Friday Photo: 2 | 28

A big section of the store for colorful neck pillows? Only in Miniso! I love dropping by this store, though I don't need to buy anything, because the whole store feels relaxing and so kawaii. That is why I love strolling around and check their items for sale. Who knows? I might find something I need... or something I think I need. 😀

The store only opened last month (May) so expect that it is always crowded these days.

Cerelac Nutripuffs: My Son Loves It... and so does mama!

As a mother, it's always a joy each time I see something I think my son would love. Just like when I saw Cerelac Nutripuffs for the first time at the local grocery store, I felt happy knowing that snacks such as this can now be purchased easily as opposed to the Gerber Cereal Puffs which can only be purchased in S&R (as far as I know) to which I am not a member and is not easily accessible by public transport. 

Cerelac Nutripuffs comes in two flavors; banana and orange, and banana and strawberry. Banana and orange tastes bland while banana and strawberry is a bit sweet. Lorenzo and I love the two flavors. Yes, you read it right! I love my son's snacks too! The packaging says it is recommended for kids aging ten months to three years but there's nothing wrong if mama eats them as well. LOL!

What You Should Know About Being a Work-at-Home Mom

Every mom's lament is the time they spend away from their kids when they're at work. It sure does feels sad thinking about your child left behind at home, in the hands of others. It feels sad not being able to witness their milestones and not around when they are sick and needed you the most. Additionally, finding a reliable helper is just so hard nowadays. Where did they go, by the way? They're getting extinct! 

When this working-from-home trend emerged, I believe the first people who rejoiced are the parents. Imagine earning money while looking after your newborn. Imagine being around to see your child roll or crawl for the first time. Sounds like a dream job for every parent, right? Working from home, though, is not as easy as it sound particularly if you are a newbie or do not have background about all this.

Below, I am sharing the things you should know before you decide to hand your resignation letter to your boss...

Friday Photo: 1 | 28

Note: I'm reviving my series "A Photo a Week" and renamed it Friday Photo. I'm hoping I'd be able to maintain posting one photo every Friday until the end of the year as preparation for next year because I'm planning to do this daily.

I think I'm not the only mother who loves eating her child's snacks. My son loves his Cerelac Nutripuffs, and so does mama. 😀 I love that this snack is available in most grocery stores in the city, unlike the Gerber Cereal Puffs which is only available in S&R (which I'm not a member and is not easily accessible to public transport). In the photo is banana and strawberry flavor. We have tried banana and orange before and he liked it just as much.

Review: Madid's Inn Boracay

Boracay is home to the world-renowned white sand beach. Given its popularity, it also became the home of hundreds of hotels, resorts, inns and guesthouses to accommodate thousands of tourists. From budget-friendly accommodations to five-star hotels, they got it there in Boracay. So if you're a first-timer, choosing where to stay in the island can be quite challenging especially if its peak season.

During our trip there to celebrate our son's first birthday, we stayed at Madid's Inn, a budget-friendly accommodation in the heart of station two. We stayed there for three nights and four days and here is my review...


As what I've mentioned above, Madid's Inn is located in the busy station two. The white-sand beach is like five minutes away from the beach though it is not visible in the main thoroughfare since it is situated inside an alley where three or four other budget-friendly accommodations (Tan's Guesthouse, Eriko's House, Shenna's Resort, Villa Simprosa) are located. Restaurants, coffee shops and souvenirs shops are just a few minutes away. 

To find this hidden gem, look for E.S. Pascual Store and 928 Cafe and Grill (beside Island Souvenir). In between, these two shops, there's a small alley leading to these budget-friendly accommodations.

How I Got Php 500 Discount From Althea Korea

How would you feel if you are given Php 500 voucher from your favorite shopping site? In my case, I felt excited and happy! It's not everyday that you get free Php 500, be it in cash or in kind. 😄

Just recently, I made a purchase from Althea Korea and when I logged into my account, I was surprised to see that I have 500 reward points that I can use when I make a purchase. And with Althea, 500 points is equivalent to Php 500. Amazing, isn't it?

So, how did I earn these points?

Initially, I thought it was from my previous purchase, like a loyalty reward. But when I dig further, I learned that these points are from referrals. I have published two blog posts about Althea Korea in the past and I included a discount code for my readers to enjoy. I think that is how I got these points. Actually, I didn't gave much attention, nor promote these particular posts since I'm a busy mama who can barely eat her meals properly. I'm glad that people found a way to these coupon codes without me doing much.

With this, I feel motivated to post more (but not overly promotional, of course!) not just about Althea but other stuff that matters. But like usual, I just hope I can find time do it. 

Want Php 200 discount on your first order? Use this code A200A-SXNDOBQRTC7D during checkout...