Minus One, Plus One

God really has a way of helping me lessen the sadness after the death of a loved one. In 2010 after the sudden death of my only sibling, He blessed us with an adorable nephew (my cousin’s son whom I’m fond of even until now) the month after. Less than half a year after my nephew’s birth, I started a relationship with a guy who eventually became my husband. Having them in my life made me feel less sad for I have other things to focus my thoughts and energy on.

Just this year, my beloved mother lost her battle against cancer and like any other mama’s girl who considers her mom as her bestfriend, it affected me so much that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night crying. Despite the presence of my family who has always been there since day one, the void she left in my heart is so big I am sure nothing can ever fill it in. But then again, God intervened. Three months after her death, we found out that I am carrying my husband and mine’s  one-month old little bundle of joy. Yes, our little one is growing inside my womb and getting complete and stronger each day. I have surpassed the first trimester without so much drama and I pray that this pregnancy will be uneventful until I give birth second quarter next year.

So you see, God is so great! He knows what and when to give. He knows the desires of our hearts and what we really need to get through the day. We just have to trust Him and let Him lead us to where He want us to be. Our hearts, mine especially, are overflowing with joy and gratitude for the blessing and opportunity to carry a human being into this world, although it (the world) can be harsh sometimes.

Naturally, this blog will be more varied for you will soon see posts about a new topic - motherhood. However, I’m kinda doubtful if I can post regularly like before because I’m pretty sure I will be very busy in the coming months especially when the little one comes. But then as usual, I will never stop trying to come up with something worthy to share, albeit scarce. :D


Review: Urban Inn Iloilo

To prepare for the Milo Marathon held last September, my husband and I decided to check in near the venue as we no longer live in the city. Traveling from home on the day of the race can be inconvenient for us since it would be at least 45-minute commute. It would require us to wake up earlier and would probably make us feel tired even before the race started. Additionally, we also aim for staycations now as we are on traveling hiatus for the next couple of years or so. So staying in a hotel, or at least a budget inn, for this event is a great idea.

We chose Urban Inn, located across St. Clements Church in La Paz, as it is just walking distance from the starting line which is the West Visayas State University and finish line at Iloilo Sports Complex. We didn't place any reservation as the husband is confident that there will be room for us since it is not peak season but I was somehow doubtful thinking that other race participants will be checking in too.

Luckily, there is one room left when we inquired - deluxe room but twin bed. Good thing, the twin bed can be converted into queen so we went for it. And even if it wasn't convertible, we will still probably stay since the husband is insisting for a place near the venue and besides, we are cuddly sleepers so space is definitely not an issue.


Urban Inn offers various room types depending on your needs and preferences. Aside from deluxe room that we got, there are also fan rooms and dorm type rooms ideal for backpackers or group travelers. Since I only had access to deluxe room, that is what I will be describing in this review. The room is big, with hot and cold shower, cable tv, and closet. The bed, which is actually two twin beds converted into one, is okay although I think it is somehow uneven. Maybe because of the comforter they placed on top of the joined bed. The room comes with two pillows which are a bit thin for my liking. Even the husband who prefers thin ones is not quite satisfied with the pillow. The toilet/bath is a bit narrow but it's okay. It is clean, the hot and cold shower is working great and there is a provision of toilet paper, soap and shampoo with conditioner.

Two twin beds converted into matrimonial
When considering this inn, make sure to manage your expectations when it comes to the view you will be seeing when you look out of the window. First, the window - at least the room we got - has very small window and outside of it are pipes, electric wires and other nuisance of the hotel. When you look out of it, there is no breathtaking view but just the La Paz Market teeming with vendors and customers alike.


Sugar Art in Iloilo

I rarely go to the mall specifically to witness a store opening so it’s a pleasant surprise to pass by Sugar Art’s pop up store while they’re having their soft opening (that was in August). The area is surrounded by people and like any curious cat, I peeked to find out what the fuss is about.

In the “kitchen”, I found the “candy chef” kneading, shaping and cutting colored sugars. It is entertaining to watch them do their thing and witness how those colorful goodies were made.

Here are the finished products.

Sugar Art pop up store is located in the upper ground level near the food court area.


Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Once again I have proven that I'm best at disappearing acts. My last post was almost a month ago and it took me a great deal of willpower to post this. :D Well, I have been feeling lazy for weeks already due to my condition (which I will be blogging about in the near future) and all I wanna do is sleep and play. Actually, this recipe has been drafted weeks ago but I was too lazy to edit the pictures to go with it. But I'm just glad that this is now live and this blog is updated.

Anyway, who doesn’t love moist chocolate cake?

I know I shouldn’t have asked that question since everyone loves chocolate cake especially the moist one. Many weeks ago, I discovered this chocolate cake recipe after my husband asked me that we bake a chocolate cake. Actually, we have tried baking a different recipe before but I wanted to try something new (and easier) so my search led me to this.


Review: Sunkiller Super Lasting Base

Summer is long over and blogging about a sunscreen seems untimely but since protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun should be done on a daily basis regardless of  the season, I think this post is still ok. :D Today, I am talking about the last sunscreen I have tried, the Sunkiller Super Lasting Base. This product is from a Japanese company called Isehan. And since Japan is known for its great sun protection products, does this one live up to people’s, or at least to mine’s, expectations? Find out...

Product Description

A lightweight sun lotion combines the coverage of a BB cream with the healthy color of a tinted moisturizer, to conceal pores, blemishes and other skin imperfections, while giving complexion a radiant glow. Long-wearing waterproof and sweat proof formula keeps skin looking fresh and radiant all day and night long.


Quote of the Week


Quote of the Week


Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

The baking bug is still on! We’ve been trying some recipes almost every weekend and though baking is tiring and can be expensive, I love the satisfaction I get each time something “edible” comes out of the oven. It is even more rewarding when picky eaters such as my nephews get to appreciate what I baked.

The other weekend, I decided to bake oatmeal cookies since it is easier. Actually, this is already my second time making this cookie. With the first time, I don’t quite like the outcome so I looked for a different recipe and thankfully, the result is better than the first recipe I tried.
Brown sugar and butter mixture.
Brown sugar and butter mixture with flour.

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