Dedicated to Motherland

Though it is already 13th of June on my end, I wouldn't mind making a post to celebrate the 112th year of Philippine Independence. I know I haven't been vocal about it but I've always considered myself as patriotic and it'll really make me feel sad if I cannot dedicate an entire post for our dear Motherland.

I posted this song because it never fails to move me and make me feel proud that I am a Filipino. I did have hard time deciding who's version to post (Lea Salonga, Libera or Sarah Geronimo) but I chose Lea Salonga because... because she is Lea Salonga! LOL! I like Libera's version too but I think the rendition is not so Filipino-ish because of their diction. However, I wish that Lea is on stage while singing this, not during the funeral of a former president.

Anyway, here's to a better Philippines! Hoping that the newly elected government officials will do what they're supposed to do to make our country a better Philippines for the Filipinos.

Happy Independence Day everyone! :)

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