Overview of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Heaven is not a paradise wherein you can play with the angels in the fluffy clouds. At least that is what Mitch Albom describes heaven in his book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". The story isn't as tear jerking as other rags-to-riches kind of stuff but one will surely pick a lesson or two from this story of a man named Eddie.

Prior to his death, Eddie is working as maintenance guy at Ruby Pier, a carnival near the area where he and his brother grew up. It is also where he died when he attempted to save the life of a little girl when one of the carnival rides broke. In heaven, he met five people, whose lives he affected and have affected his life as well. Each person taught him a lesson;
  • 1st person (The Blue Man) - all lives are connected
  • 2nd person (The Captain - commanding officer) - sacrifice
  • 3rd person (Ruby - to whom the carnival was named after) - forgiveness
  • 4th person (Marguerite - his wife) - love
  • 5th person (Tala - the kid inside the hut they burned in the Philippines) - how his work kept everyone safe
Although this book centers on the death of a person, it is not focused on helping someone overcome the death of a loved one. It is more on understanding life, how one's actions and decisions affect others and how others affect that person's life as well.

The book contains inspiring lines thus motivated me to list them down. I am sharing to you the quotes from The Five People You Meet in Heaven...

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