How to Survive Working from Home as Hands-on Mama

Working at the comfort of your home sure sounds like an amazing opportunity for mothers but working from home at the same time looking after your kids, especially toddlers, isn't the easiest task in the world. Imagine in the middle of a conference call with a client when your child pooped or asked for milk. You either go on with your task and let your child finish on his own and pray that his dirt will not leak out his diaper or hold the call and deal with your child's mess at once. The former may be the most popular choice as choosing the latter can be detrimental to your job.

I've been working from home for over a year now and here are some tips I can share on how to survive being a WAHM (work at home mom) based on my own experience.

Find the most suitable job opportunity for you

The types of job we can find online vary - full time with fixed schedule, full time with flexible schedule, part time with fixed schedule and part time with flexible schedule. There are also project-based opportunities if you are not keen on doing long-term job commitments. For me, the most ideal is the part time flexible since it gives me the freedom to get the job done whenever I can, usually when my son is asleep.

Use your time wisely

While it helps to stick to a schedule, it's just so hard to do so when you have a toddler when often-changing schedule. Usually, I can't be glued on my computer screen when my son is awake since he's a fairly active boy and he tends to run around, climb furniture or eat anything. To make use of my time while looking after him, I'd usually do some offline tasks like drafting an article for my blog (like this article) using the good old pen and paper since I can take them with me when following him around. Sure I can use my mobile but I don't want my son to see me often glued to my gadgets.

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Cause' there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow...

Review: Skin Genie Pit Perfect Underarm Whitening Scrub and Cream

I've always been conscious about my pits for years, more so when I got pregnant and gave birth. It isn't very dark but it isn't flawless either. Actually, my major concerns are the tiny bumps we call chicken skin and underarm hair. I have tried various products to remedy the problem but nothing seems to work really well.

I temporarily gave up my quest for that perfect pits when I got pregnant and gave birth because I became busy being a hands-on mama but now that I have a little time to spare and felt the need to update my looks, I decided to pick up the quest again.

This scrub and cream duo from Skin Genie came with my very first BeautyMNL haul. I originally wanted to get the cream alone but upon reading the reviews of other users, I decided to get the scrub as well.


CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening cream that gently lightens dark underarms

FAST FACTS: Moisturizes and conditions; brightens and smoothens; works to control odor for all-day freshness; formulated with natural extracts that protect skin from pigmentation and dark spots; enriched with an herbal cream base, tea tree oil, and floral and papaya extracts

PERFECT FOR: Dark underarms caused by shaving and deodorants

CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening scrub that brightens and smoothens the skin under the arms

FAST FACTS: Absorbs and removes surface dirt and impurities for a fairer look; helps close pores; restores skin’s natural acidity; boosts elasticity; formulated with ground rolled oats, apricot kernels, apple cider vinegar, apple oil, papaya extract, herbal cream base, and phenoxyethanol

PERFECT FOR: Clean and soft underarms
Source: BeautyMNL

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Practice drawing of my boys. The eye is by Paps while the lines other than the eye is by no other than the little one. 😂 

Romantic Portugal: Top Places for Couples

Choosing the destination for your romantic trip is a very responsible task. If you know that your significant other is interested in visiting a particular country, you can book tickets and tell her to pack the suitcase. A trip together, especially if it’s your honeymoon, should be interesting for both. That’s why it’s important to discuss where you want to go. If both of you can’t make your minds as to the destination, we have something to recommend. Portugal. Until recently, tourists mainly overlooked this country and chose in favor of Spain. However, today Portugal is frequented by tourists, and for a reason. Lisbon is the most popular destination, but there many more romantic places in Portugal that are worth visiting. If you still do not have someone to go to such a journey, then you just need to meet single girls.

The Douro Valley

This is a region in the north of Portugal famous for its winemaking. People come here to enjoy the unique and fascinating landscapes created by the Douro River. You can stay in one of the wine estates, walk through the vineyards hand in hand and taste the local wines. Tasting authentic port is a must. Take a boat trip to enjoy the view of the scenery from the water and see the sunset.


Madeira is beautiful and welcoming in every season. High season lasts from May till September, but any time of the year is perfect for a trip as the temperatures are comfortable for tourists. Most of Madeira’s sights are natural attractions: mountains (Pico do Arieiro, Cabo Girao, Pico Ruivo), caves, extinguished volcanos, amazing waterfalls (Risço and Rabaçal), a relict of the old laurel forest (Laurisilva).


130 km away from Lisbon, there is an ancient town Evora. The labyrinths of narrow streets, old buildings, squares with fountains, the surrounding mountain landscape – all this makes Evora a unique city. History lovers will definitely like this town. Among the must-see sights are the Diana Temple and Chapel of Bones. Drive a few kilometers away from Evora to Montemor-o-Novo and stay there for a night to contemplate the clear starry sky.

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Proud and regal this bird. I feel happy each time I see birds flying around our place because they all look so healthy. They, too, definitely love the provincial life!

Review: Be Organic Sulfate-free Shampoo and All Natural Conditioner

If you've been following my blog, you might have probably read my posts mentioning our love for Milea Organic Shampoos, particularly the Aloe Vera variant. We've been using the said shampoo for more than three years now and we're still loving it, as usual.

However, the price has been increasing so the budget-savvy mama in me thought of scouting for something more affordable. I discovered this Be Organic through BeautyMNL and decided to give it a try because of the reviews people give. I started using the Aloe variant a little more than a month ago and I think it is best to review the shampoo and conditioner tandem now.


CLAIM TO FAME: A sulfate-free shampoo infused with soothing aloe vera

FAST FACTS: Cleanses, nourishes, and fortifies hair and scalp with nutrient-rich aloe; promotes hair growth and controls frizz; reduces dandruff and relieves scalp itching; free of sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens; made with 100% natural ingredients

PERFECT FOR: Regaining healthier, softer, more manageable hair

CLAIM TO FAME: An aloe-infused, dandruff-fighting conditioner that moisturizes hair

FAST FACTS: Hydrates, nourishes, and strengthens hair with aloe vera; packed with healing oils to restore shine and luster, tame frizz and flyaways, and repair damage; rejuvenates hair follicles to reduce hair fall; free of sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens; made with 100% natural ingredients

PERFECT FOR: Frizzy, damaged, and dry hair prone to dandruff
Source: BeautyMNL

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