Review: Cyleina Kojic Organic Soap

Cyleina was once a favorite brand of organic soaps. After months, or probably a year, of using soaps from the brands, I decided to take a rest from using it because I feel like it stopped working... or maybe I just got tired of it. And now that I would want to give join the organic soap bandwagon again, there’s nothing better than going back to my trusted brand. I haven’t tried this variant before and I decided to go for it since it claims to clear skin blemishes, acne and other skin impurities. I was pretty hopeful that it delivers it does it? Here’s my review...

Product Description:

Review: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint

It’s been awhile since my last makeup review. Oh well, I have been trying to minimize spending on makeup because I want to use everything that I have before they expire and end up in the trash. Also, I have so many reasons for saving thus it’s fairly easy for me to maintain my makeup purchase ban.

So the products that I will be reviewing are either bought before I impose the ban or are gifted to me by family and friends. One of the products is this Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint which I got through a raffle from a friend’s online store.

Actually, I just looked at this product in passing before all this because I’m not really fond of blushes such as this. I still prefer the powder blushes applied by a brush. But since I have this in my possession, it would be a waste not to use the blush even just once.

Your Emotional Compass

Family and friends are aware that one of my favorite hobbies is reading. I spent so many sleepless nights poring over various books I find really interesting. It could be science fiction, fantasy, romance (yes!), documentary, biography, self-help or inspirational. As long as it is interesting and well-written, no page is left unturned.

So that explains my excitement when I got an email from Katherine telling me about this book titled Becoming Princess Charming. Becoming Princess Charming is not a fairytale of any other girl - it’s about you and me and every other girl in this big wide world. Apart from being entertaining, the book aims to empower every woman to become the best person they can be, someone who exudes self-confidence, grace and optimism.

To give you an insight what this book is all about, here’s the guest post from the book author herself, Morgan McKean.

Gloria Maris in Iloilo

Gloria Maris opened in Iloilo last quarter of 2012 and since then, we have been planning to eat there some time. But after more than half a year, we finally find time to eat at the not-so-new-anymore restaurant just last week. Funny because it’s just around 10 minutes walk from our office but it took us this long a time to push through with the plan. Well, there are many restaurants lined up in our list of “next date venue’ so it’s kinda easy to forget some. :D
Roast Duck Rice Php 248. It’s a bit chewy for me but the one who ordered it loved it, so I guess it must be good.
The day after my nth birthday, which happens to be our pay day also, we decided to dine there. It’s kinda easy to feel intimidated with this restaurant because of its elegant vibe as well as seeing the chef and everyone in the kitchen all geared up for battle. Yes, their kitchen is visible to customers and even to passersby since it is located in the front area.

Soy Chicken Rice Php 148. I’m not being biased but I love that the chicken is so tender and the taste in general is... aaah *dreaming of it* heavenly? LOL!

WTF Finds!

Yes, you read it right! But I didn’t mean to curse in the title of this post. WTF (What the F) is simply the name of the online store of my two friends where I get various beauty products and apparel such as imported authentic makeup and perfumes, local organic soaps and authentic Crocs among others.

The other week, they have this Midyear Clearance Auction and through my representative in the person of... *drum rolls please* my boyfriend, I (or he) snagged these items:
  1. 7pc Makeup Brush Set (Purple). I got this for Php 170 onl, originally priced (WTF price) is Php 350.
  2. 3pc All Organics Soap (Clarifying Variant). Each of the soap costs Php 70 but the last bidding price for the set of three is only Php 90. Discount is more than half the price.
  3. 2pc Cosmetic Pouch Set. This retails for more than a hundred pesos I think but I got this for Php 90 only.
I’m thankful that he agreed to bid for me since I can’t be online before the bidding period ends (which is rather crucial when bidding for items you really want). I wasn’t able to make it because of him (sort of) so it’s just fair enough that he bid for me. :D

Get Your Copy Now!

"Copy of what?" you might ask. I have just learned about a few days ago through my client. Copy is a service similar to Google drive and Drop Box. It allows you to save files such as documents, photos and videos and access them anywhere so long as there is internet connection. No need of external storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, CD and others.

To get the most out of this application, you have to install the app to your desktop or mobile device. But unlike Drop Box, you never need to link your computer to your account. You simply need to be online and login to your account in order to upload or download files stored in your Copy.

One advantage of Copy over Drop Box (which I have been using for years) is the capacity. While Drop Box offers 5GB storage for free, Copy allows users thrice as much so that is 15GB storage space for free. Like Drop Box, you can also increase your storage capacity by inviting your friends to sign up. You (as well as your friend) will earn 5GB extra storage once the software has been installed.

I also love their product concept represented by the origami crane.
Curious about Copy? Sign up for free now!

No HBD Please!

I have many reasons to be grateful for today! One, another year has been added into my life. Two, I am blessed with loving family and friends and a job that pays well (or at least more than the minimum wage. LOL).

Today is also the best time that I talk about one social media issue that has been bothering me for a long time - people are becoming lazy to spell out words and prefer to use text lingo. One perfect example is posting "HBD" on someone’s wall instead of "Happy Birthday". That greeting alone pisses me off big time that I decided to disable posting on my Facebook wall a few days before my birthday. Is it too hard to type "happy birthday"? Are wall posts limited to three characters only? I don’t think so! Whether it is on other people’s wall or mine, I just can’t stand seeing that three-letter greeting.

Another reason for such move is the flooding of my wall. :D Don’t get me wrong here. I love getting greetings and wall posts from others but with so many facebook friends, those generic wall posts can get overwhelming. I want to know who will actually exert an effort to send me a text message, email or call me to greet me on my special day. Additionally, I also want to know who remembers without the need for reminders (have been keeping my birthday private for security purposes).

Enough of my rant anyway. Let’s proceed to the good stuff!

Review: Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder

I haven’t used an Avon pressed powder in a  while but my co-worker has been raving about this so when this went on sale last month, I immediately ordered one in medium shade. I have been using this for more than a month already and so far the result is pretty good.

Product Description:

Packaging and Appeal. This pressed powder comes in black compact container with mirror. The outside doesn’t have other print except the name “AVON” in silver grey text. The pressed powder in the pan is smooth even after all the swiping I have done all these days. There are no bumps, hardened portion or other flaws like the Covergirl Outlast pressed powder I bought previously. Additionally. it’s not as chalky as other cheap pressed powders I have tried.