Rush, Stress and Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year (I believe I have mentioned that in my previous posts). I enjoy seeing colorful ornaments and sparkling Christmas lights everywhere and most of all, I love the mood Christmas season brings; cold yet you can feel the warmth through love of family and friends, get-together/reunions also known as catching up sessions and of course, the wide array of treats for everyone (minus the cholesterol, sugar and expanding waistline). Oh I just love Christmas!

But if there is one thing I hate... or perhaps I do not like about Christmas, it's the stress caused by rush, delay, road traffic and the long lines on counters, gift wrapping sections and ATMs.

Although I have started my Christmas shopping few days before now, I cannot avoid dropping by the mall to buy this and that. Just like what happened to me today. I dropped by the mall near my office to buy a gift for my friends who will exchange I do's tomorrow. Paying at the counter wasn't a problem so I immediately proceed to free gift wrapping section. Not liking what I see, I proceed to another gift wrapping section in which you have to buy the wrapper, box and all. I really believe that I'll be able to finish immediately because there are only few customers considering the fact that most people want to avail the free service. But boy I was wrong! The guy who is incharge of wrapping the gifts takes forever to finish one item. I want to grab my stuff and finish it myself but then, I am trying to stay in control. And what's worst is I heard them sort of making comments about not buying a ribbon for the gift. Damn! I want to yell at them... I can pay for ten ribbons if I want to. It's just that I am a practical customer and most especially, I am doing my best effort to minimize waste. These ribbons, after serving their purpose as decorations will surely end nowhere but in trashcans. Yes, it made the gift more attractive but is it helping the environment?

After that gift-wrapping experience comes the annoying cashier who referred us to another cashier for some reasons I cannot explain. Next is the woman sitting beside me inside the jeepney. Her long straight hair loves to dance in the air and from time to time slaps my face.

What a day! And because of these events, I suddenly felt like I want to lock myself inside the room... throughout the weekend. But then its Christmas... it's not a good idea to be grumpy. I hope I have the strength to control my temper for tomorrow’s events... the wedding and the company party right after the wedding.

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