Review: Coral Cay Resort

(All photos in this post belong to Michael Sabido.)

My summer officially kicked-off a few weeks ago with a big trip to the Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire), popularly known as Siquijor. I already posted my travel itinerary as well as the details of my expenses last week. Now, it is time for the review of the resort where we stayed for three nights - the Coral Cay Resort.

The resort is located in the town of San Juan, where many other resorts are located. Before booking this resort, we read a few reviews and we (especially my husband) were kinda apprehensive about this resort due to the mixed reviews online. Some love the resort while some simply don’t like the beach, the ambiance and one tourist even said that the resort’s bar/restaurant is not ideal for family dinners since it is "full of loud and drunk American sex tourists with their Filipino girlfriends hanging on their arms".

Well, different strokes for different folks. As for me, here is my opinion about the resort:


We stayed at Layo during the whole duration of our trip. Layo is a fan room (no air conditioner), with two double beds good for four people but can accommodate extra person for an additional charge. It also has a private toilet and bath with hot and cold shower. It also has a veranda where you can see the beach (although not facing it) and the swimming pool area. One night stay costs Php 1700 and Php 350 for extra person with beddings.

The room is spacious enough for four or even five people. The toilet/bath is okay as well except for the door which was kinda difficult to lock. I think changing the door knob will do the trick. The beds are okay too - not too soft and not hard either, however, the pillows are too thin and soft for my liking. The beds come with mosquito nets too. When we arrived at the resort, the mosquito net is already set up and everyday when we come back from our tours/activities, they are made up again along with the bed and used towels are replaced with new ones. The toilet/bath is cleaned everyday too.

Beach front cottages
Only one bedside table (placed in between two beds), is provided in this room. There is also one closet (with local version of safety deposit box at the bottom of the closet) and one shelf for everyone in the room to use. For its price, I really have nothing against this room except for one thing, the existence of rat/s. I haven’t actually seen one while we were there but our food supply can attest to it. On our first night, our leftover bread we placed in the shelf was attacked. During the second night, its the tablea (cacao) I bought from the souvenir shop. The tablea is placed in the plastic bag in the floor along with the souvenir shirts we bought. I am just thankful that they didn’t chew the shirts.

Amenities and Services

The resort boosts of restaurant and bar, swimming pool and air conditioned and fan rooms. They also have gym as well as recreation area both for adult and kids, all free of charge for resort guests. The use of their kayak equipment is free too. They have a standby generator (power outage happens often in Siquijor, they say, but we didn’t experience any when we were there) and they offer transportation (van or jeepney) for a fee. If you’ve been traveling and need something to soothe your tired body, there is a massage parlor within the resort.


Dumaguete - Siquijor Travel Itinerary and Expenses

Another trip has just concluded so a post about itinerary and expenses is in order. This trip is a bit complicated for we traveled through all modes of transportation - ferry, bus, multicab/tricycle and plane, since there is no direct flight from Iloilo to these places. But then, we survived the trip, albeit tired.

Without further ado, I am sharing to you our travel itinerary and expenses:
Time   Destination/Activity Expense Cost Cost/pax
6:15 - 7:00 AM Iloilo to Bacolod via fast craft Ocean Jet

7:00 - 7:15 AM Bacolod Port to South Terminal via tricycle Tricycle 100
08:10 AM - 2:30 PM South Terminal (Bacolod) to Dumaguete City via bus (stop over at Mabinay and Ceres Terminal in Kabankalan where we had lunch)

4:30 PM onwards Explored Dumaguete City (Boulevard, Silliman University)
Dinner at Sta. Teresa Resto

Check Inn Hotel
Expenses for Day 1
08:00 - 9:00 AM Breakfast at Check Inn and prepare for one more look of the city

9:00 - 10:30 AM Explored Dumaguete City (Church, bell tower and plaza)

10:30 - 11:00 AM Grocery for food supplies

11:00 - 11:15 AM Checked out and travelled to Dumaguete Port Tricycle

Lunch (Dumaguete Port)

