LipTone is Back!

Don't you just hate it when your favorite product is discontinued or out of stock? That's what I felt when I ran out of LipTone by Blistex. I looked for it everywhere but to no avail... and since I need something to dab on my lips, I have no choice but to try other brands and even other products from Blistex. Unfortunately, nothing works for me better than LipTone does. For months, I kept on changing lip balms until... tada! I found one today. I actually dropped by the mall to look for other brands I have not used yet since the one I'm currently using is running out. My heart jumped for joy after seeing a few boxes hanging at the lowest portion of the rack. I wanted to buy two or three but payday is still a few days away and I know I can't just pout my lips if I have no money to pay for my jeepney fare in going to work. (LipTone is actually affordable but I bought other stuff too.)

I love this product because aside from having SPF 15, it has also a slight touch of color that enhances your lip's natural pigment. I can use this alone (especially if I'm running late) or finish it with bolder colors to brighten my face. Although I miss using LipTone, I don't feel sorry for trying other brands because I learned something because of it - using lipstick of bolder colors like hotpink and bloody red.

I am really happy for having LipTone again and I'm sure I'll be using it until its very end. Crossing my fingers that they'll not face out this product. :D

Rain Gear

I've been racking my brain for some new ideas to post here but seems like nothing came out of my mind... then I remember I've been suffering from "brain-freeze" since early this morning.

But hearing the raindrops falling on the roof, I remembered the look I created on looklet many days ago.
The look is my favorite outfit especially on a rainy working day - nice pair of jeans, jacket/coat over a shirt and my old sneakers. I won't really care if the rain will fall heavily as long as I'm wearing this super comfy outfit. I don't know if it's weird but I just do not want to brave the city on a rainy day wearing a pair of slippers or other open footwear (The price of having a mother who often talks about Leptospirosis and asks you to wash your feet with soap and water and isopropyl alcohol soon after you arrived home on a rainy day.) Furthermore, this outfit can make it easy for me to commute knowing that it is during days like these when the passengers are the one running after a jeepney... this makes it easy for me to defeat fellow commuters who are wearing high heels, skirts and other less comfortable outfit.

Of course the headband is just an additional bling...

Chasing Chickens

When I went back to the cyber world after the death of my brother, I vowed that I will make a blog post every 16th of the month until his first year anniversary. It's just my simple tribute to the stubborn guy with a good heart. But instead of posting my laments of his passing, I decided to start posting happy memories of him. Though the pain is still fresh, I think it's about time for me to accept the fact that he is gone and start moving forward but will glance back from time to time to the happy memories I had with him.

This one is about one of the things he's passionate about - chickens! When we were young, our mother often takes us with her every time she visits the farm. In there, we would usually play and take a bath in the artesian well during planting time or watch people harvest crops during harvest time. My brother is not one of the kids who would tumble and play in the hay, fly kites in the field or climb trees. Instead, he would often raid our caretaker's chicken coop to check for some chicks he can bring home. Even if the chicken is at the farthest branch of the tallest tree in the area or in the innermost part of the hut, if he decided that he wants that particular creature, he will surely do everything just to get it. He even cries to our mother if he cannot get what he wants.

To spare him from more troubles in catching the chickens, our caretakers decided to keep their best chicks in the coop so that if we'll go there, he'll never have to go through lots of chasing to get what he wanted. I am not sure how many chickens he brought home over the years but one thing I am sure of, he still cares about his chickens wherever he is right now. One of his friends (whom he entrusted some of his chickens) told us that a few days before their supposed cockfight (during his wake), something is weird going on where the chickens are kept. Before they went to sleep, they covered the cage with cloth probably to protect the chicken from cold. But when they woke up the next morning, the cloth is no longer how they left it. It has already been drawn just like the way they’re doing it every morning. It happens two days in a row they said. Another friend also dreamt about him asking about the chicken he gave to that friend.

As of this time, my mother has started to give away or sell his chickens but left a few so as not to totally get rid of his memories. The remaining chickens are cared for by my mother's spinster cousin who has been with us for as long as I can remember. He is even crying when he fed the chicken a few days after my brother's death.

I just hope that there would be cockfighting and TV shows specifically about chickens (he used to watch shows on cable and videos on YouTube) wherever he is right now so that he will be having a blast even in life after death.

(Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday, 5 months after his death, but I wasn't able to do so because I felt sick.)

Chuckingly Sleek

Last week my cousin went home after almost two years of staying abroad. He was supposed to go home last year but due to unavoidable circumstances, he wasn't able to do so. That made him miss a lot of family celebrations like birthdays, Christmas and such. Going back to the topic, he brought home a pair of new shoes for me. It was his combined present for my last two birthdays - 2009 & 2010.

