Obvious Scam

Though I always check my hotmail account, I rarely use it when setting up accounts in social networking sites, forum sites and other internet niche that require email address. I'd rather use any of my three gmail account or my long-time yahoomail. That is why I was kinda "duh!" when I received a mail with "Congratulation On Your Euros Millions Award!!!" on the subject line.

Who in the hell will send me this email when in fact I haven't even heard about Euro Million Lottery Agency. I think the sender is from Hongkong considering the .hk domain at the email of the person to contact when "claiming the prize."

If I didn't know anything about scams, I would have jumped for joy and send my personal information at once for that is what the email states.
"You are to send us the following details along with your ticket number. Full Name, Occupation,Country,Age,Telephone Number."
Perhaps they don't realize that I'm aware of identity theft too.

I was actually tempted to reply, not to give what they are asking but to pester them to the fullest. But being a tech support to my boss' website, I know I will just waste my time for my mail will definitely be marked as spam or deleted because it is not something of much use to them. And being such a segurista, I checked snopes to know other stories of lottery scam. Unfortunately, I can't find a story similar to mine (same contact person, same details) but the point is apparent that winning a large sum of money in a foreign lottery you don't remember entering is definitely a scam. I even googled the sender's name "Mrs. Linda Jansen". And tada! 61, 000 results appeared... (sigh) People will definitely do everything, even to lie at the expense of others just for money.

* This is in fact the second email I received saying that I won in a foreign lottery. The first one was sent to my yahoomail.

The Only CATS I Love!

I am not a cat-person so this definitely has nothing to do with the four-legged creatures that purr. The CATS I am referring to here is one of the many models of Ray Ban Sunglasses. CATS 5000 is a new version of my all-time favorite, the Aviators. The new version comes in frames with varying colors with thin elongated temples bearing the brand's metal signature. To paraphrase the product description, "Don't be ordinary! Colorize your world and stand out in fun fashion colors... " Seems fun indeed! I am actually drooling seeing these beautiful sunnies... I believe the dark orange/brown gradient or the fuchsia/grey fade or any color makes perfect gift for Christmas... especially for me. :)

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She's Proud

I never thought that my post "Dear world" would make my friend proud of me (just saying...). She even made her own letter to Mother Earth. This is the least we can do to help.

Pink Ribbon

I support breast cancer research and awareness. Find out how you can help...

Dear World...

Dear World,

For the past 23 years, you sheltered me with kindness. You provided me with air so that I can breath. You gave me light so that I will be able to do things that I need and want. You bring darkness to remind me that it's time to rest my weary body and prepare for the coming of new light. You even spared me from your threats that my brethren have experienced and are experiencing right now.

Oh my dear world, thank you for showing me how wonderful it is to be under your protection. But despite of what you did for me, sometimes I am taking you for granted. I know, like others, I also played some roles in your deterioration. It is possible that I have used cosmetic products that contain ingredients harmful to you. And though I am not involved in illegal logging or any sort of cutting trees activity, I am fully aware that I benefited from it. I benefit from using wooden furniture, I ate foods cooked using coals and of course, I am no stranger to pencil and paper. I also use plastic bags and sometimes, these plastic bags are burned along with dried leaves, branches of trees and other things that were once useful and valued.

With that, I am very sorry. I know I cannot change others dramatically so I started in my own little way. I promised to become serious in my attempts to minimize using things that can pose danger to you. I started living with the 3R rule in mind; reduce the amount and toxicity of trash I throw away, reuse containers, plastic wrappers and products and recycle as much as possible and buy products with recycled content.

I am hoping that others will give adequate attention and effort to save you - to bring back your luster and health. May the recent tragedies serve as an eye-opener, a wake up call to people around the globe. I will not beg you not to send anymore disaster but I am asking you to please spare those who are innocent, those who are not in any way involved in your destruction, those who have not provoked you to send such calamities. They do not deserve to be punished from other people's mistakes.

If you think that I deserve to be punished as well, so be it. I will gladly pay for what I did to you. I'd rather choose to disappear in the face of this planet than to see you vanish and leave us all homeless. You are irreplaceable.

Thank you.



Someone Needs a Haircut

I will be sporting one of these hairstyles soon...

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