sleep I'm dealing with, but also pressure. Imagine yourself glued in front of the computer when you're supposed to be snoring and dreaming. Imagine yourself, sleep-deprived yet you have to exert every little effort and skill left in you to live up to the expectations and demands of others - your boss particularly.

But it's just funny to think that I'm complaining and yet I still chose to do it. Extra income. Money. Through this, I got to buy the things that I want without asking from others. I got to help with the household expenses - electricity, foods, internet and other bills.

Working animals do get tired, much more a not-so-workaholic girl how tries to be a workaholic. I'm hoping for the time to come when I will have more than enough money and properties in my name and I will only work every time I want to (minus the pressure).

Keepin my fingers crossed.

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