March Finds

The month is coming to an end again and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach the minimum number of blog posts I set for myself. Actually, it’s the first time since I started to set the goal but well... I have no choice. I have been busy with my extra work and my Iloilo wedding blog that I rarely have time to think and organize ideas for this blog.

Anyway, going back to the original purpose of this post, like in the previous months, I didn’t get much this month as I am still on my acne treatment and I do not want to hinder my treatment by trying other products along with my medication. Here are my finds for the month of March:

Summer Activities for Bloggers

Summer is here! This time of the year is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting times for students because summer means no assignments, no waking up early, no pressure to pass the exam and so on. Summertime is vacation and relaxation time for them unless of course they are required to take summer classes for some reasons.

Unfortunately to a full time employee who happens to be a blogger at night, summer is like any other day. The daily grind continues but with a bit less traffic since there are less people hurrying to get to their destinations.

While we cannot freely take weeklong vacations, there are ways to make summer fun for busy-buddies like me.

Weekend getaway. To a full time office employee who works 8 hours a day, five times a week, a weekend getaway is never impossible. An overnight in a resort in another town or island is not impossible. Not only you will enjoy your moment with nature but you will also have potential content for your blog. People nowadays turn to internet for information on almost everything so someone will definitely find your post helpful. Just remember to take lots of blog-worthy pictures (which I sometimes forgot to do especially if I am enjoying the place) and be as detailed as possible with your information such as the resort’s amenities, activities best done there, food and how to get to the place. You can also include their contact information to make things easy for future guests. I’m sure the resort management will thank you for it. Who knows, the next time you visit, they might give you discount.

Review: 26 Dazzling Colors Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

A month and a half after I received this 10-piece blush from, I got another item and this one is the 26 dazzling colors eyeshadow. Actually, the two items were sent just a few days apart but the latter took more than a month to arrive while the blush  took 10 days only. Philpost problems I guess… :D

Product Description:
A good eye makeup is a perfect finishing touch to highlight your beauty. Now this 26 Dazzling Colors Eyeshadow Makeup Palette is highly recommended for you for its high quality and reasonable price. Adopting first-class ingredients, it is reliable and safe enough that can be used for a long time. It will help to make a charming and long-lasting eye make-up effect. Be vigorous and confident from this excellent eyeshadow makeup palette!


Packaging and Appeal. There is nothing extraordinary about the packaging of this palette. It is similar to the first palette they sent me, plain black and doesn’t even have a label as to the brand name, line, etc.

The 26-color palette is a combination of various shades of pink and a few neutral. Some colors have shimmer while the others are matte. I love that there are lots of shades to choose from in one palette alone.

Signed Mitch Albom Book

What would you feel if you are holding a book that the author himself held?

Last week, my good friend who is based in Cebu asked me through Skype if I got the package he sent. He said he sent me (along with two other friends) Mitch Albom’s The First Phone Call from Heaven. Knowing that Mitch Albom was in Cebu and knowing my friend’s madness when it comes to books, I expected that it is signed by the author and truly IT IS!

The thought of it having been held by the author himself makes me giddy. Now I know how those celebrity fans feel when their idols wave at them or shake hands with them. LOL!

Review: Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Cream

Dove is one of my most favorite brands. I particularly love their beauty bar and the Dove Ultimate White Deodorant. With it comes to scent, I love the Go Fresh line so imagine my delight when my cousin in law working in UAE gave me a tub of Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Cream when she went home for vacation. I am not sure if this product is available in Iloilo but I am sure the roll on and stick deo from this variant are widely available.

I use the cream all over my body and below is my insight about the product.


Packaging and Appeal. The body cream comes in a tub with simple print design that is so Dove. While I have nothing against simple packaging, I would give this higher rate if it comes in a bottle or tube for hygiene purposes. To prevent contamination, make sure that your hands are clean before touching the cream or better yet, use a spatula or similar tool to get the product from the tub.


42nd Paraw Regatta Festival

I have been living in Iloilo since birth but this year is the first time that I experienced Paraw Regatta Festival. Yes, it took me more than 25 years before finally deciding to see what this festival offers to everyone.

Paraw Regatta is an annual sailing festival held in Villa Arevalo, Iloilo. The festival showcases, outrigger sailboats with colorful sails. The festival happens every February and it fell on the 23rd of the month this year.
The shore and contestants minus the crowd.