Quarter Finds

Yeah I know! My monthly finds became quarter finds since I got so busy with something more important called life. :D Anyway, here they are:

  1. Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Scrub. I got this when I noticed that my face started to get better and exfoliating will no longer aggravate it. I use this only when necessary (aka when I remember) , once a week at most.
  2. St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer. I have ready good things about this in a beauty forum and I’m hoping that it will give me positive result like it does to other girls. Initially, I used this every night only and avoided this during daytime since my sunblock was making my face oily enough. However, the new sunblock I got is formulated for people with oily skin and somehow it makes my skin dry so I started applying this in the morning as well.
  3. St. Ives 24 Hr Deep Restoring Body Lotion. Since last year, I have been trying out different variants of this lotion. Aside from being a great product from the brand I trust, it is also affordable.I got more for what I paid for.
  4. Sunkiller Superlasting Base SPF50 PA+++. This is the new sunblock I mentioned above. Apart from its sun-protection features, it is also serves as makeup base ideal for oily skin. My favorite beauty bloggers are raving about it so I got one for myself.
There goes my finds of the quarter. Nothing much I know but if you read my previous post, you will surely understand. :)


Quote of the Week


New Normal

Time is a physician that heals every grief.  -Diphilus

It’s been a month since the death of my mother and after family members who came home for her funeral left again to go back to their usual lives, I would like to say that everything is back to normal… except it’s not. Things will never be the same again without her.

Apart from being the one I call Nanay, she was my first bestfriend, first teacher, forever fan, laugh trip buddy… my go-to-person for everything in my life. Losing her is just like losing all those people at the same time. It’s like having a bomb blast off from where I am, causing irreversible damage to my most important body parts. 

True, she prepared me for this to come given her health diagnosis and I made myself believe that her death won’t affect me so much since I prepared for it but I was wrong. During the first two weeks when we were all busy with her wake and funeral arrangements, the sadness is bearable since there are lots of people coming over to condole, to sympathize. But now that our life is back to normal, or should I say new normal, the depth of sadness and grief is deeper than what I imagined. Everyday I think of her and wonder where she is at the moment, how she’s feeling, if she can see me from where she is and if she has companions since she is in a new place now (during her last few years, I rarely let her alone when she is going to a new place). Is she scared? I cannot bear the thought of her being alone and wandering in a strange place.

What if I forced her to proceed with the surgery the first time the doctor said that it is necessary? What if I encouraged her to undergo chemotherapy and radiation after her surgery? Will she be alive today? Sometimes I want to strangle myself for letting her decide, for not taking the matters into my own hands and most of all for being too… complacent? That maybe she will be rewarded with longer life and free from pain because she deserved it after all the sacrifices she went through for me and my brother. I feel guilty for not being so aggressive with her treatment. I feel guilty for being busy with other things. I feel guilty for not stopping cancer from taking away the most important person in my life.


Quote of the Week


Quote of the Week


Review: Glysolid Glycerin Cream

To someone who has family or friends working in the Middle East, this Glysolid Glycerin cream is a common item often found in balikbayan boxes (but this product originated from Germany). My cousin would always send a couple or so big tin tubs for my uncle (his father) who is diabetic and whose dry skin, calluses, scars and other skin problem should be treated early early to prevent wounds that could lead to amputation. Since one big tub would last a very long time and he still has unopened tubs left, my aunt gave one to me.

I have been using this on my problematic skin for two or three months already so I am sharing to you my review of Glysolid Glycerin Cream.

Product Description

GLYSOLID works as a skin softener, keeping your skin supple and flexible. It forms a light "Shield" on your skin that protects from dehydration, and calms and soothes irritated skin. More than that, it effectively stimulates cell regeneration. Its ingredients promote the healing of small injuries, nicks and cuts.


Packaging and Appeal. The product comes in a red tin tub similar to the blue one of Nivea creme. The cream doesn’t look like cream at all but more like a combination of cream and jelly. I find this a bit of a challenge to apply and spread on the skin since it is too thick. And since it is too thick, a little goes a long way. You just have to rub it really well for even application.


Quote of the Week


Review: Daylong SPF 50+

It’s summer in the Philippines once again! Those who are in the tourism industry especially beach resorts are definitely seeing a surge in the number of guests coming over. But before you frolic in the beach in your colorful bikinis, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, remember to always protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreens are a hit during this time of the year but in a tropical country like ours, it should be a hit the whole year. Yes, the use of sunscreen is not for summer or outdoors only. Everyday use is recommended even if you will be out in the sun for just a few minutes.

In this post, I will be reviewing the sunscreen I am using daily - the Daylong SPF50+. I have been using this for four months already so I think it’s about time that I review this product.

Product Description

Suitable even for sun-sensitive skin or oily skin that is prone to breakouts. This formulation is oil-free,  easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and nurtures skin with vitamin E. Photostable UV filters offer very high and effective UVA, UVB and IR protection. Without additional preservatives, emulsifiers, or perfumes.

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