October Finds

Whew! Seems like it was only yesterday when I said “let’s go October!” and now the month is about to end. Such a busy month for me. It was so hard juggling time among family, friends, boyfriend, my 9-6 work, my part time gigs and teaching a newbie about various online jobs. Additionally, I went on a 4d/3n vacation in Palawan wherein I am the sole organizer, helped my co-workers with our decorate your room contest and participated in the company sports fest and costume party. Lastly, I also got fed up seeing my worsening pimples so I went to a dermatologist to have it treated. The treatment is still ongoing and I am seeing good result so far.

Despite my busy schedule, I am thankful that I still have time to update this blog and reach the quota I set for myself. *happy dance* So here are my October finds...
  1. Hydra Pine Tar Exfoliating Soap. This and the next three items listed here are actually not finds since I have no choice but to use these products my dermatologist prescribed. After weeks of frustration caused by excessive acne, I finally decided to seek professional help before my self-confidence go down to -100. :D
  2. Clindamycin. It's a liquid I apply all over my face after washing with Hydra Pine Tar Exfoliating Soap.
  3. Retinoic Acid Lotion. This is applied all over the face after applying Clindamycin liquid. The dermatologist prescribed that I use this every night only.
  4. Acne Lotion. This is the opposite of Retinoic Acid Lotion. I apply this every morning after applying Clindamycin liquid. This is used on pimples only.
  5. Maybelline FitMe. And because of the current acne, I have so many things to hide thus the need for a new concealer.
  6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. My quest for the red lipstick is still on so I decided to get this. Additionally, the packaging is new to me so I just have to have it. :D

Puerto Princesa Firefly Watching

This isn’t included in my original itinerary but the boyfriend showed interest to experience this so I decided to go for it. I am the decision maker here! LOL!

Kuya Jigs (the tricycle driver) probably heard us talking about this so he suggested a company/agency offering firefly watching. Given that this is not included in my original plan, my info on this is quite vague so we decided to avail the tour from the agency Kua Jigs is suggesting. He is even the one making arrangements for us.

After our Puerto Princesa City Tour and buying souvenirs at Mercado de San Miguel, Kuya Jigs drove us to Baywalk area which is the dropoff point for Firefly Watching. We waited for other tourists and when every expected guest has arrived, we then departed towards the mangrove area via a motor boat. The motor boat is I think good for 25 to 30 passengers including the crew and guide.

I usually dread traveling at night via a motor boat but I am calmer that night maybe because of the sea. :D The water is so calm that when you close your eyes and cover your ears, I think you will never feel that you are traveling in a motor boat. Additionally, it was a night before full moon so the surrounding is really bright. Think that firefly watching days prior to a full moon is a good idea? Not at all! Had we realized this, we might have not pursued with the tour because it isn’t as beautiful as when the night is dark.

Going back to the tour, after around 30 minutes traveling while the guide is talking, the motor boat stopped. We were divided into two groups; the first group is to enter the mangrove area first while the second group stays in the boat to have dinner. Since we are like two excited kids, we asked to be in the first group and were told to transfer to a smaller motor boat. I think the boat is good for 10 persons including one guide and one boat man.

DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour

After months of research, planning and anticipation, our trip to Palawan finally came and three nights later, we’re back home with lots of stories to tell. Our first day was spent exploring the city and as planned, we did it on our own. That is why I did a lot of research months prior to our trip as I want to do things on our own except the Underground River Tour.

I decided to DIY the city tour for two reasons; one, you can save as much as 50% when you do it on your own as tour care of agency costs Php 600/head while renting a tricycle to take you to attractions in the city is only Php 600 and that is good for four passengers. You can even haggle but we didn’t do so since it is their only means of livelihood and besides, drivers deserve more for keeping us safe during traveling. Also, our driver, Kuya Jigs was a tour guide for 10 years before he became a tricycle driver so aside from driving for us, he also shares information about a particular tourist attraction in the city. I think Php 600 is well-deserved! Another reason for DIY-ing is time factor. When on our own, we own our time and we are free to do activities without having to worry about other people in the group. We can skip an attraction if we don’t feel like going and we can stay longer to a particular place should we like to stay.

Actually, our tour started in the morning and we did it on foot. Yes, we walked from our pension house up to the center of the city to familiarize ourselves and to kill time since check in time at the pension house is 12 noon. We left our baggage there for safekeeping, rested for 15 minutes and with a map we got for free from the tourist assistance at the airport, we went on our way.

Our first stop is… BPI! LOL! We had to replenish our cash on hand since we brought only a few thousands with us for safety purposes. Not that the city is unsafe but we simply don’t want to travel with all our trip money in my wallet. :D

Our next stop is Palawan Museum. We didn’t plan to go there in the morning much more knew where it is located but our feet took us there so we decided to stop to learn some information about the early inhabitants of this beautiful city. The old municipal hall turned into museum is a two-storey structure in the heart of the city. Turning it into a museum is just right since the building has that vintage architecture common among municipal halls in the country including ours. Entrance is Php 50 per person. After paying the entrance fee, you are free to explore the museum on your own. There’s nothing much to see in the museum as they are only a few items on display but if you are a history buff or you simply want to know more about the place and its people, then this place is definitely worth a visit.
One of the artifacts found inside the museum.

