Blogger Update

I can't believe how time flies by so fast. Half of 2020 is already gone! A lot has happened during the first half of the year but sometimes I feel like I also didn't do enough. Seems like time is fast but the actions aren't. Maybe because I wasn't able to accomplish what I supposedly accomplish based on the time frame I set. I haven't even updated this blog for more than eight months. There's just so much around that I barely have the opportunity to think about this hobby.

We needed to resolve several issues concerning our house construction, my husband went through surgery to remove his gallbladder, the expensive hospital expenses, the challenges of moving in to our new house, my own health scare, and the fear this Covid-19 brings. I've been paranoid since the first positive case in Iloilo and all I did was over think. There was even a time when I needed to work my ass off in the garden to divert my mind off the issue the world has been facing since the beginning of the year. It's exhausting especially during my husband's recovery period since I needed to be the runner of the family, the only person of the family authorized to leave the house during quarantine period.