A Day at Crocs Supersale the Provincial Tour in Iloilo

I’m not sure if this has been happening in the city for years but it’s the first time I learned about this crocs provincial tour. I admit I got so excited when I saw the ad hence I wished that it will happen the next day after I learned about it. Sadly, I have to wait for a week...

My much-anticipated day came yesterday. I arrived at La Tolda in Plazuela (the venue) at around 11 am and managed to get in after 10 - 15 minutes of falling in line outside the tent. Entrance fee is free for Citibank cardholders and those who are wearing Crocs. Non-cardholders on the other hand need to pay Php 20. When I get in, there were already a lot of people rummaging through the large boxes filled with crocs footwear. The products are segregated into kids, womens, mens and unisex. There were areas for bags and a different brand of flats as well.

Newer models are not available for sale but the older ones are also nice so all is good. I got this McCall Ballet flat in cranberry, originally priced Php 1550, for Php 775 only. It is also available for sale in purple.
Crocs Women's Mccall Ballet Flat (will review soon)
Other models on sale are of course the humongous clogs, Olivia Slingback, Lady Flat, Malindi Flat sling back, Crocstone Skylar Flat, Patricia, high-heeled maryjane type and slip ons. Too bad the Olivia Slingback in New Gold, which is on sale for less than Php 500 has run out of larger sizes. The biggest is size 4, just half of my shoe size.

Re-entry (for free) is not allowed so better make up your mind before paying because the payment counters lead to exit door. There were five counters and it only took me like 15 - 20 minutes of standing in line.

If you are a Crocs lover and want to hoard a few pairs without doing a major damage on your pocket, watch out for events like this. In the country’s capital, the discount can be as huge as 90% so it’s really worth the time and effort. I suggest bringing an umbrella in case you need to fall in line under the sun, fan (for obvious reasons) and a bottle of water. Also, make sure that your stomach is full before getting inside the venue because food is not allowed.

Retirement Preparedness

Who in the hell would sign a retirement plan at age 21? Fresh from college, enthusiastic about life and have been working at my first ever job for only four months, I signed a retirement plan payable within five years. I’m really not sure what I was thinking at the time but somehow, my instinct is telling me to go for it.

As the days go by, I sometimes feel doubtful about my capacity to pay. What if I lose my job? Where will I get the money to pay for my dues? But thankfully, that didn’t happen. I think this insurance plan has become one of my inspirations for working so hard. And third quarter this year, I paid my last insurance bill. Whew! I don’t want to brag about it but I am just so relieved and glad not only because I can scrape off one item from my monthly budget but also because, I now have something to look forward to in growing old. :))

I am glad that I made the right decision of having this retirement plan because I NEVER want to work until I die or until beyond the age of 65 (provided the world will not end this year). I just want to relax, travel and enjoy my remaining years with my loved ones and that can be achieved only if I’m financially stable. Also, I wouldn’t want to burden my future children into spending for me and deprive myself of medical attention when the need arise someday.

Someone told me that retirement plan is a dead investment because I will not be able to use my money but sadly, that person does not know that the money I invested earns interest too. I can withdraw the interest anytime or leave it there to grow.

So you want a meaningful golden years, start investing now...

There are so many insurance companies available so scout around to find the most reliable ones. Their agents are more than willing to help and guide you determine what suits you best. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions because that is one way of ensuring that your money is safe and protected.

From Looklet to Glamstorm

Have you read my post about Looklet? Well, someone from Glamstorm, a virtual stylist like Looklet, did. The site recently launched and they are encouraging people, especially those who love fashion to fuel their love for it through the site.
The models!
I joined the site a few days ago but I haven’t explored the features fully because it takes time to load the pages probably because of my internet connection (with a site that is filled with graphics like this, it surely needs super fast internet). As far as what I’ve seen, the apparel as well as models don’t look as realistic as the ones from Looklet but I’m really looking forward for this site to improve. After all, they’re still in beta.

Hopefully I’ll be able to create a look within this week.

Crocs Supersale the Provincial Tour in Iloilo

photo credit: Crocs Ph
Let's go Ilonggos! :)

Crocs Super Sale Provincial Tour – Iloilo

September 28 - 30, 2012
10am – 7pm

La Tolda, Plazuela de Iloilo
Benigno Aquino Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Let’s Move & Let’s Love

Love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is another story. Both parties need to do their part in order to make the relationship work and prevent love from jumping out of the window. Each one needs to make an effort to show how s/he really feels towards the other.
Double-sided heart origami love letter I gave him.
Buying material gifts or saying "I love you" every day are not enough to show love and devotion to a person. Love is best shown through actions thus my relationship mantra "action speaks louder than words". With this, I commit to do gestures of love rather than give empty promises and speak about it then do nothing. This commitment means I have to show up at the important events in his life, consider his situation and broaden my mind as to how my decisions will affect him and our relationship and just be there when he needed me the most. This commitment also involves gestures as simple as sending him homemade sandwiches and other goodies, leaving him little notes of encouragement, accompanying him to the movies or concerts even if the genre is not my cup of tea and even as simple as saying a little prayer for him the moment I open my eyes and before I doze off at night.

So yes, I commit to loving my partner in thoughts, words and deeds - commitment which I think is the foundation of a strong relationship.

A Photo A Week: Heart Origami

My man and I are not big on material gifts. As a gift to each other, we would rather spend quality time together; eating, traveling, watch movie and other fun activities than stress ourselves looking for material gifts.