12:50 - 1:30 PM Dumaguete to Siquijor via fast craft Ocean Jet

1:40 - 1:55 PM Dumaguete Port to Coral Cay Resort via tricycle Tricycle

Checked in and relaxed at the resort

Dinner (Dagsa Restobar)

Coral Cay Resort
Expenses for Day 2
9:00 AM - 12:00 NN Breakfast (Uptoyou Bar & Restaurant at Coral Cay)

Coastal tour Multicab

- Capilay Spring Park

- Century Old Balete Tree Entrance

- San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent (town of Lazi)

- Cambugahay Falls Parking

Life guard

Lunch(Maria Public Market food court)

1:00 PM onwards Continuation of coastal tour

- Sta. Maria Church (town of Maria)

- Salagdoong Beach Entrance


- Church of Saint Francis de Assisi (town of Siquijor)

- Guiwanon Spring Park Entrance

- Souvenir Shops

Dinner (D' Barkads Restaurant)

Coral Cay Resort
Expenses for Day 3 817
Breakfast (D' Barkads Restaurant)
AM Beach bumming

11:00 AM - 12:00 NN Lunch (Uptoyou Bar & Restaurant Coral Cay)

12:00 NN - 03:30 PM Paliton Beach Tricycle
03:30 PM onwards Coral Cay (kayak, swimming pool)

Dinner (Uptoyou Bar & Restaurant Coral Cay)

Coral Cay Resort
2500** 410
Expenses for Day 4
04:30 - 04:45 AM Checked out and travelled to Siquijor Port Tricycle
04:45 - 05:30 AM Waited for the the ticket booth to open

05:30 - 06:15 AM Waited for boarding

06:15 - 07:45 AM Siquijor to Dumaguete Port via ferry GL Lines

07:45 - 09:30 AM Breakfast (Chowking) and relaxed at Sans Rival

09:45 - 10:00 AM Sibulan Airport via tricycle Tricycle

10:00 - 11:30 AM Checked in baggage and waited for boarding

11:30 AM - 12:05 PM Dumaguete to Cebu via Cebu Pacific Plane
12:05 - 1:30 PM Checked in baggage and waited for boarding

1:30 - 2:00 PM Cebu to Iloilo via Cebu Pacific Plane

Iloilo airport to SM City Shuttle terminal Shuttle
Expenses for Day 5
* Divided among three persons
** Divided among five persons
*** Divided among eight persons


App Review: Period Calendar for Android

For someone like me who’s monthly period is out of whack, using a period tracker can be very helpful. It helps you keep track of your period in an efficient way, predicts when the next period will be as well as ovulation, which is really helpful when you are trying to conceive.

But with so many applications available, both for Android and Apple users, choosing which one to download and use can be confusing. As for me, I am using the Period Calendar/Tracker by Abishkking. I have been using it for three years already and I couldn't be more contented with it. It does more than just track your period and ovulation. The app has a lot of added features that you will never have to use many other apps. With this app, you can input or record your mood for the day, symptoms you feel (can be helpful when something happens to you days after), your weight and even dates you had sexual intercourse.
Photo credit: Abishkking


Discovery: Salonpas Makeover

While doing household chores many nights ago, one wrong move triggered my lower back pain that prevented me from moving freely without the pain. The pain lasted until the next day and a co-worker suggested that I apply Salonpas to it. I felt silly because I haven’t thought of Salonpas while thinking of what to apply to my back to alleviate the pain.

So after work, I went to Watsons (SM Delgado branch) to buy a packet of Salonpas. After taking a shower when I arrived home, I opened the packet expecting to see the old white patch I used to see on my grandmother’s back and sometimes apply on my mother’s back as well. But alas! I was surprised to see the skintone and more stretchable patch. So when did they start creating this?

For some reason, this discovery made me happy that I decided to blog about it. LOL! (shallow, I know). And I’m even happier that it is indeed effective for my back is already pain-free just after one application. Overnight remedy! Now, I just have to incorporate exercise back to my regimen to prevent more back (or any other body parts) pain.


