January Finds

It's the time of the month again! Phew! Time flies really so fast. I didn't get much this month and if not for the gift from Tmart, I may not have anything to post for my January finds. This 10-color blusher was sent by Tmart for review and the review has been posted here already. Check it out to find out more about this palette with lovely colors.

First 7/11 Store Opens in Iloilo

The very first 7/11 store opened in Iloilo last week much to the delight of Ilonggos who miss slurpee and other stuff this chain carries. The first store is located in the corner of Gen. Luna and Quezon Sts. and is beside JD Bakeshop.
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The chain is set to open a total of 25 stores in the city in the coming days so watch out for it!

Review: TMart 10-Color Blusher

Around a couple of weeks ago, I got an email asking me to choose products from the sender's online store (www.Tmart.com) which I would be interested in reviewing. After going through their various beauty products and tools, I chose this lovely 10-color blusher.

The product was shipped from New Jersey and within five days, it already reached me. Amazing isn't it? Unfortunately, the item didn't arrive in perfect condition as one pan is damaged due to shipping but I was able to fix it by adding alcohol to the damaged pan.

So how does this blusher fares? Keep reading to find out more...

Dinagyang Guide: Where to Stay

2014 Dinagyang Festival is set to happen this coming weekend and those who have decided to witness this world class festival may have made some arrangements already. However, to those who are going but haven’t decided yet where to stay, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Since roads are closed to vehicles for this two-day event, you may want to consider hotels and pension houses near the hot spots or where the events are taken place to save you from walking long distances and provide you ease and comfort while you enjoy the sight and sounds.

Basically, there are four stages or judging area wherein the tribes are required to perform. So if your main goal is to witness the performances of various tribes/contestants, these are the areas you need to go to. Below is a list of four judging areas/stage, their locations and the hotels and pension houses around them.
  • Stage 1. Freedom Grandstand
  • Stage 2. Iloilo Provincial Capitol
    • Days Hotel
    • Century 21
    • River Queen Hotel
    • Riverside Inn
    • The Residence Hotel
  • Stage 3. Quezon-Ledesma St.
    • Ong Bun Pension House
    • Century 21
    • The Residence Hotel
    • People’s Hotel   
  • Stage 4. Maria Clara
    • Circle Inn
    • City Corporate Inn
    • Iloilo Grand Hotel
Dinagyang fun isn’t limited to downtown area alone. Parties and concerts extend up to Diversion Road area where the city’s nightlife currently thrives.

Smallville & Boardwalk Complex
  • Diversion 21
  • Smallville 21
  • Highway 21
  • Arthur Suites
  • Sarabia Manor Hotel
  • Iloilo Business Hotel
  • Westown
  • Hotel del Rio
  • La Fiesta Hotel
Hotels sell like hotcakes during this time of the year so you better make your reservations now.

Review: BYS Eyeshadow

Happy Sunday everyone! How’s the start of the year for you? How’s your New Year’s resolution going? As for me, I do not have New Year’s resolution… just goals I want to achieve this year. I am not sure about the difference between the two but I prefer to use goals as New Year’s resolution seems so cliché. :D Right now I am on the process of achieving one of my goals and proof is this post. Yes, each post makes me closer to achieving one of my goals and that is to update this blog regularly and post at least eight articles every month.

For my fourth blog post this month, I will be talking about my latest beauty find - the BYS 5-piece eyeshadow. Well, it’s not actually very latest because I bought it before Christmas but considering that I already have posts lined up back then, I deem it best to talk about it today.

I used this baby maybe twice since I bought it and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time that I’ll be using this beauty product again. Find out why...

Product Description: This is the ultimate eyeshadow compact, combining 5 colors so your options are endless. The lightweight formula is easy to blend and comes with its own applicator. Be as creative as you like with these palettes.

Six Ways to Make Your Sick Mother Happy

My mother is celebrating her 67th birthday tomorrow hence I am dedicating this post to her. So why the post title? Obviously because she is sick. Not bed-ridden or incapable of caring for herself but you know that life-threatening C? Yes, she is suffering from cancer. It’s been a year since we learned about my mother’s serious health problem and I am very thankful that she live this long to celebrate her 67th birthday. I am fervently praying that she get to live until 70 or 75 and if fate allows, until 80.

To anyone who is familiar with cancer, they know how painful it can be to the sufferer. I am certain there is nothing I can really do to stop the pain and prevent it from coming but I managed to think of ways to make her feel happy despite the pain the disease brings. While I do not wish for anyone to go through the same as what we are going through now, I am sharing this hoping to help those who needed an extra lift to help them bring in good vibes out of this situation.
  1. Give time. No matter how busy you are, make sure to spend time with your mom as often as possible. They may not say it but mothers love it when her children are around. Also, when you are at home, remember to…
  2. Listen to her stories and update her with what’s going on in your life. Of course you are not oblige to tell her anything but those updates like your adventures during your recent out of town trip or when you ran from first floor to fifth floor of your office building because you are running late can make a difference. In turn, you also have to listen as she shares her experience for the day. Each time I arrive home, my mother would usually sit beside me as I eat my dinner and tell her about my day. No matter how insignificant her story is to you, pay attention and respond to her if possible. Appreciate her when she says she ate all the fruits in the fridge or when she went out of the room to get some sun and fresh air.


2013 was an awesome year for this blog! It is during second quarter of this year when I finally made the big step forward through buying a domain that is now www.ruraldame.com. With this purchase came motivation to post regularly. I even challenged myself to publish at least eight posts a month which I was able to achieve since purchasing the domain. Go girl! Additionally, I also snatched a few collaboration, ads and sponsorship which increased my motivation to keep doing what I am doing.

Now that 2013 is over, Rural Dame welcomes 2014 with arms wide open. I hope to continue with the regular publishing of posts and start building relationships among other bloggers to increase readership and make my blogging career more fun.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank everyone who made Rural Dame’s 2013 fruitful. To advertisers (though only a few), partners and even those who inquired but the partnership didn’t push through, thank you and I look forward to more partnerships with you. :D To all readers, I cannot thank you enough for the motivation you gave me. The mere sight of my stat and analytics made my day… everyday!

I claim 2014 to favor all of us!

December Finds

  1. Gatsby Watergloss Gel. I rare;y use a gel but sometimes I just have to when my hair needs to look a bit polished. I chose this variant as it promises soft look which is ideal for me.
  2. St. Ives Replenishing Body Lotion Mineral Therapy. Another of the various St. Ives lotion available.
  3. The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You and Face Blusher. This is the very first product I bought from The Face Shop. I got the 07 shade in peach pink and so far I am loving the quality of this blusher.
  4. BYS Eyeshadow. I got this in Natural Delight which is very appropriate for my needs.