My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend for n years is a married woman now. She is married to no other than her boyfriend, who is also my second cousin, of around seven years.

Theirs is one of my most favorite love stories ever. Teasing them started when they went to the same Catholic Kinder School and even until grade school they were occasionally picked on . But as time goes by, nothing happened between the two of them and even reached the point wherein they both became part of two different relationships.

But indeed, love has its own way of making things happen. They became together when we were in senior high school and they have been inseparable since then. I have been a witness not just of their sweet moments but their quarrels as well. And despite of the many life and relationship challenges, they remain strong because of their love for each other. And in a matter of months, they will soon welcome the newest member of the family - their first child. Knowing them, for sure they'll become great parents.

To Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Paul Soliguen (whew! It takes time to get used to it), congratulations! Thank you for not making me feel out of place when the three of us go out together, for not making me feel lonely because I'm alone and for always being there for me. The many nights you walked me home, the weekly dinners we used to do before, the bottles of beer we empty under the table because we are drunk enough to drink more and the countless other memories I shared with you both - I cannot forget them all! Thank you! Today is another chapter of your life and I really wish you the best. Problems may come but I know you can get through it because you two are tough! I hope you know that I love you. I am looking forward to your church wedding... Hopefully I will gain more weight when the time comes hence I will not look like a walking stick when marching the aisle as part of your entourage (wish!). LOL!

For our Country!

After my stint as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman of our area, I have been very careful about politics because I learned how dirty it can get. But despite that, I an still thankful that I was given the opportunity to experience and enjoy the responsibilities and perks as a government leader. I know I wasn't the best youth leader during our time and I'm amenable that what I did is not enough to make a big change in the lives of our countrymen.

So here, I am doing the best that I can in the hopes of helping our beloved Philippines recover from poverty, corruption and other diseases of the society. We cannot all be leaders but we have the power to choose who would be the next one to lead the nation for a better Philippines - and I believe it's no other than Richard Gordon.

If you can spend hours streaming movies online, why not spare a bit of your time to get to know him? The short time you spared can make a difference...

Here is the list of video links to know more about him.

It's Worth the Travel

After a week of planning, more than an hour of waiting for one of our companions, roughly 2-hour bus ride to the town and 30-minute boat ride, we finally reached the beautiful Sandbar Island. It is the longest and the most beautiful sandbar I've seen so far (check out another sandbar in Nasidman, Ajuy). It is located in Concepcion, a town in the Northern portion of Iloilo. From there, you can see the Mount Manaphag and other islands like the Agho Island (with it's own sandbar as well).

Seeing the crystal clear water makes me want to swim right after the boat stopped along the shore but didn't do so because I need to change clothes first. Unlike other beaches in the province, the island has a peaceful ambiance. There are only a few cottages available for rent hence it is not crowded with people. If given the opportunity, I'd definitely love to spend a few days there to relax, escape the daily grind in front of the computer and to really enjoy what nature has to offer.

How to get there:
From terminal in Tagbak, Jaro, ride a bus bound for Concepcion, Iloilo. Fare is Php 110. The bus will take you to Concepcion terminal, a few minutes walk to the market where motorized boats going to the island are stationed. Boat ride is around 30 minutes. Better contact the resort to arrange the boat and reserve a cottage for a smooth-sailing trip, figuratively.

  • You can also arrange the management for island hopping.
  • Bring your own food and drinking water.
  • The boat doesn't have top cover so you may want to bring a scarf or sarong to cover your head and face from Mr. Sun.
  • Last trip of bus going back to the city is 3:00 pm so be sure to be back at the terminal before 3:00. You can also ride a jeep to Sara, a nearby town, since the last trip of bus there is 6:00 or 7:00 pm.
  • Electricity lasts until 9:00 pm only.

(I love this pic because it captured the clear blue sky with a little white speck which is the moon.)

Check out more photos HERE!

Red Loafers

I recently noticed myself lusting on red loafers like this:

I wish I can find a female version of the same type but the color should be like:


Unfortunately even if I buy a pair soon, I may need to hoard it until a year or at least six months after my brother's death since tradition calls to avoid red clothing/apparel during mourning period. But who knows, I might not able to resist wearing something I've been wanting to have. ;)

"Sorry bro! I'm still grieving for your untimely death but the shoes is tempting." :D

Answered Questions

For over two months now, I have been asking questions that I feel like nobody can answer. These questions have been making me feel miserably guilty especially when I am alone on my bed at night. If left unanswered, it'll definitely creep into my sanity and render me useless. But I never have to feel the same anymore because in a way, I have found answers to the questions that are slowly eating me.

