Potential Treasures (January)

It’s time of the month again for potential treasures post. I’m quite busy this month due to some recent part-time gigs but thankfully, I was able to come up with this post.
I have been wanting to try this since it came out in the market but I find it hard to break away from my ever-dependable Deonat. But just when I am about to use up my deodorant, I saw my cousin using this and asked her how this fares. Her love for the product helped me decide to get one for myself. I have been using this for almost a month and will post the review in the following days.

St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion
One good thing I like about St. Ives is having natural ingredients in their products. And although this product is only available in big sizes (in my area only, perhaps), I don’t find it expensive at all. In fact it only cost as much as the smaller size of Nivea body milk.

Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum
Honestly, I think this is one of the products I will less likely buy for myself. Firstly, I am not obsessed about aging and wrinkles. Secondly, most anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products are costly so being the frugal gal, I am not really bothered not having stuff like this. But then, blessings come in many forms! @unilab_ph sent me this as my prize for their #FaveCeleteque contest on twitter and naturally, I am more than happy to use and review it soon.

Review: St. Ives Naturally Soothing Aloe and Chamomile Body Lotion

If you are a regular visitor of my blog, probably you are already aware that I’m a loyal user of Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk for years. But as what I always say, being a curious and frugal one, I often look for other products that can equal or surpass the ones that I already love but cost less.

I already picked up a bottle of Nivea during my grocery shopping when I noticed this St. Ives Naturally Soothing body lotion. After reading the label, comparing the two products, contemplating and gathering my courage to risk for this new product in a bigger bottle, I decided to pay for this instead of my longtime favorite.

I think the lotion has been discontinued because I cannot find it in the official website of St. Ives but in Iloilo (Philippines), it is only available in 621 ml bottle for Php 249. I must say that it’s too big for a product tester but then, I’m somewhat confident that this product is good hence the decision. The product comes in a white bottle with pump.

The product claims to provide extra relief to help naturally comfort dry skin through its aloe and chamomile ingredients It also claims to be fast absorbing and non greasy. Keep on reading the review to find out if St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body lotion is being true to its claims.

Product Description:

What I like about this product:
Products of international brands are often costly but I don’t consider St. Ives Naturally Soothing Aloe and Chamomile Body Lotion as one. Actually, the 621ml bottle cost as much as the 400ml of Nivea Body Milk. With this lotion, I will be getting more than 50% more for the same price. Quite a steal right?

I love that this product is being true to its claims that it is “fast-absorbing” and “non-greasy”. The first time I used the product, I thought that the formulation is quite heavy and viscous but once spread evenly on the skin, I noticed that it is absorbed by the skin in a short while. Additionally, I don’t get that greasy feeling which I sometimes get from other body lotions. This made me doubt the product’s ability to keep my skin moisturized thus I brought a small bottle of Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk with me but after eight-hours in an air-conditioned office plus a couple of hours I spent travelling to and from work, I learned that there is no need for reapplication because this lotion works as claimed. I even scratched my skin to test and thankfully, this body lotion passed the ultimate test. :D

One good thing about this lotion (and most other St. Ives products), is the natural ingredients it contains. First and foremost it has aloe and chamomile, the aloe being known as the cure-all medicinal plant effective in treating various skin disorders particularly dry skin while the chamomile is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and sedative properties based on recent and on-going research. This body lotion is also formulated without parabens or phthalates and does not contain animal ingredients. It’s not even tested in animals and the bottle contains 20% post-consumer recycled material.

St. Ives Naturally Soothing Aloe and Chamomile Body Lotion has a light smell that tends to fade during application.

What I do not like about this product:
So far the only thing that I do not like about this product is my belief that it has been discontinued.

Will I repurchase?
Yes, if it’s still out in the market.


Review: Dove Ultimate White Deodorant

I am not big on switching deodorants. For me, doing so is like a major life decision because I can’t just go around when I know I am not confident with the protection my deodorant can give me. So when this deodorant first came out in the market, I wasn’t really excited at all. Just a bit curious perhaps!

Actually, I was a Dove deodorant user back in college and a few years after college grad. But then, it came to a point when I feel like I am no longer contented and happy with the product. Not that the product is no longer effective but then, the body changes, same with the needs and preferences. Hence I looked for a new deodorant and found my needs in Deonat. Deonat is one of the best deodorants I have tried and I am loving it even until now. However, like any other girl who never ceases to look for the best, or better than the one they think is the best, and due to my cousins good words, I decided to give this product a go.
Dove Ultimate White Deodorant comes in three types; roll on (40ml for php 95), stick (40g for Php 170) and deo spray (mini deo for php 115 and 169ml for Php 195). My cousin, whom opinion I asked, prefers the stick variant but then I do not like the white residue I sometimes get from stick variants thus I chose the roll on type.

