In His Memory

It was more than 22 years ago when my father moved out from our house. Neither he nor my mom wanted it but that's the way things are. People come, people go. Nobody stays alive in this world forever, though some live longer than the others. Unfortunately, my dad was one of those people destined to enjoy his life here on earth for less than four decades only. He died when he was 38 years old. That was 22 years ago - five months before I was even born.

I wasn't given the opportunity to spend even just a sec with my dad. I often wonder what it's like with a father around and even up to now, I still envy girls who are with their dads. People, especially my mom would often compare me to him. Though I don't resemble his face, they say I'm more like my dad when it comes to personality. I inherit his strong personality, impatience to slow learners and narrow-minded people and his wit, that's what they say. Pity I didn't inherit his singing prowess.

Many people in our town speaks highly of him, being a law enforcer, a Secretary to the Sangguniang, how he would make a good lawyer if he lived long enough to finish law school and how he would make a good father for me and my brother. But all these are part of yesterday. It is just sad to think that I will be able to know him through others, not through bonding and interacting with him. But it's okay. At least I have something to ponder on about the man I didn't personally know yet I have come to love just like the way any little girls would love their dads.



and prayer
are just some ways to show him that he is always remembered.

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