Filipinos Take on Twitter

I registered to Twitter a year ago but only became an active user a few months ago when I learned about Magpie (who wouldn't want to earn money by just posting tweets?). While posting my tweets or following others, I am sometimes wondering if Filipinos are also patronizing twitter the same way they are crazy about friendster and facebook.

My question was answered during PGMA's SONA last July 27, 2009. She didn't mentioned that she is using twitter like @SayChiz or @MARoxas neither did she mentioned anything about it. However, Filipinos proved that twitter is not unknown to them after all. The words "SONA", "PGMA" and "GMA" are on top of Twitter's trending topic beating Comic-Con and Harry Potter.

It was then later followed by Ateneo during their game against UP.

The recent death of former President Cory Aquino was also made known in twitterverse. Topics ranging from "Cory", "Cory Aquino", "President Cory Aquino" and "Kris Aquino" are talked about all over the world - people expressing their sympathy to the family while others thanked the former president for bringing democracy without blood shed and bombings.

I don't know why but I always feel overwhelmed every time there is Twitter trending that has something to do with us Filipinos (especially if it is something to be proud of). For me, it is just one way of telling the world that we exist and we should not be discriminated for what we are.

Knowing that many of the Hollywood stars are top Twitter users, I also made a search on Filipino celebrities who are using Twitter. At first there are only a few of them but their number increases as time goes by. Fans, if you want to know the whereabouts of your idols, what are they eating and things like that, simply check their twitter account. You will not be disappointed, I tell you. But don't expect that they will follow you back because they follow only people they know. You are lucky if @annecurtissmith or @kc_concepcion will follow or @ you.

Filipino Celebrities with Twitter

Alessandra de Rossi
Anne Curtis
Bianca Gonzales
Bianca King
Bubbles Paraiso
Camille Prats
Champ Lui Pui
Drew Arellano
Ehra Madrigal
Ely Buendia
Georgina Wilson
Heart Evangelista
Isabelle Daza
Iya Villania
Jim Paredes
Julius Babao
Juris Fernandez
KC COncepcion
Kris Aquino
Kris Bernal
Lea Salonga
Mariel Rodriguez
Matteo Guidicelli
Maxene Magalona
Mich Dulce
Miriam Quiambao
Mo Twister
Paulo Valenciano
Pia Magalona
Raymond Gutierrez
Regine Velasquez
Ruffa Gutierrez
Saab Magalona
Sunshine Cruz
Tintin Bersola Babao

Wishful Thinking

I am grateful for having been blessed with a stable job but, there are times when my body... and perhaps my soul is yearning for something different, something exciting than just sitting in my chair and staring at my computer screen the whole day. I always wish that I’m a:

  • Researcher for travel and living - The word "travel" says it all. I'd be the happiest person alive if I can travel even just one-fourth of the world (Europe tops the list). Having a work that has something to do with travel can give me the opportunity to go places without spending much.
  • Archaeologist - Ancient architecture, landscapes, artifacts and history-rich places always fascinate me. I want to get a glimpse of life people live hundreds of years ago. And besides, I can also go to different places if I'm an archaeologist. (Working as archaeologist's assistant or secretary will be fine though.)
  • Drummer - Think about the stress and tension you can release when beating or hitting something. And besides, body-moving drum beat has that effect on me.
  • Dog behaviorist - This one is probably the effect of writing dog articles for two years. But isn't it great to be able to communicate with the most loyal friend in the world?
  • Gymnast - Doing cartwheels without feeling dizzy is fun!
  • Figure skater - Beautiful!
  • Hockey Player - Inspired by Mighty Ducks Movies... lol!
I wish one day I can be what I’m wishing to be.