Weekend of Fun and Adventure

I always love outdoor activities. I love the wind though it's making my hair messy, I love the sun though too much of it gives me headache... I just love the feeling of being outside the four corners of the room, away from the city's busy life. I would trade a few hours of sleep and rest just to experience the fun of being outdoor. And I did! Instead of waking up at around 12 noon (I'm free to sleep even until the setting of the sun because it's Saturday), I woke up at five in the morning to get myself ready and be on time. Destination? Guimaras Adventure Park in Jordan, Guimaras.

After days of planning and organizing, we finally made this happen. We played paintball and even tried rappelling and, ok, trekking. The experience is amazing! I wouldn't be left behind if my friends will go back and play again. This time, I won't be afraid to attack my opponent's territory. lol!

Snapshots of last Saturday's adventure...



the boys

the girls

Team Bu-ok versus

Team Buktu

See more pics here...

Restless Thursday!

I feel so restless right now and this restlessness made me want to strangle the guy in the workstation next to mine. I can't concentrate on what I'm doing because I really don't know what to do. Should I work on with the failed video submission or should I create titles and descriptions for other videos to be submitted on video sites? I'm thinking of writing an article, oh in fact I am half way with the article I'm currently writing but I don't have the urge to finish it. I have been staring at my monitor for more than a couple of minutes and yet I still can't figure out what to do, instead, I enumerated the culprits of this dilemma.

  • It's Thursday and we all know that tomorrow is Friday and a few people know that I am always looking forward to Fridays because Friday is the last day of working days and the two days after Friday are the best days of the week, or rather, the best days of my week. Weekends have this effect on me...

  • The Christmas songs played in the office during lunchtime. Christmas is my favorite season and the thought of it made me dream of colorful lights and decorations, midnight and dawn masses, gifts, visits to and from friends and relatives, foods, parties, drinks and a lot more.

  • Lack of sleep due to my extra activities. I have been sleeping around 1:00 am and wake up 7:00 am or earlier almost everyday for three months now. Being a sleepy-head, six hours of sleep daily is not enough for me. I rarely compensate my sleep during weekends because of a messy room to clean and tidy, a mom to accompany somewhere, lots of books to read, birthday parties and other catching up activities. That's what I get for trying to be a supergirl. lol

  • Too much rice and pork adobo I ate at lunchtime. A great mom who loves to cook and prepare foods for her children will definitely cause stomach upsets because she doesn't just prepare good foods. The amount of food she packed is more than the amount of what I naturally eat. As a reward for her effort, I always consume all the foods she prepared. Now think about the energy I'll possess if I won't throw up what I ate...

The time is ticking. Few hours to go and this day is over. My restlessness is starting to wear off too. As usual... I can't sleep early tonight but I hope tomorrow would be a fine day because it's... Friday!