Fashion Mishap

I have nothing against Lady Gaga neither a big fan of her. I even enjoy listening to her songs at times. But her pictures I came across with a couple of days ago are just freaking hilarious that it cracked me up for a minute or so.

Who in her right mind would wear a ridiculous sky-high platform boots that is sort of connected to her waist/belt when traveling? I understand if she wears eccentric outfit during stage performances, red carpet events and other social gatherings... but in an airport where everyone especially the paps, are watching her every move?
Get rid of your leather cape and ridiculous boots!
Hilarious! It made my boring day really comical...

Photo credit: omg

Shout Out of the Day

People may see me laughing like nothing happened but what they are not aware of is that I still carry the pain of your passing.

*Exactly four months ago today. :(

Dedicated to Motherland

Though it is already 13th of June on my end, I wouldn't mind making a post to celebrate the 112th year of Philippine Independence. I know I haven't been vocal about it but I've always considered myself as patriotic and it'll really make me feel sad if I cannot dedicate an entire post for our dear Motherland.

I posted this song because it never fails to move me and make me feel proud that I am a Filipino. I did have hard time deciding who's version to post (Lea Salonga, Libera or Sarah Geronimo) but I chose Lea Salonga because... because she is Lea Salonga! LOL! I like Libera's version too but I think the rendition is not so Filipino-ish because of their diction. However, I wish that Lea is on stage while singing this, not during the funeral of a former president.

Anyway, here's to a better Philippines! Hoping that the newly elected government officials will do what they're supposed to do to make our country a better Philippines for the Filipinos.

Happy Independence Day everyone! :)

Yeah, You'll be in my Heart

I'm always saying that mushy love song makes me sick but I can't get enough listening to this one. I particularly like the part in which the kid (and later a woman, probably his mother) is running in the woods. So appropriate for the lyrics
Just take my hand
Hold it tight
I will protect you
from all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

I loved it since the first time I hear it playing and until now, I'm still loving it. I am not sure why I'm posting this now but maybe... just maybe... the lyrics are sort of what I need to keep me going. (emo mode)

I love the lyrics.
I love the video.
I love the beat.
I love Disney OSTs.
I love Phil Collins!
Ok I love Tarzan too... :D

Waiting for the End

If I were to describe my ideal Saturday, it would be waking up when the sun is already up, eat brunch, and go back to bed again, watch TV or read a good book. However, I've become so quite busy these days that lazing around all day rarely happens. With various group of friends in addition to my family to spend time with and errands to do, I have been missing a lot of activities that I really enjoy doing. One of these activities is reading... I am sure I am not a nerd but I can spend a day sitting under the mango tree with a good book in hand and a bowl of sliced apples nearby (my mother says I can eat a medium-sized apple in one minute.. lol!).

There are lots of books I want to read, mostly fantasy and adventures (as influenced by a friend) but I also find myself looking for inspirational and feel good books. Sadly, due to my always busy schedule, workwise and leisurewise, I've started to mellowed down in reading which I am not happy about.

This day however, my friend sent me a link to one of the chapters of the latest installment of the book that we've been reading since college, the Artemis Fowl Series (Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex out on July this year). It made me excited because I really thought that it's the last book of the series but then my friend said that there is probably another book coming after this one. So it somehow made me disappointed because I've been looking forward to know the ending of the story. I want to find out the mystery behind things, what would become of my most favorite character and if the villain gets the punishment or karma s/he deserves. Completing a series always gives me a sense of fulfillment that probably some non-readers cannot understand.

Another ending that I have been dying to read is the 4th book of Inheritance Cycle. It was supposedly Inheritance Trilogy but was later made into four books for some reasons. There is still no news as to when this will be out but based on news, the author is working on it as of press time.

If there is one thing I hate about reading, it is the long gaps in between books especially if the story is new and the author is still alive. You will have to endure so many months of waiting and thinking of how the story will end. But as what others might say, "it is what makes the book exciting!"

For now I'll try to find another book to spend time with. Series or not, as long as the story is good, makes me think and makes me go back a few pages or perhaps chapters to analyze the current chapter I'm reading, it'll be fine. After all, no book is dull to a book lover like me. :)


I wasn't in the mood to do anything today because
  1. I stayed late to make birthday-salubong while eating Snickers
  2. I'm in a bit of sunggod-mode because my mother is sort of busy with other people (drama much?)
  3. I am not really keen on celebrating my birthday because of the recent death of my one and only sibling. Having fun with the family will only make me sad because it brings back painful memories of his sudden death less than four months ago.
Nevertheless, I cannot stop people from showing their love so we ended up having chicken adobo for lunch (thanks to my father's cousin for the chicken), ice cream and cake in the afternoon and a different chicken menu and valenciana for dinner. Life is good!

I know I'm having roller coaster of emotions for the past few days (maybe because it's my first birthday without my brother) but I am still thankful for all the blessings I received. I never thought that I'd last this long without going crazy because of sadness, grief and guilt (for acting like a spoiled little sister and for not spending more time with him). But then, I'm surrounded with a lot of people who show so much love and support so that makes grieving a little less painful.

Aside from overwhelming greetings through text and facebook posts, I also got a "birthday card" from my beloved nephew. It's not actually a traditional card but drawing of stick figures of me and him in a piece of paper I gave him a few weeks ago. I also got another "card" from another nephew upon learning that his cousin gave me something for my birthday. Those two never fail to make me smile always.

Another gift came from my office buddy - drawing of a girl holding a balloon. I'm not sure if the girl really looks like me but the hair and the shape of the lips can pass (peace! :P). Anyway, I'm still pleased with the drawing because at least he spent time and effort for that (and I envy him for being so good at drawing)... Thanks Leo! :)

This year's birthday maybe not be as fun as last year but as long as I'm with the people I love most and knowing that many relatives and friends remember me, it's more than enough.

Shout Out of the Day

Sometimes I wish I can let people see a certain part of my mind so that I’ll never have trouble explaining what I want, what I feel and why I’m doing certain things.