No, I haven't found them. They found me... err… he found me! At around 2:00 am, I dreamt of something or someone that I have been dreaming to dream about - my one and only sibling who passed away over two months ago. The scene is still clear in my mind. First scene shows my relatives and friends teasing me about something. But I didn't feel alone because I saw myself leaning on him; he's whispering something to me. It's as if he's alive! Then the scene changed all of a sudden - it shows the time when he is back from the dead... or at least back to visit us.

Here's how our conversation goes:
Me: Did you hear us waking you up?
Him: Yes
Me: Why didn't you wake up?
Him: I can't wake up.
Me: Are you mad at us?
Him: No. I'll be back tomorrow.
After that conversation, I saw him with eyes closed (exactly the same way when I saw him at the hospital) but this time he is not on the hospital bed. I can see unknown hands lifting him as if to transfer him to somewhere. (Too bad I wasn't able to ask him where he is exactly at or if he is happy wherever he is.)

Surprisingly, I wasn't crying when I woke up. I opened my eyes hoping that I can catch a glimpse of him if he is around but to no avail. I uttered my thank you (for reaching out to me) and contemplate on what he is trying to tell me or what the dream means. I believe it's his way of telling me to move on and not worry about him. And what made me lighten up more are his last words, "I'll be back tomorrow." It made me a bit hopeful that I'll be seeing him again and again, even in dreams or in other ways to make his presence felt.

Though he is physically gone, I am assured that I have one big bro watching over me and who promised to be back the next day (even if that next day means the next time I need a lift again.).

Bi... polar

A few of my friends are witnesses of my mood swing attacks from time to time. Sadly, some of them have even experienced my wrath should I decide to let it out on them.

I know it isn't something that I must be proud of but I do not really intend to feel so down and snappy all of sudden. Most of the time, I really try hard to divert my attention from feeling so down or pessimistic, but I just can't help it. So even if I seem cheerful in the morning, I cannot guarantee that I'll be having the same mood throughout the day because no one knows when my worse will appear.

Being the Ms. Self-diagnose, I searched for some Bipolar tests online to determine if I really have one. I found this Goldberg Bipolar Screening quiz and here's the result:

I got nine points short to serious bipolar disorder. So this explains it! Although online tests are not that credible, I couldn't agree more with my result considering that I answered each question truthfully. Psych help calling!

Childhood Reminiscence

Today we celebrated my youngest cousin's 15th birthday. We used to have pool party for the last two years but this time we opt to celebrate at home because of money matters. No frills whatsoever. Just food and swimming on a large inflatable pool my aunt brought home from Kuwait more than eight years ago.

Nevertheless, it was one of the most fun-filled family celebrations for me (every family celebration is actually fun-filled for me). Aside from the all-time family's favorite foods (ibos, creamy macaroni soup, chicken with ubad), what makes this celebration fun for me is the way it brings back my childhood memories. First of all is the inflatable pool. I can remember swimming in the same pool with my deceased grandmother and brother. Then the quiet afternoons under one of the mango trees beside the rice field. I can sit there the whole afternoon without feeling bored. The place also reminds me of the time when our folks used to cook chicken adobo in the makeshift stove and eat kamayan style (not using spoon and fork) or the time when we are helping (or so we think) harvest corn, sesame seeds or other crops during summer. We also flew kite on a nearby rice field that is not ours since ours was turned into a mini banana farm.

But what makes me really happy today is the time I spent with my beloved family considering that my maternal uncle whom I respect so much is home to have his eyes operated/lasered (he seem to only want medical treatment here in Iloilo). I am happy that my mother's siblings are almost complete! I can feel so much love and support. If only my other Tito is also here, it'll be one of the happiest days of my life. I haven't seen them complete for as long as I can remember since my eldest Tito lives in Zamboanga and the other is in Canada. It's just difficult to have them together.

I know I need to make the most out of spending time in the place where we all spent our childhood because in a matter of time, the farm will be turned into some sort of subdivision or village for the family. I will no longer see the golden coconuts nor the indian mango trees. The bananas and the nipa hut will soon be replaced with private road and houses. And the house, older than me, that reminds me especially my mother of the unfortunate events of our lives will soon vanish forever.

