Review: Epilady Speed

I have always wanted to buy an epilator. But given that I live under the rock, I can’t find it in any store near me. So when I was given the opportunity to have it, I didn’t look back. Yes, I still live under the rock but I bought the epilator from Amazon through a friend whose business is buying from abroad, have it shipped here and sell it to people who are also living under the rock like me. LOL!

Kidding aside, I am just glad that I get to use this after just looking at it in the internet for a looong time. :D
Epilady Speed 810-44
Product Description. The Epilady speed is a corded epilator, specifically designed for fast and easy hair removal. The speed is small and compact, but delivers full power and efficiently removes hair all over the body for up to 4-6 weeks. The speed is equipped with the perfect angle guide, which puts the user in the perfect angle for epilation for great results the first time. Removes hair safely from the arms, legs, underarms, bikini and face (do not use around the eyes). Smooth, quiet and efficient, the speed is one of our fastest epilators yet! Kit includes adapter, perfect angle guide, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.


Review: Sophia Birth Control Pills

Though I expected that I might use this product somehow, it never crossed my mind to review and post it here. But when I searched for reviews of this product after my Ob/Gyne prescribed this to me, I learned that there isn’t much written about this in the web so I decided to write about this in order to share my experience to other new users. Actually, this is not a new drug but maybe not as popular as the others hence the lack of review.

Since we are planning to delay the coming of our little bundle of joy due to a couple of trips we already booked, one for next month and the other for March next year, we decided to go for birth control. Initially, I wanted the injectable method to keep me safe for three months but upon the advice of my co-workers who went through the same route, I changed my mind and went for birth control pills.

I went to my Ob/Gyne to ask for prescription and advice as to the proper use since I am a first timer. She gave me this particular drug as she has some samples available.

My monthly period came on the 14th September and I went to see my Ob/Gyne on the 16th, a Tuesday. Since birth control pill packs should start on a Sunday, she advised me to take the Sunday pill on the 16th (night), Monday and Tuesday pills on 17th (Wednesday, one in the morning, one at night) and Wednesday and Thursday pills on 18th (Thursday, one in the morning, one at night). This is to catch up for the missed days which I am supposed to be taking the pills. The next day, I started taking one pill everyday (every night).

Side Effects.
This pill isn’t without its side effects. First week into the pack, I felt dizzy, a bit nauseous and I experienced few palpitations. I also woke up to a terrible headache on one of the days during the first week. And being a paranoid migraine-sufferer that I am, I decided to just stay in bed for fear that things may get worse when I am in the office or worse, when I’m on the road.


Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick

Ever since my pimples got worse, I started avoiding putting on makeup including foundation, powder and blush on. I apply the stuff mentioned only when really necessary such as during special occasions. However, if there is one makeup I can never avoid, that is lipstick. I apply lipstick almost every time I go out of the house except when I go out to jog. But despite that, I once banned myself from buying new lipstick because I still have a few bullets around and I want to finish those before buying new ones. Frugal girl here!

However, there are times when the pull of those pretty lip colors are stronger than my desire to be frugal so more often, I give in and make me feel good about myself by wearing new (and often bright!) lip colors. My latest purchase is a testament of how much I love bright colors in matte. Presenting… the Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipstick!

I’ve got a couple of colors (for now) namely; Red Velvet and Pinkerbell. I originally wanted to get Stoplight Red but it wasn’t available so I got the Red Velvet instead. My quest for that classic red lipstick is still on, by the way.

So without further ado, here’s my review…


Philippine-Based Forums for Women

Lately, I have become addicted to online forums to the point that I visit my favorite forums almost every day, sometimes every two hours. Forums give me that sort of freedom to express my opinion without the fear of getting bashed, or at least not by people I personally know. From beauty tips to married life, recipes and even finance matters, I always get my daily dose of information from forums.

Whether you want to get tips about anything under the sun, want to give advice to other forum (and problematic) posters, want someone to talk to or just want to look around and read other people’s stories, here are some forum sites you may want to consider:

This forum is under FemaleNetwork.com and is my favorite forum right now. I check this site often than my work allows. LOL! One thing I love this post is that it covers various areas including finance, beauty and fashion, family life, relationships, health, travel and entertainment.  If I am allowed to access only one forum in a day, this would be it. My favorite sections are Savings and Investments, Let’s Primp and Prettify and recently, Married Life.

I am not a member of this forum and I only visit the site rarely (like once a month or once every quarter). While this is under the umbrella of one of the country’s most popular magazines, this is not as updated as Girltalk.

So far these are the only forum I know catered for women. Of course, these forums have male members as well but majority of the members are female. Also, there are many other popular Philippine-based forums but they are not specifically created for women thus I didn’t include them in this list. If I miss something which you think should be in here, please let me know in the comment section.


Start Christmas Shopping Now with Nordstrom

Christmas is still a couple of months from now but with the demands of our everyday lives, we sometimes forget that time flies so fast and before we know it, it’s Christmas already. And with parties, celebrations and events here and there during Christmas time, we tend to cram when it comes to shopping for our loved ones, or even for ourselves. When cramming happens, we sometimes end up settling for something that is available rather than something that is what we really wanted.