On our second anniversary last month, he gifted me with an out of town trip while I treated him to a table top buffet dinner at Emilion. :D Aside from that, I also gave him these:

Double-sided heart origami!

Having an artist for a boyfriend can be quite challenging. Though he said he appreciates every gesture I do, I always force myself to come up with creative ideas to match his (hindi papatalo!).

Good thing my origami project in kindergarten came into my mind. I remember creating paper wallets, piano, boats and many others but I cannot remember if we ever created a heart much more remember how to do it. Naturally, I asked Big G for help.

There are lots of heart origami variations but this one is simply what I needed. Since it is double-sided, it looks polish on both sides and most of all, I can write something inside. I cut three pages of Paris-themed notebook I bought few weeks back and made three double-sided hearts. I unfolded the three hearts, wrote my mushy love letter, folded them back again and printed “i love you”, one word in each heart (both sides) to determine the sequence of the letter. I laid the three hearts while he is away and when he went back to me, they’re there waiting for him. LOL!

I know writing and folding papers aren’t the best talent in the world and this origami gift isn’t much compared to his drawing but I did it with sincerity and love so I think that makes these three pieces of paper valuable.

If you want to create your own heart origami, here is the link to the instruction.

Christian Siriano for Payless Mirrored Oxfords

Photo credit: omg
 Many hits surfaced during the recent NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and one of them is this metallic oxfords from Christian Siriano for Payless. *drools* This is just what I wanted; oxford, simple yet elegant design and not-over-the-top price. The shoes is due to hit stores in February.

Garin Farm: Agriculture, Pilgrimage and Leisure

While the city of Iloilo is rich in ancestral structures and modern establishments have been sprouting almost everywhere, some tourists believe that there isn’t anything to go to in the city. True if you will be staying in the city for three or more days since you can visit all the city attractions in a day or two.

If you are in the City of love and have a few days to spare, why not go beyond the city limits? Drive north and discover the hidden paradise in Concepcion, Carles, Ajuy and other neighboring towns. The southern part on the other hand may not have as beautiful beaches compared to the North but they have some destinations to be proud of as well - the  Miag-ao church, declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site “Baroque Churches of the Philippines”, the 19th century San Joaquin cemetery, UP Miag-ao campus and many more. The recent addition to the list of attractions in the south is the Garin Farm in San Joaquin.

When you look over the main gate to the farm, you will see a concrete pavement with trellis providing shade to passersby. The chicken houses on both sides are teeming with chicken thus explains the foul smell when you pass by that area. Good thing the management is responsible enough to provide notice for visitors to “expect foul smells in some areas” and provide golf cart service (for a fee) to those who don’t want to be bothered by the smell. Golf carts are also ideal to those who cannot endure long walks towards the cafeteria, starting point of the pilgrimage or even up to the highest peak which is the giant cross of the Divine Mercy.
Garin Farm Entrance: Entrance fee is Php 150. No outside foods and drinks allowed.

This pavement leads to the pilgrimage and adventure areas. Chicken houses can be found on both sides of the pavement. Towards the end of this pavement before turning right are goats in an enclosed pasture and one house for sheep.

Entrance to the pilgrimage. The low beam is to prompt visitors to bow down before the holy place.
The Noah’s Ark is the starting point of the pilgrimage. Beside the Noah’s Ark is the giant scroll containing The Ten Commandments. As you ascend the 456 steps towards the 101-feet Divine Mercy cross, you can pass by life-sized statues depicting the nine important events of the life of Jesus.

Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River

Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem

The Last Supper

This statue’s facial expression - PRICELESS!

From the top
Opposite the entrance to the pilgrimage site is the leisure area. Recreational amenities include swimming pool, lagoon in which one can enjoy fishing, riding a small boat and kayaking. You may also want to experience horseback riding and zip line ride over the lagoon and trees.

How to get there:

From Molo terminal (near Molo church), take a bus or L300 van bound for San Joaquin. You may also want to take San Joaquin bound jeepneys - the terminal is in another area though. The trip to San Joaquin town proper is less than two hours. Bus fare is Php 58 while jeepney fare is Php 50.

From town proper, ride a tricycle to Garin Farm. Travel time is about 10 - 15 minutes.

Additional notes:
  • Outside foods and drinks are not allowed but there is a cafeteria inside.
  • Official website of Garin Farm: http://www.garinfarm.com

A Photo A Week: Samsung Galaxy Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is not really something to brag about since it isn’t really one of the high end phones today. But it deserves an entire post in my blog since this is the first ever phone that I got for myself. All my previous phones were given to me by my cousin and uncle who work abroad thus explains why I haven’t gotten one for myself then.

Well... I didn’t really buy it because it is under the SMART’s Plan 349 but since I am paying for it, I think it is also as good as I am buying it (on installment basis... LOL).

Another reason why the phone is featured in this series: it’s my first ever touch screen and android phone. LOL! Yeah, I am naive when it comes to mobile phones and stuff so getting a phone that is totally different from my old ones is a major event for me.

This phone may not be as powerful compared to other of its type in the market but my simple lifestyle with simple needs is enjoying its features. Not only I am entitled to unlimited text (comes with the plan) but I can also connect to the internet in areas with wifi. Pretty cool for a person like me who prefers email, chat and social networking for communication. I can kill time by playing games too. I still have to find out how this gadget fares when used for blogging.