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I've been craving for this for the longest time so when I had the chance, I immediately grabbed it. Nowhere else but Netong's!

New Ride: Toy Kingdom's Family Mini Trike

A few weeks ago, we bought a trike for my one year and three months old son Lorenzo. I've been meaning to buy a bike/trike for him for the longest time but I was sort of hesitant since I'm not sure if he will actually use it. But having a fairly big boy who weighs more than 10 kilograms, it's a bit of a struggle to carry him around especially if we are not using our baby carrier. Example, if we are going out for our afternoon strolls. I think it is better if we are using something that will give him a better view of the surroundings. We have a Graco stroller he inherited from his cousin but he is no longer keen on using it hence the decision to buy a new ride.

We got this blue and gray trike from Toy Kingdom (Php 2299.00) because I think it got what I want in a trike for my son.

Removable arm rest
This is to protect him from falling off the sit.

with arm rest up

with arm rest down

Review: Happy Baby Pants

Previously, I reviewed EQ Pants - our favorite diaper pants at the moment. This time, I will be reviewing the second diaper pants we have tried - Happy Baby Pants.

I have been seeing this particular brand each time I go grocery shopping but I wasn't too keen in trying since my son is somehow doing good with EQ Pants. However, he gets garter marks and tends to scratch his waist since EQ's waistband is too tight for his "milk belly" so I decided to find something that is more comfortable for him. So Happy Diaper Pants enter the scenario.


Relaxed Waistband
Elastic waistband so gentle that it won't put pressure on baby's waist.

Tailored like an underwear
Designed and shaped like a regular underwear fit for baby's mobility, with ease and comfort.

Quick absorbing material
Soothing to baby's skin and prevents rash.

Dynamic anti-leak system
Quick fluid absorption and prevents leakage.

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Mismatched... and I don't care! Such is the life of a child - carefree and fun.

Review: EQ Pants

Every mom, I think, has gone through the challenging phase of putting on taped diaper to an active toddler. That challenge started for me when my son learned how to crawl. After bathing/washing, I would place him on one side of the bed to put on his diaper but after like one second, he is already on the other side and would crawl away each time I try to get near him. That is why I decided to shift to diaper pants, though I still try to put on his cloth diaper or disposable taped diaper from time to time.

EQ Pants is the first brand of diaper pants we tried since we use EQ Plus and EQ Dry.


360° Snug Fit
Waistband is stretchable and made of soft cottony materials that allow for a comfortable fit even when baby is on the move. Its breathable waistband allows air to flow through, giving baby a fresher feeling while helping prevent irritation and rashes.

Leg Cuffs
Leg cuffs stretches with baby's every move for a snug fit. It also prevents leakage.

Stand to Wear
Easy to put on your active toddler; it's just like underwear!

Tear-Away Side Seams
Side seams of waistband are easily torn for quick removal when changing pants.

Super Absorbent Core with LDL
Allows maximum dryness by drawing urine away from baby's skin, keeping baby feeling dry. The LDL (Liquid Distribution Layer) distributes urine evenly to prevent leakage.

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Restaurant... with chairs still up! It's because it rained so hard before we arrived and water got inside the establishment. But that didn't turn me off because their pizza, particularly their All Meat topping, is a favorite.

SM City Iloilo Southpoint

Review: Ainon Feeding Bottles

As soon as I learned my son's gender, I started buying the things he would need including a feeding bottle, though I was determined to breastfeed him. Through research, I learned that many moms recommend Avent Natural feeding bottle for it is designed similar to the breast to make mixed feeding easy. So Avent it is! At first, I only got one but later on added three more bottles so we'll have back up when I will be away for a few hours. Now that my son is a year older, and me getting slimmer everyday, I decided that we use formula milk so my body can recover. Subsequently, we need to add more bottles because four is simply not enough. But Avent products can be painful to a frugal mama's pockets so I decided to try other brands. I went "bottle-hunting" and Ainon bottles caught my attention.

Since I'm not quite sure whether my son would love these bottles, I decided to get one of each; wide neck and slim.


  • Its capacity is more than 270ml (more than nine ounces)  so it is easy for me to prepare eight ounces of milk for my son considering the 2:1 water and milk ratio. Other nine-ounces bottles like the Avent Natural, the infant formula milk would reach the brim if I fill the bottle with water first, followed by milk.
  • Had no problem with my son using it.
  • I can add milk to the bottle without spillage since it is wide enough to accommodate the milk's scoop.
  • BPA-free and lead-free.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Affordable

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♪♩♫🎜Point to the ceiling, point to the floor... point to the WINDOW, point to the door! ♩♫ *kinain ng nursery rhymes*

The only time the curtains in our room are down is when my son is asleep. Most of the time, I tie it out of his reach to avoid him pulling the end.

June Recap

I can't believe the first half of the year has ended! Where did time go? Anyway, I am starting this series as a way for me to look back and share to you the highlights of the month, not only regarding my blog and posts but my life in general. For the month of June, here's the recap...