But why cram when you can shop now? No need to wait for holiday sale and promos. Nordstrom, a leading fashion specialty retailer offers compelling clothes, shoes and accessories for everyone at pocket-friendly prices all-year round in addition to using Nordstrom promo codes. What started as a small shoe shop in Seattle is now the leading fashion retailer today with 117 full-line stores in the United States and one in Canada, 155 Nordstrom Rack locations, two Jeffrey boutiques and one clearance store. Shoppers living in areas or countries without Nordstrom store or rack need not feel sad because the company also caters to online customers from 96 countries through Nordstrom.com.

Customers do not only have easy access to fashionable items through the company’s e-commerce site Nordstromrack.com but they can also acquire such pieces with considerable savings especially if they make use of Nordstrom coupon code which they always give out for customers to enjoy.


September Finds

No, you don’t have to wake me up! I’m wide awake the whole month of September. LOL! To those who do not get it, that is in reference to Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Third quarter of 2014 is over and we’re approaching the last quarter which is also the busiest (at least for me). The months of August and September were busy enough for me so what more when October, November and December come? I may not have time to fart anymore. LOL! Anyway, since it is the end of the month once more, it’s time for another "finds" post. Below is the list of my September finds:
  1. Glamworks Charcoal Nose Strip. This isn’t my first time to use a nose strip and not even a first time to buy Glamworks since I have used the classic/original variant in the past. I find this charcoal variant intriguing so I went for it this time.
  2. Epilady Speed Epilator. I have always wanted to get an epilator since waxing at home can be quite tedious. But finding an epilator in my city is almost like finding a needle in a huge pile of hay so it took me a long time to get one for myself. LOL! I had this for a month and have been using it almost every week.
  3. Hair Fix Keratin Straight. I rarely use stuff such as this now because my hair have become less frizzy ever since I switched to natural shampoo and conditioner. However, I wanted to look a bit polished during the wedding of a friend so I got this hoping that it will make my hair more manageable.
  4. Shawill brush. I wanted to buy a retractable brush for hygienic purposes (especially when I travel) but somehow wind up to getting this. I have used this less than five time only and I am not sure whether I love this or not. :D
  5. GT Bleaching Soap. I was looking for an exfoliating soap but I also wind up to getting this, somehow - one of the many moments wherein I planned to buy something then end up buying a different thing.

Quote of the Month: Death and Regrets

Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. - Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman: 24 Stories

This quote is just fitting with my current situation right now. No, no one in my circle died recently. It’s just that it’s my only brother’s birthday tomorrow. He died almost five years ago. He was 25 when he died and is supposed to be celebrating his 30th tomorrow.

The pain of his sudden death was devastating that until now, I feel that I haven’t completely gotten over his passing. What is making me sadder is that, we had a little argument a couple of days before he died and we haven’t talked much since that day. I didn’t see this coming, no one in the family did. He was completely healthy and nothing seems off about him or something. He was his old self but all of sudden, my mother woke up to him snoring louder than usual and that’s it. He was rushed to the hospital but declared DOA (dead on arrival).

His death is the most painful event of my life by far, more painful than not winning that journalism contest I have been preparing for in high school, more painful than not passing that government scholarship in college and even more painful than cancelling my planned wedding and asking refund from the church and reception venue. I was devastated and mad at myself for not talking to him days prior to his death. I believe that is what made it more painful for me. That, at the last days of his life, I wasn’t able to make it better for him. I failed at letting him feel that I care about him.


TravelBook.ph and Booking.com: A Comparison

In one post, I talked about booking a hotel through TravelBook.ph and in separate post, I talked about booking through Booking.com. In this post, I will be comparing the two booking sites but I will only be talking about value for money, not the ease of booking as I already touched that area in each individual post.

It is normal for both sites to claim that they offer the best value for your money and that makes it confusing to most people including me. At first, I was torn between these two sites as I wanted to book through one site only. But the hotels in my shortlist are not available for booking through one site only so I didn’t had a choice but to book through two sites; TravelBook.ph for our overnight stay in Cebu and Booking.com for our 3-night stay in Panglao.

I am happy and satisfied with the booking I made with TravelBook.ph as it is indeed evident that I availed a discount. Let’s say the rate of hotel A based on the hotel’s website is Php 1000 for a standard room. TravelBook.ph offers 35% discount for that particular hotel/room so the cost is supposedly 650 but you have to pay for the 12% tax which is Php 78 (12% of Php 650) so the total amount that will be charged to my credit card is Php 728. Indeed, when I checked my account online (and also when the paper bill arrived), the amount stated when I made the booking is what appeared on my bill.

Whereas with Booking.com, they make you believe that you are getting a good deal but in fact, you will be charged with the same amount the hotel will charge you when you book with them directly. Take for example the hotel I booked with them. In the hotel’s website, my preferred room costs Php 1500/night. So for three nights, I will be paying Php 4500 (including taxes) if I book directly with the hotel. When I booked with Booking.com, my total room price is said to be Php 4017.87 (less discounts already). However, I failed to see the small text below the total room that says “VAT (12%) not included”. Being the first timer that I am, I proceeded with the payment only to realize later than the amount reflected on my credit card bill is “drum rolls”... Php 4500. The same if I booked with the hotel directly.  I felt bad for the confusion and felt worse when I tried to check TravelBook.ph for the same hotel a couple of weeks after. Check the comparison below:

Hotel rate via TraveBook.ph

Hotel rate via Booking.com

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