My time is running out! I need to take pictures of the farm so that someday, I can brag to our next generation what it feels like to fly kites, to watch people harvest rice or other seasonal crops, to let our banana-trunk-made boats float in the canal during rainy days, to eat mango right after we picked them and so many other childhood activities me and my cousins used to do. Indeed, development is good but it makes me feel a bit sad because of the consequences.

I may have written much but my childhood memory is more than this seven-paragraph post. Right now, I will just enjoy being there while I can and thank God for giving me a not perfect but loving family and the opportunity to spend my childhood in the land my grandparents love.

I will be off to dreamland after publishing this. Thanks to the wine I drank late this afternoon for making me sleepy as early as 9:00 pm.

Shout Out of the Day

Shout out to my brother who passed away exactly two months ago:

"If every time I call your name you take one step back to us, I'd gladly call you again and again until you reach home. It won't matter if I lose my voice doing so for I'd rather lose it than let go of the chance to have you back."

When Wrinkles Aren't Problems

These pictures really made my day.

(photo credit: gnmills)

(photo credit: wookiee)

(photo credit: frencenz)

Wrinkles, hated by most women, made these dogs look more cute. If only the same thing is true among humans, the world would be a better place to live in - no insecurities, no botox, no surgeries, NO PROBLEMS! Just pure fun, happiness and contentment.


Isn't it sweet to come home and see this?

I cannot read what is written but I bet it's supposed to say I love you. And notice the white vase? It's not a vase actually but it's a core of tissue paper. Gotta love five-year old kids... :)

Tweeting Customer Service

For the past few months... er ok years, I have been contemplating to open an EON account so that I can use it with my PayPal. But then, I wasn't motivated to do so since Union Bank of the Philippines does not accept online application at the moment. And besides, I wasn't actually using PayPal to manage my finances online. But time has come when I really need to use my PayPal account. So I have no choice but to open an EON account since I heard a lot of good things about it in addition to having hard time withdrawing my money through my current bank which is BPI.

It took me one week to get my card after I submitted the necessary documents. My excitement to finally having my card went down the drain when I see the card and learned that my name is not spelled correctly (I cannot seem to get why many people are having hard time spelling my name). However, the bank employee there told me that the spelling doesn't really matter since what is important is the account number and pin. So I paid the amount needed to activate my card and left the bank.

But being a scrupulous that I am, I went to their website to find out their contact info. I found that the bank has twitter account so I immediately followed and ask them my questions. I can't believe after a few minutes after my first tweet, I get a reply from them. And after a few more tweets, they are already giving me solutions to my problem. I'm quite impressed with their customer service online. They're far easier to contact than their call center which is often busy and will probably transfer you from one line to another.

I have just claimed my new card today and I am waiting for my account to be activated so that I can finally withdraw my money from PayPal. Quite excited to find out how this one works. Being a first-timer, I cannot deny that I sometimes feel doubtful about this and that. But I console myself with the belief that fast customer service is just one tweet away should any problem arise. Thank you to whoever is managing @unionbankph.

Let's Get Physical

Being physically active is one of my goals for this year (gaining weight is my number one goal). But it was only last weekend when I finally managed to wake up early and force myself to go out and get my much needed exercise. I did the walk/run on my favorite street for less that 30 minutes so as not to shock my body since I have not been involved in any strenuous exercise after college.

I have been wanting to run for at least a kilometer first then gradually increase the distance as time goes on. I also wanted to bike around the town and in the neighboring towns in the days to come.

Not that I have lots of weight to shed but I need exercise to keep my heart healthy. I also wanted to sweat the same way I did during our COLT Training in high school (run around the school ten times every Saturday morning) or when we played football during college. In addition, exercise can also help release stress (something I have accumulated for the past three years).

With the activity comes my wish list.

A bike like this one

Running shoes like this (not necessarily pink). I used the Nike footwear finder to determine what type is best for me.Hoping that I can have one of these items in the near future so that staying healthy is much more enjoyable. :)

Oh Paris!

I'm not a big fan of Paris Hilton but I love the sunglasses she's wearing here on these pictures:

I love it because it's wire-framed aviator in candy color. It looks cool and chic... perfect for summer!