Review: Ellana Minerals Lip Scrub

It’s been over a month since my last review and that is not because I have nothing to review anymore. In fact, there are a few products calling out my name to give them time and attention but I wasn’t motivated enough to sit down in front of my computer and finish even just one paragraph. Well, maybe one reason for this lack of motivation is spending my free time playing a Facebook game which my husband and I are currently addicted to. LOL!

Anyways, here I am now, trying to get back to blogging with zest and motivation life before… I hope! :D This time, I will be reviewing Ellana Minerals Lip Scrub which I got early this year.

I have always been vocal about my love for lipstick since I ain’t that good when it comes to eye makeup, contouring and such. I would just wear lipstick, sometimes bold and bright, to compensate for that. With this, it is very important that my lips stays well-moisturized and free of cracks and the likes. I learned about this product from other bloggers and from beauty forums some time ago but I wasn’t that eager to get one for myself since I’m okay with my natural lip scrub, white sugar. But considering the good reviews of this scrub, I finally gave in and got one from Zalora.

Product Description

For a perfectly polished pout, use our sweet-smelling Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub to regularly exfoliate your lips!


Ask for Her Hand Now with Zoey!

Love is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience even if loving someone doesn't mean lying in the bed of roses all the time for the ups and downs make a relationship stronger. Every time you survive a rocky path, there is nothing but fulfilment and stronger love for each other, and love is more beautiful when it comes with commitment.

Committing a lifetime of love to that special woman in your life? Why not seal the deal with an engagement ring? While some women are okay without it as long as you remain loyal to her until eternity, it will definitely make a difference if she has something to show it for. There are so many engagement rings available in the market and you never even have to break the bank to get one for her.

Zoey.ph is the answer to all your engagement ring woes! They have a good selection of engagement rings and even wedding rings, all at reasonable prices. This titanium engagement ring with swarovski crystal on my finger is the proof to it.


Tarsier Conservation Area or Tarsier Sanctuary: Which is Which?

A trip to Bohol is not complete without visiting the tarsiers, one of the world’s smallest primates. During my first visit with friends, I have already seen these tarsiers in real life but since I am with my husband who hasn’t seen the creature yet, I included this in the itinerary. Additionally, I just learned that there are two attractions in which tarsier-viewing is possible and I have been to one site only so I got curious as to their difference especially after reading reviews online comparing the two sites - the Tarsier Conservation Area and Tarsier Sanctuary.

During my first visit to Bohol, we went to Tarsier Sanctuary in Loboc to see the tarsiers. I wasn’t aware that there is another site for tarsier viewing so I didn’t insist on going there as well.

While planning our itinerary for my second trip to Bohol, I learned about Tarsier Conservation Area in Corella and based on reviews and travel blogs, this one is better than the first site I visited since tarsiers in this site are in their natural habitat. Our driver recommended this place too and I’m glad that he took us here because Tarsier Conservation Area is indeed way better than Tarsier Sanctuary.
First, the tarsiers are indeed in their natural habitat. They are allowed to wander freely in the five square-kilometer protected area. They can also freely wander outside the protected area.

Second, we have a guide that gives information about the tarsiers. From him, I learned that tarsiers are territorial and the ratio of tarsier to land area should be one per one square kilometer territory. Since the protected area is five square kilometers, the guide informed us that the maximum number of tarsiers living in the area is only five. That’s not the same with Tarsier Sanctuary in Loboc wherein tarsiers are placed inside a huge cage that is just a few square-meter wide.


January Finds

It's the middle of February already but I am only posting this now because I have been busy with so many things. And since I'm busy, I only got these last month.

  • Hortaleza Professional Coco Milk Hot Oil Treatment. While I am no longer having problems with my hair when it comes to dryness, frizziness, etc, I got this for testing purposes. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to use this yet so I may not post the review any time soon.
  • Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment. Like the other variant, I haven't tried this yet but hopefully I will remember using this soon.

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