The final chapter of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle is out. The book 4 is entitled Inheritance. I am so excited to finally know the ending of Eragon's story. So excited that I have already asked my friend to borrow his book even if he hasn't bought one yet. LOL!

A Photo A Week: The Island of Agho

The daily grind at work can be so stressful thus the need to unwind every now and then. And there is no better way to unwind than to leave the city and spend a night in one of the most beautiful islands in the province - the Agho Island in Concepcion, Iloilo. Despite the killer bus ride and uncomfortable boat ride, people keep on coming to this place because of its beauty and relaxing ambiance. I think I can spend hours, just lazing around while enjoying the view of the mountains and crystal clear water - perfect in freeing my mind of depressing and stressful thoughts.

How to get there:

From Tagbak Terminal, ride a bus (HPQ) bound for Concepcion. Fare for regular passengers is Php 120 while Php 110 for students. When you arrive in the town of Concepcion, proceed to the port going to Agho. Although walking distance from bus terminal, the port is not too easy to locate so you better ask the locals there. Public market is also near the port so you can buy foods (especially fish and pork) there instead of bringing some all the way from the city.

If you are lucky, you will never need to hire a pump boat since there are passenger pump boats traveling in the neighboring islands. If you catch a pump boat to Malangabang, just ask Mr. Boatman to drop you off in Agho. Fare is probably Php 30. In our case, we hired a small pump boat to take us to and from the island - we paid Php 600 and Php 500 respectively.

Last trip of bus going back to the city is 2:00 pm so you better return to town proper before that.

  • Although the place is not fully developed it is better contact the owner/caretaker before going there.
  • Bring tent, blanket, food, drinking water and personal stuff since there is no restaurant, luxurious accommodation or stores in the island.

Review: Cyleina Organic Rice Bran Soap

Around a week ago, I started using Cyleina Organic Rice Bran soap. I wanted to buy each variant available but since I still have Black Pearl and Tomato soap at home, I decided to choose only one. And besides, I wanted to stick to my grocery list so other variants will have to wait until next pay day. I wouldn't want to use all of them at once anyway. :D

Going back to the soap, I chose the rice bran variant because based on the product label, this soap helps reduce inflammation and soothe discomfort - exactly what my mother needs to alleviate the discomfort she feels from her rashes.

Just like what I am doing with other organic soaps, I sliced this soap into cubes to prevent it from dissolving so easily. Initially, I used this soap in my face every morning (with black pearl) and night. But after a couple of days, I decided to use this soap in my entire body.

Unlike black pearl and tomato soaps, this light brown soap doesn't emit strong scent. It doesn't even sting when used for the first time. I think, of all the three Cyleina soaps I have tried, this one is the most easy to lather. A few rub with the soap and nylon mesh goes a long way.

What I like most about Cyleina rice bran soap is that smooth-feeling skin I get after using this soap. Truly it helps exfoliate the skin. And since it aids in exfoliation, I am hoping that it will help eliminate some dark spots and blemishes around my body. My mother loves it too because the rash in her arms, waistline and thigh is no longer causing her so much discomfort.

I will definitely purchase this soap again.

Vegetable oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, rice bran powder and essential oil

Product Description:
A source of vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micronutrients to help fight free radicals and combat the effects of aging. Rice bran’s natural enzyme will helps to dissolve dead skin & blemishes, while retaining moisture.

  • protects and replenishes the skin
  • good with skin allergies; helps reduce inflammation and soothes discomfort
  • helps fight free radicals and combats the effects of aging
  • helps dissolve dead skin and blemishes
  • aids in gentle exfoliation
  • disinfects pimples
  • smoothens the texture of skin


  • light-smelling
  • makes skin smooth and squeaky-clean
  • helps lighten dark spots
  • affordable
  • can now be bought in Watson's and SM department stores

  • none


Before the clock strikes 12, I am publishing a post on 11/1/11. Nothing significant on this date. I am just glad that one month more and it'll be December - my most favorite month. :>

I am excited for Christmas parties, get togethers and of course, for 13th month pay <:-P, holidays and our upcoming trip to Cagayan de Oro (although I'm not sure yet if I can go). :D

Oh Christmas!