The roll-on variant comes in an inverted bottle with screw cap. The bottle is light gray and is accentuated with pink-themed graphics. I have been using this for around a month already and here is what I think about the product:

Product Description:

What I like about this product:
Funny because during my first use, I was a bit disappointed with the smell. I was like “oh I won’t be using this again... ever!” But being the persistent and stubborn that I am, I used it again and everything changed. I became addicted to it to be honest. There are times when I notice myself unconsciously smelling my underarms. LOL! The smell of this product needs some getting used to.

The product claims to restore skin and to even whiten underarms with regular use and indeed, I notice some improvements with my skin color within a month of use. It’s not like I have dark underarms but it isn't as white as I wanted it to be due to chicken skin. Thankfully, this product is being true to its claim of improving the skin color. The product gives that smooth feeling once absorbed by the skin. And in my case, it provides more than 24 hours of protection. Yes, I did a 48-hour test (with no strenuous exercise or physical activity, just my regular daily routine) and I didn’t get that much-dreaded body odor.

I’m not sure if others get the same reaction too but during the first few days of use, my skin feels coarse when I wash or shower at night especially if I’m not using a moisturizing soap (Hello Dove bar!). I think the deodorant helps shed dead skin. I’m not getting that reaction now by the way.

Dove Ultimate White deodorant has Omega 6 in ¼ moisturizing cream, glycerin, sunflower seed oil and licorice root extract which are known for having good effects on the skin.

Another thing to love about this product is the packaging. It comes in an inverted bottle hence I can use it all up without difficulty. I don’t need to position it upside down a few minutes before using. The large roller is also a plus! Two or so swipes are enough to cover the whole underarm area. The 40ml roll on may last for a couple of months or so because a long goes a long way.

I also love that the product's manufactured and expiry date is printed on the cap.
What I do not like about this product:
This deo is not absorbed by my skin as fast as Deonat does. Deonat dries in a matter of seconds after application but this one takes a bit longer than that.

I also do not like that some of my tops’ underarm area turn a bit yellow. I wish the brand will do something to eliminate or at least lessen staining the clothes.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! I think the pros outweigh the cons so I will definitely buy this again.


Crochet Earrings

One of the most fulfilling things I did last year is learning, or I must say, re-learning a craft I used to enjoy many years back - crochet. I have finished three small pouches in the last couple of months and just recently, I finished some new projects.

I am so glad to finally see the finished product, complete with ear wire, and I can’t wait to use them. I am looking forward to create more designs for myself and even my friends, if they desire so. I just wish I have more time to sit down and get things done.

Review: L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-shine Icy Foam

Before I use up my Nivea facial wash, I started searching for my next potential HG. As I scour the mall’s beauty section, I saw that L’Oreal is having a sale on their skin care products. The marked down price to me is like bait, so without having second thoughts, I added this to my basket. This L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-shine Icy Foam is originally priced at Php 199 but I got this for I think around Php 150. Seems like a wise buy to someone as frugal as me. :D

This facial wash comes in a white and mint green tube with flip top cap. The color of the product itself is mint green. I have been using this for almost a month now and here’s what I think about this product...

Product Description:


What I like about this product:
Green is my fave color so yeah; I love this product because of its color. LOL! Kidding aside, this product is a new experience for me. Indeed, I have tried using skin care and hair care products with cooling effects but this one is different when it comes to degree of the sensation. I mean other products like the Cyleina Black Pearl soap or All Organics Lemongrass toner gives that slight cooling feeling for less than a minute while this L’Oreal facial wash gives more intense cooling effects and for longer period of time. Additionally, the cooling feeling increases when the face is being rinsed with water. Such a delight! :D

The cleaning power is okay. While it doesn’t give me that squeaky-clean feel, I notice that it does good job in removing all the dirt accumulated within the day. It doesn’t break me out spare for the three or four pimples I got during the first few days of use (which is typical) and during that time of the month.

What I do not like about this product:
I do not like that dry and tight feeling I get after washing with this product. I know it is supposed to take away and minimize shine but the dryness and tightness don’t seem healthy to me.

When it comes to oil control, I cannot really time if it is indeed going a job in that area because I think nothing has changed. An hour or two after use, my face is still like an oil slick that needs to be blotted with two sheets of oil control film. Yes, my facial oil is that worst

This facial wash claims to improve the appearance of large pores but it seems like the size of my pores still look the same... just cleaner though.

