In His Memory

It was more than 22 years ago when my father moved out from our house. Neither he nor my mom wanted it but that's the way things are. People come, people go. Nobody stays alive in this world forever, though some live longer than the others. Unfortunately, my dad was one of those people destined to enjoy his life here on earth for less than four decades only. He died when he was 38 years old. That was 22 years ago - five months before I was even born.

I wasn't given the opportunity to spend even just a sec with my dad. I often wonder what it's like with a father around and even up to now, I still envy girls who are with their dads. People, especially my mom would often compare me to him. Though I don't resemble his face, they say I'm more like my dad when it comes to personality. I inherit his strong personality, impatience to slow learners and narrow-minded people and his wit, that's what they say. Pity I didn't inherit his singing prowess.

Many people in our town speaks highly of him, being a law enforcer, a Secretary to the Sangguniang, how he would make a good lawyer if he lived long enough to finish law school and how he would make a good father for me and my brother. But all these are part of yesterday. It is just sad to think that I will be able to know him through others, not through bonding and interacting with him. But it's okay. At least I have something to ponder on about the man I didn't personally know yet I have come to love just like the way any little girls would love their dads.



and prayer
are just some ways to show him that he is always remembered.

All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is my most favorite holiday. And hurrah! It's just around the corner. I'm now thinking of bright lights filling the darkness of the night with beauty. The cold air, Christmas carols, the foods, parties and dinner invitations here and there... these things are what I'm looking forward to every time Yuletide season is approaching. The festive mood the season brings made me happy even if I received no special present from anybody.

And speaking of Christmas presents, wanna know what I want for Christmas? All I want for Christmas (singing) YOU, Chuck! I'd love chucks for Christmas! If any of you decided to give me what I want but doesn't know which one, below are your choices (lol):

Gratefully Yours

Considering the misfortunes, problems or issues a lot of people are facing right now, one might think that the world is no longer a better place to live in. The recurrence of natural calamities, the fall of the economy, issues between warring countries and dirty politics are just few things that can affect the lives of most people. It is just sad to think that, because of these pressing situations, people are becoming greedy just to survive.

Yes, I have encountered lots of greedy as well as envious persons. But I won't dwell on them right now because I realized that despite the hustles of the real world, there will always be someone (or maybe more than one) who's willing to give up something for others. I discovered some of them recently...

  • A close friend, a great lover of books. He lent me his copy of Brisingr though he's not done with it yet (he has read the first six chapters only). Knowing him, he will never let go of his precious books not until he has finished reading it and the book has lingered in his shelf for like weeks. It's unbelievably amazing how he changed his mind and let me read the book first.
  • A childhood friend. He convinced me to enjoy gambling using his very own money. Being such a lousy gambler (that was my first time); I know that I'll just waste his money. But he told me that he doesn't care whether I win or lose (and nothing is left of his money), as long as I enjoy playing, he'll be fine.
  • My office buddy and friend. There is always a sandwich or any food waiting for me at the office. Calling himself my nanny, his foolishness and silliness added to mine often made us laugh like crazy.
  • Another office buddy and friend (and a fan). A few days ago, he helped me edit this blog (without me forcing him to do it, of course!). It is just amazing how other people chose to spend time doing things for others when they could have spent it doing things for themselves. Added to that, he is giving me constant compliments that are heart warming. :)
  • My little nephew. Oh, he's not little anymore he said (he's only three years old). He is big enough to do things for me such as waking me up in the morning so that I won't be late for work or fixing my mess especially my scattered foot wears. His childish ways always give me reason to smile after a day of stressful work. He is such a sweet kid and I've come to love him as if he's my own child.

Those simple acts of kindness are often unnoticed and may seem insignificant to others but for me, those are the things I should be thankful for. And I would like to thank them with all of my heart...

So Little Time, So Many Things To Do

Idling around like a rich kid is something I do best (but I'm not a rich kid). That's one of my favorite pastimes actually. I usually let the time pass with my back on my bed and staring at the ceiling, or sitting under the mango tree in front of our house or doodling on a piece of paper or doing other ways of wasting time. It feels so good to live life such as this. No deadlines, no time frames! Your time is yours!

But, I'm afraid life isn't the same anymore. Lucky if I have time to sit under the mango tree and notice the big yellow hibiscus flower a few meters away from the tree. Lucky if I can ride my bike and get myself a helping of sunshine vitamin. Lucky if I can do the things I used to do when I was still young and carefree.

Work keeps me busy, so busy right now. I can barely spare one to two hours of my time to eat out with my friends or read my favorite books. If I have to do so, then I have to sacrifice my sleep even if it'll make me groggy and dizzy.

If only one hour of sleep is enough to refuel a person's energy. If only I can divide myself into two, or maybe three so that I can do the things I needed and wanted to do. If only I can stretch time. If only...

But what can I do? That's the way things are. Just have to live with it.

Bet I'll stay awake until dawn again. The two books I have been itching to read are just infront of my very eyes, waiting for me to flip the hard and glossy cover, waiting for me to explore their pages and join the characters in their adventures. Then in the morning I have to clean my room, make up for my unworked hours then visit my cousins and at night visit the wake of my friend's father. And the next morning I have to... and the day after... Whew!