Review: Sunkiller Super Lasting Base

Summer is long over and blogging about a sunscreen seems untimely but since protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun should be done on a daily basis regardless of  the season, I think this post is still ok. :D Today, I am talking about the last sunscreen I have tried, the Sunkiller Super Lasting Base. This product is from a Japanese company called Isehan. And since Japan is known for its great sun protection products, does this one live up to people’s, or at least to mine’s, expectations? Find out...

Product Description

A lightweight sun lotion combines the coverage of a BB cream with the healthy color of a tinted moisturizer, to conceal pores, blemishes and other skin imperfections, while giving complexion a radiant glow. Long-wearing waterproof and sweat proof formula keeps skin looking fresh and radiant all day and night long.


Quote of the Week


Quote of the Week


Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

The baking bug is still on! We’ve been trying some recipes almost every weekend and though baking is tiring and can be expensive, I love the satisfaction I get each time something “edible” comes out of the oven. It is even more rewarding when picky eaters such as my nephews get to appreciate what I baked.

The other weekend, I decided to bake oatmeal cookies since it is easier. Actually, this is already my second time making this cookie. With the first time, I don’t quite like the outcome so I looked for a different recipe and thankfully, the result is better than the first recipe I tried.
Brown sugar and butter mixture.
Brown sugar and butter mixture with flour.


Review: St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer

When you visit beauty forums frequently. you are more likely to discover all sorts of beauty products with corresponding reviews or comments from users. Some are great for budget-savvy like me while some are so high-end I just can’t stomach to buy although sometimes I am tempted to click the buy button. :D This St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer is one of the products I discovered thru such forum. Actually, before reading about the product, I sometimes see this when I’m in the toiletries section but never thought of buying since the tub is big and I’m not sure if it’ll work for me. But then, it’s been getting rave reviews so I got curious and finally cave in.

So how this moisturizer fares? Is this a good buy?

Product Description

This moisturizer, with collagen elastin proteins, hydrates for visibly softer, smoother skin.
Product  Benefits
  • With collagen and elastin proteins
  • Dermatologist Tested 


Packaging and Appeal. St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer comes in a big white tub. There are two things I do not really like about its packaging. One, it is prone to contamination since you need to dip your finger into the tub to get the product. The hands, therefore, must be clean. But then, you do not touch your face with your unclean hands so this shouldn’t be a problem. Two, the tub is not sealed. Nivea Creme and Glysolid Cream are secured with a tin foil aside from the lid so the product remains unopened until someone buys it. But this one doesn’t have that. It isn’t even sealed from the outside.


Quote of the Week


Forever Obsession: Cocktail Dresses

Being the only girl in the family as a kid, my folks would usually let me wear dresses in various styles, length and color. They find joy in seeing me wear frilly clothes in soft pink, blue, white and other light colors. I remember having to beg them to buy me a pair of denim jeans when I was a bit older since all I had were dresses and skirts. I may have gotten what I wanted but still, dresses remain a staple. Amidst the girly stuff they got me acquainted to, what stuck the most are short dresses, those which hemlines fall just above the knee. Even until now, I’m still obsessed with short dresses, aptly called cocktail dresses in adult terms. :D

For every occasion that doesn’t call for long gowns or dresses, I rely on my ever favorite cocktail dresses for many reasons. One, I think a short dress/skirts it enhances the legs. Two, I can move easily. For me, the cocktail dress is the perfect fit when you intend  to dance the night away or if you expect lots of moving around to mingle with guests. Third, you can “show a bit of skin yet remain decent” in it. Fourth, it gives my shoes equal exposure.

Now convinced that you need a cocktail dress in your life? Why not head over to Jecicadress? The site is loaded with dresses to match one’s body, color preferences and other requirements. Below are some of my favorite from this cocktail dresses gallery.

Tulle A-line Scoop Neck Short/Mini Beading Prom Dresses

Tulle A-line Scoop Neck Short/Mini Appliques Lace Prom Dresses

Party Dresses Online: Why Not?

When you receive invitation to a party, where do you turn to for your dress? Designer labels and expensive couture? Have you ever thought that you can get equally beautiful party dresses online? Yes, you read it right! You do not even need to go to a store to get that lovely dress for your friend’s wedding day. You can just let your fingers do the shopping and have your dress delivered right on your doorstep. Very easy, right?

With today’s boom in online shopping, almost everything can be ‘taken off the internet” including apparel of any type, color and size. If you are on the hunt for a classy party dress, www.jecicadress.com is here for you. While their store location is in Ireland, they cater to worldwide orders as well, thanks to technology particularly the internet. It makes transaction easy wherever you are in the world.

The store offers a wide selection of dresses, be it formal, cocktail or prom dresses. Simply put, they have something beautiful for you for every occasion. Still not convinced? Here are some of my favorites...

Sweep Me Off My Feet

My two favorite things - lace and chiffon. Dresses with chiffon sweep train are flowy yet comfortable. With it, I do not feel like my movement is limited. Perhaps I can even run and not trip at all. The appliques lace, on the other hand, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. With these two elements for my dress, my mood to socialize and party is definitely on alert mode.

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