July Finds

I never thought that I’d be able to post my finds for the month of July since I didn’t have new discoveries made. And besides, I am quite contented with my current skin care regimen that I didn’t see the need to try something else. But when my facial wash and toner came to an end, I was prompted to go to the mall to get my supplies. I didn't get much though. These are the only items that find its way to me:
  1. Human Nature Balancing Toner. This is my first toner from the brand. I have read good reviews about this product hence I’m quite hopeful that it will reduce the oiliness of my face.
  2. Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Foam. I was actually looking for the variant I have been using for months but cannot find it so I got this instead. I am not really after the whitening claim but settled for this since it is from my trusted brand. I really do hope it works like Nivea Visage Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Cleansing Foam if not better.

Watch out for the reviews as I will be posting them in the days to come.

Mongolian Buffet Experience at EON Centennial Plaza Hotel

Buffet meals are so common nowadays that you can see lots of restaurants offering buffet meals in almost every part of the city. From Sarabia Manor hotel to a small refreshment located along the small street somewhere in the city, you can satisfy your gastronomic need without hurting the budget. That is if you can eat more than what you paid for.

One spot I've been to recently to to pamper my stomach is the EON Centennial Plaza hotel. The hotel offers Mongolian buffet lunch and dinner every day except Sunday. Unlike other buffet experiences in which you can just pick any dish available, buffet here makes dining more fun because you will be the one to make your own dish. Instead of cooked dishes, the long table has bowls containing raw ingredients - from meat, chicken, noodles to vegetables and seasoning, for customers to choose from. You will then pick and combine whatever ingredient that suits your fancy and have your "masterpiece" cooked by the staff in the kitchen. While they provide some recipes you can follow, you can also make up your own.
Photo credit: EON Centennial Plaza Hotel

Talking About Writing... and Running!

I consider myself a bookworm... but that was before I learned to earn money (aka get a job) and got hooked to internet especially blogging, social media and online games. :D Nowadays, I can barely finish a book in one month except if it’s one of my favorite series in which I can finish in a couple or so days.

If you cannot see me reading a book as quickly as before, you won’t surely see me buying a brand new book. But blessings and love come in many forms. It was last week of June when my guy surprised me with a book (and author) I haven’t even heard of. (He is that random!)

The book is titled “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami. He chose that book because according to him, it suits me perfectly - I write and I run too. I’m not an accomplished writer, more so a hardcore runner. I write just for the fun of expressing my thoughts and emotions and I run because of the health benefits I get from it. So perhaps he believes that I can possibly relate to the story and the author.
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Review: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick

As what I have said on my previous product review, I temporarily stopped using Avon cosmetics for some reason. But recently, I noticed that my interest to the brand is gradually increasing probably because they continuously offer good deals that are too tempting to ignore. In addition to the pressed powder I reviewed a while back, I have an Avon product to talk about - the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick.

My past experience with Avon lipstick isn’t worth remembering. It gave me that gooey feeling a few hours after application. That is actually one of the reasons why I stopped using any Avon cosmetics. But having co-workers who are also Avon dealers, I have constant access to the brand’s monthly brochure hence giving me info about new items or those with discount. After years of hiatus, I am seeing myself gradually rebuilding my relationship with the brand. If I am still getting the same result as before, it’s for you to find out so keep reading...

Product Description:
Now formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Hydrolized Collagen for soft, young-looking lips bursting with vibrant color. With SPF15 for sun protection.


Packaging and Appeal. While I love fancy packaging, I’ve grown to love the simple yet sleek packaging of this lipstick. Avon UMR Lipstick comes in an all-black packaging with glossy finish. The brand name “Avon” is elegantly etched on the band/knob that separates the lid/cap and the container. The brand name is also etched on the product itself. I love that the lid locks to the container thus it is less likely to accidentally open and cause a mess inside your bag.

Now in Iloilo: Za, Majolica Majorca, BYS and more...

SM Delgado is done renovating their department store area and it’s quite amazing to see not only the brand new classy-looking interior but also the brands they did not carry before. I’m guessing that my face lightened when I see brands such as Za and Majolica Majorca in the aisle between the escalators and Liole and other Korean brands not far away. These brands were not available in any departments stores in Iloilo and I wouldn’t know of them had I not been reading beauty blogs, both local and international. Maybe except for Za because I have known the brand since I was little through MTV commercial. The brand took a leave though and is now back with brand new look.

Though the counter is just like two-meter wide for each brand, it’s great to know that they are there and you won’t need to pay for shipping should you want to get something from the brands mentioned.
View from the escalator
Za, Majolica Majorca, BYS, Liole and some Korean brands counters are located in the ground floor of SM Delgado (Iloilo).

Damires Hills: Revisited

My first trip to Damires Hills in Janiuay, Iloilo was in December 2010, that was just a couple of months after it has been opened to public. Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to revisit the place for free because it is where our company training was held. Though a business trip, I consider it a pleasure trip as well because we were given enough time to have fun. In fact, almost half the time of our stay there is spent having fun. :D

It’s amazing how the resort improved in the span of almost three years. A wider and deeper pool has been added in the lower portion of the hill. Beside the new pool is also a small kiddie pool. Apart from the pools, amenities added include function hall, zipline and ATV adventure, bungee trampoline and more shower room/toilets near the pool and overnight cottages.

Two new swimming pools. (Photo credit)

The other end of this pool is 6ft deep. (Photo credit)

Pool from above (Photo credit)

Coming Soon: 37th Milo Marathon Iloilo

Runners from various parts of the country have already started the training in preparation for the 37th National Milo Marathon as it is scheduled to kick off in Puerto Princesa City this 30th of June. Meanwhile in Iloilo, as runners prepare for the August 04 Marathon, organizers on the other hand have already opened their doors to participants. Registration forms are already available in Iloilo City Hall Youth and Sports Development Division.

To register, participants must pay a non-refundable registration fee plus one Milo 300g empty pack together with accomplished and signed official registration form.

Registration fees for Provincial Races:

21K Half Marathon Elimination Rate         Php 600
10K Run                                                Php 500
5K Fun Run (adults)                               Php 100
3K Kiddie Run & 5K Run (Students)        Php 75

If you intend to run the 21K Half Marathon, you better register as soon as you possibly can since slots are limited and is on first come, first served basis. No need to worry about the 5K run though.

For more information, contact Mr. Rommel Castro on (033) 333-1111 loc 503 or (0917) 720-0630 or visit the Youth and Sports Development Division, Iloilo City Hall Building, Plaza Libertad, Iloilo City.

June Finds

I wasn’t able to publish my monthly finds last month (May) since there isn’t anything to post. LOL! I wasn’t in the mood to experiment and I’m quite contented with my skincare routine. However, in the recently concluded month, I get to acquire two new items I didn’t own or try before. These are...

All Organics Goji Soap. This came with the loot I got from the auction Haven’t started using it though.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick. This is my first Avon lipstick in years. Ever since I started using US drugstore brands, my lips haven’t touched any Avon lipstick until I got this. I will review it in the next few days so watch out.