Puerto Princesa Itinerary and Travel Expenses

I’m back from my three nights vacation in Puerto Princesa City Palawan. I love it there! Right now, it is my third favorite city in the country next to Iloilo (of course) and Davao City. There’s no time wasted while we were there. We only stayed in the pension house to freshen up and to sleep as there are lots of activities to enjoy and places to explore.

So without further ado (aka before the details slipped off my mind), I am sharing to you our itinerary of travel and expenses.


Day 1
07:45 am Depart from Iloilo International Airport
08:50 am Estimated time of arrival (Palawan Airport)
09:00 am Depart from airport to pension house
09:15 am Estimated time of arrival Audissie Pension House
09:15 am Leave baggage at pension house (Check in time is 12 noon)
09:30 am City Tour (Walked along Rizal Avenue, Palawan Museum, Provincial Capitol)
11:00 am Lunch at Noki Nocs
12:00 nn Back to pension house, check in and rest
02:00 pm City Tour via rented tricycle (Crocodile Wildlife and Conservation Center, Mitra Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Mercado de San Miguel (souvenir shop)
06:00 pm Baywalk (assemble for firefly watching)
06:45 pm Depart for firefly watching via motor boat
07:15 pm Estimated time of arrival near mangrove area
07:20 pm Transfer to smaller boat and depart for firefly watching
08:15 pm Estimated time of arrival at bigger boat
08:15 pm Dinner
08:45 pm Estimated time of departure going back to Baywalk
09:15 pm Estimated time of arrival at Baywalk
09:25 pm Estimated time of arrival at pension house

Review: Lactacyd Baby Bath (as facial wash)

If you have read my previous post, you are aware of my struggle with pimples for weeks. You are aware that I almost called a dermatologist to schedule an appointment since I am getting frustrated with my skin problem. But before I call the derma’s clinic, I decided to try this last recourse - the Lactacyd baby bath my cousin in law suggested. She uses this product when her pimples start to appear and according to her, the pimples are almost healed within three days of use. And besides, this product is widely used by mothers for their babies so I’m pretty convinced that it will do me no harm.

I have been using this as facial wash for more than two weeks already so I think it is ok to review this product now.

Product Description:

Calamansi and Honey Mixture: Just Don’t Overdo It!

These days, our home is never without a few pieces of calamansi because I use the fruit to help control my dandruff. At times, I also apply it on my dark spots to help even out my skin tone. The honey, on the other hand, has been present at home as well since the bf always buys a couple of bottles from a friend whose parents are in Palawan (where the friend’s supply of honey comes from). So aside from using it as “food”, I also use honey as part of my skin care regimen. I oftentimes add a couple of drops to my facial wash and spot treat my pimple with it.
Photo Credit
Being a fan of calamansi and honey as home remedies, I decided to mix the two ingredients to use as mask. During my first attempt, I sliced the calamansi into half, remove the seeds and add one drop of honey to it before rubbing it to my clean face gently. After around 10 minutes, I rinse my face with water. When I wake up the next morning and checked my face, of course the result is unnoticeable hence I decided that maybe I should do the regimen every other night.

On my second attempt, I tweaked the procedure… just for the sake of variation. :D This time, I squeezed one calamansi into a saucer, mix in honey and apply the mixture to my clean face like before. But instead of rinsing my face after a few minutes, I decided to let it stay overnight hoping for quick relief of a few pimples and of course to get dramatic result. And just like before, when I wake up the next morning, nothing has changed. LOL!

Review: Human Nature Balancing Toner

My first attempt with organic toner was good hence encouraged me to try a different brand. And since it is organic, I didn’t worry of it being too harsh for my skin. The second organic toner I tried is the Human Nature Balancing Toner. At first, I was skeptical to try the product since many organic products are a hit and miss. But after reading a few reviews of the product, I finally decided to give it a try. I head to a Human Nature outlet in my area to buy one, hoping that it will work well and most of all, not cause negative reaction.

Fast forward to approximately a couple of months later, here’s what I think about the product.

Product Description:

100% Natural | For OILY or COMBINATION SKIN

Complete your natural face routine with the improved formulation of Balancing Face Toner! Bursting with elemi extract, a prized ingredient known for its skin-care benefits and healing properties, and sugar beet, now you can help keep oil under control for shine-free, refreshed skin!

This helps you stay away from alcohol-based toners that can dry your skin leading to premature skin ageing. Your skin deserves a gentle yet effective cleanser without the stinging and tightening. And what’s best is that it preps your skin for what should come next – moisturizing! The end result? Stunningly clear, shine-free skin!


Payless Shoesource in Iloilo

Don’t you just love it when new shops are being opened in malls in your area? That is what I felt when I see Payless Shoesource opened its doors to Ilonggo shoppers. The first time I stepped into a Payless Shoesource store was in one of the malls in Manila around a couple of years ago.

Back then, I love how the shoes are displayed by size and in their respective boxes. That and it’s low-key interior give the store that sort of warehouse ambiance. If you are not well aware of the store’s origin, you will not even think that they sell imported products and that they have branches all over the world.

When I checked the store the other day, I was kinda amazed that the shoes are reasonably priced though imported. Flat shoes and strappy sandals range from Php 700 to Php 900 while wedges, pumps and other high-heeled shoes are around Php 1200 - Php 1500. Other products up for grabs are high cut and low cut boots, rubber slippers and shoes, socks as well as bags and wallets.

The sole Payless Shoesource outlet in Iloilo is located at ground floor, Robinsons Mall Iloilo (near Ledesma Street exit).