A Photo A Week - Cartoonish Caterpillar

It isn't the first time I see a caterpillar but when I see one in the past, I'm not paying close attention to it because their chubby body creeps me out for some reasons. But yesterday morning, I happen to notice one crawling in the concrete pavement in front of the house. It has the same chubby and green body like other caterpillars I have seen before. I was kind of curious about it thus I took a closer look.

Its eyes are kinda weird. I don't know with other caterpillars but this one has that "cartoonish" eyes. I mean, those eyes are often depicted in movies, television shows and children's books. I never thought that the look of those eyes is for real and it feels weird seeing those eyes.

But despite that weird feeling, I decided to pick it up (not with bare hands of course) and transfer it to a safe place - in the leaf of a plant because I'm sure that it will be stepped on if I left it in the pavement. When I showed it to my niece the next day, she immediately picked it up from the leaf and placed it on her hands. Such a courageous girl! She wanted to keep it as her pet so I made a makeshift home for the creature. She named her Cathy, short for caterpillar. :)) Unfortunately, Cathy died the next day but seriously, I can still vividly imagine her look especially those cartoonish eyes. :(

Fancy Paris Notebook from SM Department Store

Though I wasn't able to finish a project that I can really brag about, I have always been fond of art materials such as colored and glitter pens, color pastel, stickers and other scrapbook materials and most of all, fancy notebooks and papers. I particularly love the hardbound diary-type notebooks and I still have quite a few notebooks of this type at home. A couple of these notebooks are half-filled with scribbles, rants and anything that’s going on my mind that time. However, writing became quite tedious, and besides, my enthusiasm decreases as time goes by thus explains the half-filled notebooks/journals. Aside from that, some of the notebooks are too beautiful to write on thus they are left sitting on the shelf with only a few pages used.

Just before the guy’s birthday, I went to the mall (with him) to look for a writing paper I can use for the birthday letter I want to give him. But since I was with him, I cannot risk buying a paper specifically for letters because I know he will know what I am up to. I went to the notebooks section and when I saw a bunch of notebooks with fancy cover with equally fancy pages, my heart jumped with joy. I knew right then that I need to get one of those and utilize the pages for the letter.
I wanted to get the hardbound notebooks but when I saw this mini-notebook, I fell in love with it - a Paris-inspired notebook. The cover and the pages depict Paris sights and spots and other things that have something to do with Paris. The pages, amazingly, have different designs - plain brown (recycled look) and pages printed with Eiffel tower, Paris map and many more. The cover (outer page) is wrapped in plastic too.

I used one of the pages for the birthday letter and thankfully, the guy liked it. He is a sucker for anything recycled and old by the way.

As of now, the pages are all blank and I don’t intend to write anything in it anytime soon. It’s too good to be used as “to do” notebook hence I am waiting for the right opportunity as to when I can use one of the pages again - when writing a letter for sure.

By the way, I got this notebook from SM Delgado Department Store school and office supplies section. Get yours now!

Review: All Organics Strawberry Cream Clarifying Bath Soap

Product Description:
Do you like anything with strawberries in it? If you do then Milea's Organic Strawberry soap is just what you were looking for. Made with real strawberries, it will make your skin silky smooth and leave it smelling sweet. Its full of vitamin C that is extremely beneficial for oily and problem skin.

The cold-pressed coconut oil base provides a rich, creamy lather that conditions while it cleanses, leaving the skin soft, fresh and moisturized.

The past weeks were pretty intense! It’s been raining like crazy for two weeks already and this kind of weather never fails to trigger the laziness in me. And besides, I’ve become quite busy of my new work assignment thus I hardly have time to publish a new blog post. But since it’s weekend and all my tasks for the week are done, I tried to squeeze all my creative juices to come up with a new blog post. :D

I got this soap from a friend who sells beauty stuff online. This All Organics Strawberry Cream soap comes in a reddish pink and mustard bar. Yes, I love to eat fresh strawberries but I’m simply not fond of skin care products with anything strawberry in it. I wouldn’t have gotten this variant but then, in my friend’s online store, the product is described as “Conditions and whitens skin, Good for acne-prone skin and skin with open pores.” All my regular readers (if ever I have…:)) ) know that anything that is for the pores and acne will surely make me go for it.

I use this every morning and night and have been using it for more than a month already.

What I like about this product:
Aside from being organic, one thing I like most about this product is the smell. It doesn’t smell anything like most strawberry-scented colognes, body butters, lip glosses, etc. In fact, if you will just smell it to identify the variant, you will never know that it’s strawberry. I guess some people (like my mother) do not even like the smell but for me it’s better than that so-sweet strawberry scent.
When I started using this, I have quite a few pimples around my face and neck due to the three new products I started using together all at the same time. My skin probably feels overwhelmed! LOL! But despite the pimples, it didn’t sting even if left on the skin for a few minutes. It’s not even making my skin dry or itchy. After around a month of regular use, I started to notice my skin improves. New pimples are no longer occurring as often as before and the old ones have started healing. It helps peel off dead skin cells and improves scars as well. One night I used a facial wash instead of this and guess what, a pimple appeared the next morning.

When it comes to pores, the size haven’t decreased significantly but black heads are somewhat lessened.
One bar costs Php 70 but considering its effect on my skin, I think it’s worth it. I have been using it for a month now and I’m still on the first half of the bar. As I see it, one bar will probably last for two months when used on the face, neck, stomach, elbows, underarms and thighs.

What I do not like about this product:
There is really nothing I do not like about this product. It may turn gooey due to prolong exposure to moisture but if placed on right container, you surely will be able to use every bit of the soap.

Will I repurchase?
Definitely. Right now I am stuck to using this but who I am to complain? It’s by far one of the most effective organic soaps I have tried so thumbs up for this.


Potential Treasures (July)

  1. Nivea Baby Soothing Avena Soap
    This is one of the products I got from Nivea Ph through Nuffnang Ph. The soap is so mild yet makes the skin squeaky clean. It isn’t drying nor give that tight feeling.
  2. Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation
    This is my first ever mineral powder foundation. Click the product name for my review…
  3. All Organics Strawberry Cream Clarifying Bath Soap
  4. I have been using this for almost three weeks already and so far I like how it affects my skin especially my pimples.