Last week, I was bothered by the sudden drop of traffic on one of the sites I handle. From rank one (google) on a certain keyword to rank 135 and rank 179 later. Darn! I worked long and hard to get to that spot only to lose it overnight.

And then just this evening, traffic ruined my day. I was stuck amidst noise, smoke, vehicles and other passengers for almost one hour. Vehicles are moving so slow that it took me almost one hour to reach the place which can be normally reached within 10 to 15 minutes. Grrrr! The delay made me want to get out of the jeepney and run until I reach my destination but didn't do so because it is quite far for me to run. And besides, my outfit is not appropriate for running so that would certainly embarrass me. Good thing I do have french fries to munch on... I was able to keep my sanity.

End of rant!

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