I love colors! I love being in a colorful environment. It made me appreciate the beauty of life. But among these colors, my most favorite is the color GREEN. The sight of anything green makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. That explains why I am loving the rice field and the sight of the green lawn after days of heavy rain.

With this, I made a little research about the color green.

In biology...
Green symbolizes life, growth, renewal, health and environment.

In Western Culture...
Green symbolizes life, fertility and rebirth. In Ancient Egypt, it symbolizes resurrection and immortality. The color is also known to signify witchcraft, devilry and evil. Green is also associated with decay, toxicity as well as misfortune and death.

In Eastern Culture...
Some Asian cultures use green to symbolize sickness and/or nausea however, in China, green is associated with the east, with sunrise and with life and growth.

In Politics...
Green politics is a political ideology which places a high importance on ecological and environmental goals as well as feminist, peace movements, civil liberties, social justice and nonviolence.

Mental and physical effects of the color green:
  • improve reading ability
  • helps reduce depression, nervousness and anxiety because of its calming effect
  • good health (eating green leafy vegetables)
  • stimulates the mind
  • good memory
So if you're having a bad day and you feel like you need to change your life, your perspective and you need to deal with fear and anxiety, just turn to anything green- wear a green shirt, change your curtains to green or if you like, you can paint your bedroom wall with green.

Now I know why I'm always drawn to the bright side of life, why I can overcome depression and anxiety without much trouble. I have lots of green stuff - bangles, headbands, handkerchiefs, bags and pouches, slippers, shirts, my umbrella and even the curtains inside my room.

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