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It’s pretty amazing how this blog evolved since I created it last 2008. From personal blog and online journal, it became an informational blog discussing about women-related stuff such as beauty reviews and lifestyle as well as food and travel.

A Photo A Week: Mango Medal

This medal was given as a souvenir when I joined the Manggahan Fun Run last April 14, 2013, a week before the island's Manggahan Festival. Running in the highways of the island province of Guimaras was never easy due to the uneven terrain and that made this homemade medal all the more valuable. I didn't finish as one of the top 10, not even top 100 I bet; nevertheless, I'm happy with my accomplishment. When schedule and good health permit, I will definitely be back next year for my 2nd Manggahan Run.

EON Card Renewal

Finally! I got my new EON card a few days back without too much hassle at all. Before applying for renewal, I searched the internet for info I might find useful when renewing my expired EON card and I found mixed reaction from people. (My paranoia can take me up to page five of Google to read relevant information. You can’t blame me, I simply want a hassle-free transaction and I do not want to miss any procedure that could potentially delay my transaction.)

A Photo A Week: Frozen Yogurt

My bf and I are frozen yogurt addicts. Spending time in Yogu (across the Avenue and beside Pirates Bar) located in Smallville Complex has been our favorite past time.

This picture was taken during one of our dates in Yogu. We ordered one large cup at first then order again another large cup because one cup is simply not enough. :D On our second cup, we added two pieces mango scotch (bought from Guimaras).

Review: Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief

Every new product to try and review is a blogger’s happiness. Some might probably say that beauty bloggers are sort of not contented but for me it’s more than that. Trying new products even if you are already using a good product for me is feeding the curiosity. What is there to review and blog about if you try nothing, right?

On my previous posts, I mentioned about my favorite lotion but having a favorite doesn’t stop me from buying other lotions. :D I try to switch lotions from time to time to compare and of course, so that I have something to blog about. This time, my fancy was caught by Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief. Actually, I have been using this for more than a month already (the large bottle is half used) but the review came just now due to time constraints (as always!).

Points of Interest in Camiguin

This is a way overdue post. We went to Camiguin last December 2011 (around the time they are hit by that deadly flash flood) and previously posted this on Squidoo but I didn't get around to making it live due to Squidoo's strict rules. Have since forgotten this and only noticed the unpublished lens when I checked my account a few days ago.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is...

Camiguin is an island province located in the Bohol Sea in the Republic of the Philippines. It is just 10 km off the northern coast of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao so tourists can reach this place teeming with natural beauty from the gateway of Northern Mindanao which is the Cagayan de Oro City. Camiguin is also accessible from Cebu City and Tagbilaran City.

Going to the island from Cagayan de Oro City may mean hours of travel both by land and by sea but the effort is all worth it for you will surely be amazed of how blessed this little island is when it comes to natural resources.

There are lots of hotspots to feast your eyes on and can give you the opportunity to experience the goodness of various natural wonders.

White Island
White island is literally a white island because it is composed of solely of immaculate white sands. There are no trees or shelter in this approximately 700-meter sandbar so beach umbrellas are a must if you want to stay in this island for a day. Locals also rent out beach umbrellas for Php 150.

The island is accessible from Brgy. Agoho or Brgy. Yumbing in Mambajao. Boats going to the island can be arranged from any of the beach front resorts facing the island.
White Island

A Photo A Week: Sugarcane

I haven’t eaten this in a loooong while. I cannot even remember when was the last time I ate a fresh sugarcane thus I’m quite excited to see this growing in the church’s backyard, less than five meters away from our back gate. I am just hoping that I am around when the caretaker harvest them so that I can ask even just a bit. I want to be reminded what it feels to be eating this chewy yet sweet giant grass. :D

What I Got From Blogging

My colleague and I were discussing about domains and other stuff related to blogging and we came to a point when we talk about the benefits we get from it. Our short conversation made me think further and question myself, “What am I getting from it?”
Photo credit: zizzy0104
Blogging takes time, patience, creativity and dedication. The lack of those will lead you to a few posts and disappointment for not having enough to post. I have seen so many blogs (and even own a few) left into oblivion with only five or so posts. I sometimes wonder what happened to the owners of such blogs. Did they run out of ideas to post? Don’t they have the time to update their blog often? (cough) This blog would have met the same fate had I not force myself to keep on thinking and writing.

With all those effort I spent for this blog, sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. The answer is always a resounding YES! I may not have gained enough in terms of monetary (I earned less than $20 from Adsense and around Php 500 from Nuffnang all these years) but my effort is well paid. Due to my blog, I learned basic html, Photoshop and other skills that can help me maintain my site. I learned not just SEO and social media promotion but also how to interact with my fellow bloggers and respond to queries about ads, sponsorship and the likes. I learned about affiliates and other ways to earn money through various online activities. I learned to be keen on things and sharpen my mind so as I will have something post-worthy. It helped me learn time management too!

Blogging gives me that sense of fulfillment each time I publish a post, a reader posts comment or just a mere rise on the number of site visits. The freebies or tokens I got for voluntarily doing a few reviews I did are just an added perks. I am not earning as much as other bloggers (though of course I want to :D) but what I have gained so far is enough to keep me going. The benefits I got are immeasurable but will surely last for years.

April Finds

I’m alive!! And back with a post about my monthly finds. Publishing a post is a major achievement these days due to my super hectic schedule. I’m glad that I managed to take a few minutes off work to come up with this post. There are only three products in highlight for this month and these are:

  1. Cyleina Kojic Soap. The bikini season made me remember my problematic stomach hence I decided to do something to lessen the appearance of those unsightly blemishes. Among many others available in the store, I got this one since Cyleina was once a favorite brand of mine. I really do hope that this delivers.
  2. Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder. I have been waiting for this to go on sale and the April brochure put an end to my waiting. I got this on sale for Php 199 (original price is Php 250). I started using this product the moment I got it and I can’t wait to post my review soon. I got the medium shade.
  3. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint. I have no intention in buying this nor do I know that such product exists. I got this through a raffle a friend (who sells makeup) organized. This is what I call a breath-of-fresh-air since I usually use powder blush.

So there you have it guys! Watch out for the reviews of these products in the coming days.

How about you? Any beauty finds you want to share?