Frosted Gray Nail Polish

I certainly am not a colored-nail freak but I always find myself wanting to have my nails, especially toenails done every two or three weeks. I really can't stand the sight of my unmanicured nails. I feel like the self confidence I have is going down the drain every time I see my undone toenails. I just can't let the world see it.
I wore closed shoes (sneakers in fact since I have no other shoes that won't show my toenails) to work the whole week last week. I blame my favorite manicurist for not coming in our house as expected, and besides I am too chicken to try other manicurist in town and too lazy to go to beauty parlors around the city.

This weekend however, I made sure that I won't need to wear my sneakers the whole week again. Just got my nails done yesterday. My sandals and of course, my nails are ready to shine tomorrow.

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