Book Depository Shopping Experience

A few weeks ago, my husband was lamenting how we was not able to pre-order a book he has been waiting to come out and now that it is out, the price of the said book increased to around 50% of its pre-order price. He is planning to order in the coming days but since it is his birth month, I decided to order it for him instead.

The book, World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2, is available in BookDepository, an online bookstore based in the United Kingdom. While it is based abroad, I have no qualms in ordering due to the following reasons:

  • free delivery worldwide with no minimum order required.
  • various modes of payments including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, VISA Debit, VISA Delta, Maestro, Electron as well as Paypal. For this purchase, I use my HSBC MasterCard.
  • the site is safe and reliable.
  • delivers to the Philippines in less than a month.

Friday Photo: 9 | 28

We wake up to the sound of the birds almost everyday. Rural life suits us!

Friday Photo: 8 | 28

 The Pout Pout Fish from Book Depository
I gave him this book spick and span. A couple of days after, it looks like it has been handed down from his ancestors. :D

Locally Made Organic Insect Repellents

It's rainy season once again! And with rain comes... MOSQUITOES! During rainy season, we see an increase in dengue cases all over the country and everyone can be a victim, young and old, and even celebrities. Remember when the taping of the now defunct series "Be Careful with my Heart" got affected when the lead star Jodi Sta. Maria suffered from dengue? It goes to show that dengue chooses no one. So it is always important that we protect ourselves and our loved ones from these dangerous creatures.

There are many ways to prevent dengue outbreak. One of course is to keep our surroundings clean. Breeding places of mosquitoes must be destroyed. Also, we need to avoid areas that are infested with mosquitoes. But sometimes we fail to realize that the danger is lurking just inside the comforts of our home. With this, we need to to make sure that our home is indeed a safe haven for everyone especially for our little ones and that they are always protected wherever part of the house they may be.

In my case, insect repellent products such as lotions, sprays and patches are a must-have. I used to buy chemical insect repellents since they are widely available in my area and they were the most popular back then. But when I learned and tried organic insect repellent products, I never looked back. I prefer organic over chemical or synthetic products because they are safer for humans particularly now that I use them to my son as well.

In case you weren't aware, there are lots of organic insect repellent products from local companies. Find out more about them...

Review: Pampers Baby-dry Pants

Previously, I blogged about EQ Pants and Happy Baby Pants. This time, I will be blogging about the latest diaper pants we have tried, the Pampers Baby-dry Pants.

  • Magic gel for dry and peaceful sleep
  • Air circulation for dry skin
  • Baby lotion helps protect baby's skin
  • Flexible waistband for soft and comfortable fit
  • Wraps your baby's skin with comfort

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Last week when I had the restaurant all to myself. It was a weekday hence no crowd.

July Recap

The month of July has ended and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead for us this August. This month is a special month for our little family since we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary as married couple and 7th anniversary of being together. But, let's leave that topic for later since this post is about the month that has ended.