Will I repurchase?
Can’t tell! For now, I am bent on returning to Nivea Visage Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Cleansing Foam 


More from L'Oreal:


Dove Glowing Skin Contest

I started blogging about beauty-related stuff late 2011 and I am quite satisfied with how things went especially my blogging activities last year. I was able to make a whopping 88 posts and to a busy (lazy) girl like me, it is something to be proud of. :D This year I am determined to outdo my last year’s performance hence I welcomed 2013 with two new posts during the first few days of the year.
Additional inspiration for me is this gift pack from Dove team welcoming me as I returned to the office on the 3rd after my week-long holiday break. I won this gift pack from @doveph’s twitter contest titled "DoveGlowingSkin" held before Christmas. Winning an online contest is not biggie for me but I just feel really happy when I get prizes I actually use.

To Dove team, thank you not just for the gift but for continuously giving us the best skin and hair care we deserve. More power and looking forward to a yearlong glowing skin with you!

Potential Treasures (November and December)

December is a busy month for most people including me hence the lack of posts and delay of my potential treasures post. And since I wasn’t able to post last month, I decided to include the only product I tried last November. For some reason, I only tested three products for the last two months and I gladly share them to all of you here.
 Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-oil Serum
I actually started using this last November but it slipped off of my mind because I was busy doing various stuff. Hence I decided to include this for my December potential treasures. No need to elaborate this further because I already reviewed it and you can read the review here...

Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Purifying Mask
I got this on sale from Avon’s December campaign and I have used this just once as of posting time. Labels say to use this once every week so I may not post the review anytime soon. Just check my blog once in a while for updates.

L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-shine Icy Foam
I got this on sale too. Original price is I think Php 199 but get this for around Php 150 (silly me I forgot the exact price). This facial wash is true to its name because it gives that refreshing and icy feeling when washing. I’m currently testing this product and here's my review.

Review: Crocs Women's Sexi Sandal

Gone are the days when I frown each time I see anything Crocs. Those bulky clogs that cost as much as Php 3,000.00 are too much for my eyes (and fashion sense) to bear. But when I discovered the recent designs and models they came up with, I became a convert. I drool seeing those brightly colored strappy sandals like this scarlet Sexi Sandal I recently got. This is available for Php 2900 at various Crocs store nationwide but I got mine from a friend who ordered from the US for almost 30% less.

This lovely Sexi sandal is made of lightweight plastic material similar to other Crocs footwear. It is also available in navy (blue), oyster (white) and espresso (brown). Crocs Sexi sandal has contoured footbed, treaded sole and the heel is approximately half an inch thick. Unlike the footbed which is solid red, the strap is transparent or jelly-like.

Product description:
Crocs marries its reputation for lightweight ease with a sleek, grown-up style in the Sexi sandal. This understated offering boasts a classic T-strap construction with a buckle for a secure fit. A contoured footbed promises Crocs comfort while the treaded sole grants good grip wherever you wander in this lovely find.

What I like about this product:
I love that this pair of sandal can go with almost every outfit. I have worn this with my jeans, skirt, shorts and casual dress and I really love how each ensemble looks. It gives me that comfortable feeling without being too underdressed when worn with shorts or jeans and t-shirt. When worn with dress or skirt on the other hand, the sandal makes the ensemble really look without being too girly or sophisticated. This is my go-to sandals now, when doing grocery shopping, strolling around and even when I go to work.

Another thing I love most about this sandal (and many other Crocs footwear) is that you can wear it rain or shine. You never have to worry about it getting soiled with mud or anything because it is very easy to clean. You can just throw it in the basin and wipe with sponge and ta da! it looks like new again. If you are not fond of soaking your foot wear in the water or doesn’t have time to wait for it to dry, you can also wipe it with moist sponge or cloth.

I am a size eight and the size eight fits me perfectly. The t-strap is just right, not too tight nor too loose for my slim feet. The strap is soft and this pair hasn’t caused any blister or whatsoever. Also, it’s not slippery even when walking in wet surface or when the footbed is wet.

What I do not like about this product:
This sandal sometimes makes my feet a bit moist (but not stinky!). LOL!

I bought this sandal in the hopes of aiding my ailing heels (probably due to plantar fasciitis) without looking frumpy but unfortunately, this doesn’t deliver. My heels still hurt like hell especially with prolong walking and standing and I don’t think this footwear is the solution.