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Love is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience even if loving someone doesn't mean lying in the bed of roses all the time for the ups and downs make a relationship stronger. Every time you survive a rocky path, there is nothing but fulfilment and stronger love for each other, and love is more beautiful when it comes with commitment.

Committing a lifetime of love to that special woman in your life? Why not seal the deal with an engagement ring? While some women are okay without it as long as you remain loyal to her until eternity, it will definitely make a difference if she has something to show it for. There are so many engagement rings available in the market and you never even have to break the bank to get one for her. is the answer to all your engagement ring woes! They have a good selection of engagement rings and even wedding rings, all at reasonable prices. This titanium engagement ring with swarovski crystal on my finger is the proof to it.

Tarsier Conservation Area or Tarsier Sanctuary: Which is Which?

A trip to Bohol is not complete without visiting the tarsiers, one of the world’s smallest primates. During my first visit with friends, I have already seen these tarsiers in real life but since I am with my husband who hasn’t seen the creature yet, I included this in the itinerary. Additionally, I just learned that there are two attractions in which tarsier-viewing is possible and I have been to one site only so I got curious as to their difference especially after reading reviews online comparing the two sites - the Tarsier Conservation Area and Tarsier Sanctuary.

During my first visit to Bohol, we went to Tarsier Sanctuary in Loboc to see the tarsiers. I wasn’t aware that there is another site for tarsier viewing so I didn’t insist on going there as well.

While planning our itinerary for my second trip to Bohol, I learned about Tarsier Conservation Area in Corella and based on reviews and travel blogs, this one is better than the first site I visited since tarsiers in this site are in their natural habitat. Our driver recommended this place too and I’m glad that he took us here because Tarsier Conservation Area is indeed way better than Tarsier Sanctuary.
First, the tarsiers are indeed in their natural habitat. They are allowed to wander freely in the five square-kilometer protected area. They can also freely wander outside the protected area.

Second, we have a guide that gives information about the tarsiers. From him, I learned that tarsiers are territorial and the ratio of tarsier to land area should be one per one square kilometer territory. Since the protected area is five square kilometers, the guide informed us that the maximum number of tarsiers living in the area is only five. That’s not the same with Tarsier Sanctuary in Loboc wherein tarsiers are placed inside a huge cage that is just a few square-meter wide.

January Finds

It's the middle of February already but I am only posting this now because I have been busy with so many things. And since I'm busy, I only got these last month.
  • Hortaleza Professional Coco Milk Hot Oil Treatment. While I am no longer having problems with my hair when it comes to dryness, frizziness, etc, I got this for testing purposes. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to use this yet so I may not post the review any time soon.
  • Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment. Like the other variant, I haven't tried this yet but hopefully I will remember using this soon.

Panglao Island Hopping

The first time I went to Bohol, we failed to go on island hopping as we were short of time. So when I returned together with the husband, I made sure to include this to our itinerary as the underwater life in Balicasag Island is divine, they say. Additionally, the husband is also a beach monster (he is practically happy when he’s in the beach, swimming and exploring marine life) so this activity is a MUST.

Unlike our hotels which I booked months prior to our trip, we arranged this activity right there in Bohol, the night before our planned visit. I think it is okay to not book this in advance as there are many operators offering this tour when you are in the vicinity. We met ours when we were having dinner by the sea during our first night. A guy approached us carrying their leaflet but the husband told him that we will entertain him after our meal so probably he never took his eyes away from us because when we were done eating and my husband moved away from our table to take pictures of the fire dancers, he approached me again and offer his goods. :D

I was sold by his sales talking so we closed the deal and agreed where to meet up the next day. I also gave him down payment (to buy gasoline, he said) at the same time praying that he is not a scam. He promised to fetch us at 5:45 am from our hotel as meet up time with the boatman (his cousin) is at 6am. True enough, he was at the front desk before 5:45. We walked to Alona beach (passing inside Alona Tropical) and waited for the boatman. After we settled our fees and everything, we leave the beach at exactly 6am.

Red and Hearts

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. While it isn’t that big of a deal for me and my husband (since every day is Valentine’s Day to us :P), I’m pretty sure there are people who are excited for this day to come especially those who are expecting a date. Be it with your significant other, family or friends, going out on the 14th will surely be worthwhile you and your loved ones can look back to in the years to come.

Dressing up for the occasion can make the day more fun! Of course red is not required but this lovely red dress with heart prints is just perfect for the occasion.
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Below are some ideas on what to pair it with based on your personality and style.

Sleep in Style With Bed in a Bag Sets

Your sleep can make you or break you! And what is one of the things that can contribute to your good night’s sleep? Your bed, of course! Try sleeping in a saggy bed that squeaks each time you move for you to get what I mean. Additionally, sleeping in a comfortable bed with just the right softness is one of the best ways to end a quite busy day.

But what is a bed without a nice bedding? The bedding is your bed’s sidekick, just like the ketchup to your french fries or the milk to your cereal. So a good night’s sleep doesn’t only mean you and your bed, you must include your bedding as well.

Fortunately, choosing a bedding is not as tricky as choosing a bed. With sites like buying your bed’s partner is a breeze. The site offers great selection of bedding, comforter and even bed in a bag sets. You and the rest of your family will surely enjoy browsing the website because there is something for everyone; stripes or patterned for you, floral for your young girls, character beddings for the toddlers and many others.

Among the best deals, here’s my personal choice:

There are also lots of bed in a bag sets with lovely patterns and prints. Here they are:

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Without Breaking the Bank

It’s the love month once again hence it isn’t surprising that many couples get hitched every February. If you are one of the girls planning to walk the aisle this month, then best wishes. Pretty sure everything has been settled already from your wedding gown, caterers, makeup and everything. But if for some reason your wedding gown is not ready just yet, or you haven’t made up your mind what you will be wearing on your big day, there’s no need to worry. carries lots of beautiful wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, prom dresses and dresses for many other special occasions. They have a wide array of styles such as A-line, mermaid, ball gown, princess, vintage and of course, simple wedding dresses.

Considering that I’m a fan of simple yet elegant wedding dresses, here are my personal choices:
The above designs are perfect when you have a garden or outdoor wedding in mind.

If the Cinderella in you wants a wedding dress fit for a princess, or maybe, a queen, here are some great choices: