feminine form of "fifteen-year-old"

"The celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of people from Latin America."

Quinceañera is from a Latin American Culture and is also similar to Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Parties. They believe that girl’s maturity hits at the age of fifteen, as it marks transition from childhood to young womanhood. It became a tradition to every Latina around the world.

For a girl who will celebrate her Quinceañera, her dress or gown is very important because it signifies the first dress for the young woman. Traditionally, girl’s wear ball gowns with pastel colors. Pink and White are the usual colors of the gown.

If you will be celebrating your Quinceañera soon, you are definitely excited to pick your dress up for your party. It’s quite hard because there’s a lot of dresses to choose from and of course you wanted to have the perfect dress that will make you look like a gorgeous princess. Worry no more because www.dresshop.com.au offers a lot of affordable Quinceañera Dresses that is designed to give you a perfect look.

Let’s take a look at their gallery:

Deodorant Antibacterial Insoles from Saizen Daiso

Last week, the guy and I dropped to Saizen Daiso Robinsons Iloilo to find some Japanese treats to eat but as usual, we came out of the store carrying more than we intended to buy since all items are sold for Php 88 only.

We got packs of mixed dried fruits, a pack of 8-piece soft cloth (we place it over our mouse pads for extra comfort), a pair of bedroom slippers and foot cushion which I will be talking about in this post.

First Zalora Purchase

A few months back, I collaborated with Zalora on a certain blog post and in return, they give me a one-time 30% discount coupon. From then on I would check their website from time to time hoping to find something I like but I didn’t find anything. I have been thinking of giving away my coupon code to anyone who is interested just so I can make use of something I worked for. Fortunately for me, I forgot about it until I found this cute blouse I have been looking for.

I’ve been scouring the malls in my area for weeks already to find a similar top or dress like this but to my disappointment, there is nothing I can find that would suit my preference and budget. I am just so glad that I found this! Additionally, I can finally use the discount coupon I have been itching to use for months.
The Mee In Charlie Top in Standout Black

Earning From Your Blog Through Viral Planet

One reason why I want to keep this site updated is building passive income although I admit my blog is not earning as much as others. But that doesn’t stop me from blogging because I love what I do. So you see, when you blog, you also have to be passionate about it to help you keep going.

Last June, I got an email inviting me to join Viral Planet, a blog advertising service similar to Google Adsense. Interested parties will have to options when registering; publisher and advertiser. When you want to advertise your business, obviously you have to sign up as advertiser however if you own a blog and you want to earn from it, you have to sign up as publisher.

Naturally I signed up as publisher since I have to business to advertise and that is what I am invited for. Unlike Google Adsense in which you have to ad banners to your site, Viral Planet only requires publishers to add a small code in the homepage. I love this style as I never have to worry about the banner’s placement, design and if it looks good when added to your site. You just have to install that small code and everything else will follow. Actually it is so simple that I forgot about it until I got an email that they are sending me 7 GBP for my October earning. Not convinced (considering the rampant fraud email), I checked my Viral Planet account as well as my Paypal account. To my surprise, the money is indeed there!

When Beauty Products Aren’t Enough

If you follow my posts, you will know that I have been suffering from acne (too much of it) since the middle of October. I tried various beauty products but the improvement is minimal to nothing. I think that was the worst days of my year. My self-confidence dropped to -100 and I sometimes no longer want to go out of the house and meet other people because of my horrible face. It was so disappointing that I decided to seek medical attention to treat my acne-infested face.

I went to Dr. Carmela Wendy Uy since she is one of the dermatologists accredited by our HMO. Based on her acne grading system (I forgot the name), mine is on grade two only but for me, I think it’s on grade four or five. I don’t dare argue with her though since of course she is doctor and she knows better. :D

She prescribed three topical medications, one soap and 14 doxycycline to be taken once every night. The soap is called Hydra Pine tar Exfoliating Soap  and must be used to wash my face twice every day, morning and night. After washing with soap, I must apply Clindamycin liquid to my dry face and followed by acne lotion in the morning or retinoic acid lotion at night.

SM Thanksgiving Day Sale Find

A close friend’s wedding is fast approaching and being one of the bridesmaids, I have no choice but to buy a new pair of shoes I can wear with my purple mini gown. :D

I have been eyeing the bluish gray suede pumps from Rusty Lopez so during SM’s Thanksgiving Day Sale, I head out to SM Delgado to purchase the shoes and avail the 10% discount offered to those who are SMAC holders. While looking around, I found another gray suede pumps from Chelsea and it is already on sale (apart from 10% less from SMAC). The frugal chic that I am weighed things over and since I won’t be wearing the shoes as often as I wear my Crocs sandals, I decided to go for the cheaper one.

Black and White Outfit Inspiration

Black and white is the theme for our Company Christmas Party this year and since we  rarely “dress to kill” in the office (hurray for not so strict dress code), the December’s party is something I always look forward to. During the planning, their were three choices but due to black and white’s simplicity, it garnered the highest vote.

As usual, I want to go for simple outfit. I’ve been thinking about wearing a bodycon dress and in fact, I already have one in which the upper portion is plain black and the bottom is printed. However, what I want is a plain black dress with three fourth or long sleeves and cutouts like the ones below.

black bodycon

Unfortunately, I can’t find something similar in the shops here in the city and I am hesitant to buy online as I want to try the dress first before buying. Not that I don’t buy clothes online but with a bodycon, I just want to make sure that it fits me perfectly so that I will never look frumpy or uncomfortable.

I am also thinking of DIY-ing the black long sleeve turtleneck top I used during our company Halloween Party. I want to get rid of the turtle neck and make the back portion look something like below.

black crop top

I originally wanted to pair it with a black bodycon skirt but I bought a white polka dots skirt a few days ago so I might be using that skirt and go for vintage look instead.

Wedding Blog

Finally! After months of confusions and being apprehensive about this, I decided to move forward by purchasing a domain for my dream blog - Iloilo Wedding Network. With this blog, I hope to help future brides and grooms organize and plan their wedding should they decide to exchange vows in the city nicknamed “The City of Love”.

The template and other stuff to make it aesthetically pleasing are on the works so expect more changes every now and then. With regards to posting, my goal is to publish one post every week starting this month and gradually increase as we go along. If only I can swallow sleep supplements (so that I will just work and work instead of sleep) to reach my goals…

I have lots of plans for this new blog and hopefully I can implement them sooner.

Anyway, I am happy that I finally got the domain that has been on my godaddy shopping cart for months. And I am happier because I got it for Php 95 (around $ 2) only. The cheap purchase is made possible with the help of discount coupon I got from fatwallet.com. *happy dance* You can also get discount by using the promo code WOW321abc.

If there is any particular topic you want me to feature on my new blog, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!