I asked (persuaded him) for a particular running shoes (even sent him a link to the item) but he does not seem to like it. Instead, he brought home a pair of sneakers from Adidas (Sleek series) and mind you, it has a glittering sparkly canvas upper. At first glance, I was like, "What's with the glitters? It'll really make me look girly!" But of course I just kept my mouth shut because of the fear of offending him and might no longer give me stuff. LOL! I know he just want me to look like a real girl even in trainers. :)

I've worn it for a few days and oh well... I'm starting to love it. It is so light and it provides me with the most comfortable insole cushion next to my Skechers bikers shoes (I am kinda picky when it comes to shoes because of early signs of arthritis. LOL!). Even if I wear it with flimsy socks, it is still comfortable unlike my old Chucks. I have nothing against Converse, I actually love my Chucks but I must say, my feet tend to get painful and develop blisters if I wear it without socks for extended period of time.

I actually feel sad for my Chucks because I'm no longer using it as often as before. I haven't even washed it for probably over a month but still I wouldn't trade it for anything... oh no, not for anything. I wouldn't trade it for a pair of sky-high heels. It has been my companion in many sad and happy moments of my life and I'm sure, it'll still accompany me in many days to come especially now that it's rainy season once again.

To the sparkly shoes, welcome to my crazy world. I have accepted the fact that, shining glittering stuff isn't that bad. You are beautiful in your own way and I look forward to creating happy memories with you. To my Chucks, it's not time for good riddance yet. You are still strong enough to take me wherever I want and I thank you for the countless days of helping me put my best foot forward. And to my cousin, thank you for always being a big brother to us. You just don't know how thankful I am to have you in my life. I may not be the apple of your eyes anymore but I'm sure, I'd still be your little cousin you'd like to kick (but you can't) every time I cause you trouble. I love you big guy!

Colored Metal Frame Wire Fixation

Summer in the Philippines is so over. In fact, it's already rainy season here. But then, my obsession for colored metal frame wire aviators knows no season. Wherever I go (during the day of course), my red metal frame wire aviator goes with me. But since I'm using it like almost everyday since December of last year, the color of the frame has started to fade and chip. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time now but unfortunately, I can't find anything that is alike or better than my old one, at a reasonable price.

However, while I was window shopping at eBay, I found these cute aviators that I'd really want to own.

They are the cutest thing ever! They may not be as expensive as Ray-Ban but they're just as cute. And besides, I wouldn't want to buy anything so expensive that I know I'll break or lose due to my recklessness. As of now, I'm contemplating whether to buy or not. I haven't bought anything from eBay and the thought of ordering online, having it shipped, paying for the shipping cost (the shipping cost is almost equal to the cost of the item itself), waiting for the delivery and the possible glitches I might come across stresses me out. If only I can find these types at some malls in our area, I'd not hesitate to get one in ALL COLORS. :(

Off to think about this... :D

photo credits: coolthingsforsalehere

Three Years...

Today is my third year anniversary at my current company. Seems like it was only yesterday when I was struggling to finish university, wondering what my life would be after I graduated from college. But here I am now... have been earning (and spending) for exactly three years now.

I can vividly remember the day when I, together with around five of my college classmates, head to the old and small office to pass our resumes and take the exam. After taking the exam and submitting some work (nearly missed the deadline because I was bit of lost that time), I was informed to come for an interview. A few more days after, the HR texted me to attend the orientation because I will be reporting for work the day after I was given orientation. I remember I nearly jumped for joy after reading the text message.

The first day of work was equally memorable. Since I was assigned to work nigh shift, I came there around an hour early (commuting from my town late at night can be difficult). I can exactly remember the black pants, white top with light brown lace blazer and denim pumps I wore. Nervousness, excitement and apprehension are felt all at the same time. Hey, it's my first day at my first ever job.... I have all the right to feel those.

Good thing three of my college classmates have been working there for a few months so I never really have to feel alone. I was assigned to a work station between two guys (which I later found out the other one is gay... kidding!). I was really too shy to talk and make friends with them because I'm sort of aloof and they all seem like they're doing well with their respective tasks.

But fast forward to three years, I'm no longer the shy girl at WS10 (I was transferred to WS7 almost a year ago.). I gained a lot of friends and learned from them; work-related or not. Though I can sometimes be heard ranting about the company, I admit it opened a lot of opportunity for me. I learned a lot of lessons that I'm sure I can use even if I'm no longer part of the company. I'm not sure if I will stay for another year but whatever path life will lead, this company will always have a place in my heart.

Happy 3rd anniversary to me and to my friend, April! (sorry Cay, I just have to use your first name because it sounds cute.. LOL!) The chocolate ice cream was yummy... :)