Sandbar at Nasidman

Last Saturday, we endured the approximately two-hour travel just to reach the wonderful Nasidman, an island located at Ajuy, Province of Iloilo. From Tagbak Terminal Jaro, Iloilo City, we rode a bus to Brgy. Barrido, Ajuy. Bus fare is supposedly Php 95 but we are lucky enough to be mistaken as students thus we paid only Php 75 (HPQ Transit conductors do not ask for student IDs... :D). We reached Nasidman Island through a ten-minute boat ride from Brgy. Barrido. Boat fare is Php 10.

While on our way there, I was expecting typical beach setting - lots of cottages with lots of people. I was wrong! In fact, when we arrived there, we are the only visitors or should I say tourist in the place. Many people have not explored (and abused) the island yet. The crystal-clear water is so tempting that I almost want to submerge into it the moment we arrived there.

Here are some photos of the place...

Approaching the island

The sandbar almost disappeared during high tide

Clear water

Sandbar during low tide

More photos...


  1. i thought this is an island somewhere between mindanao and visayas, near camiguin or cdo.. it is really really pretty and sooo relaxing!

  2. yeah the place is really good but traveling to reach the place is so! but it's worth all the effort! ;)